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Angel’s Education (Part 10)


The Epiphany, The Video, Her Emerging Fetish, And The Vice-Principal

-A Fetish Tale of Smoking, Masturbation, and Facials.

 By George Tyerbyter


Dear reader – Yes; smoking certainly does cause cancer, heart disease, and leads to death. There’s no question. These are facts. Nevertheless, for some straight men—while taking in the sight and scent of females as they indulge in this health-risking behavior—it also causes stiff, painful erections and forceful ejaculations. This fetish phenomenon is a product of psychological hard wiring—a mind-set built upon through past decades. While being provocative and sexually suggestive by nature, like it or not; its smoky seductive presence permeates pop culture. Read on at your own risk…


Part 10


What a minute!” Angel suddenly blurted aloud.

The room seemed to reverberate with her last words. She quickly paused the video, and then covered her mouth—not only in shock of her sudden realization, but in fear that her mother and step-brother might have heard her cry out, and would come running up the stairs any second to see if she was alright. She listened as quietly as she could, her last breath caught in her lungs. After ten seconds or so, once she was sure they hadn’t heard her shout, she let out a staggered exhale.

It was at this precise moment the final flag had been raised in Angel’s consciousness. Everything fell perfectly into place as she realized just why this video seemed familiar. She had, in fact, seen the movie before! It only stood out as a brief scene, but the memory came back with the speed and power of a sharp slap across her face.

She now realized that this was the exact video Steven was viewing a week and a half ago; just minutes before the two of them had their brief but sticky sexual encounter that lust-filled morning. This was the movie playing on his laptop.

Steven was jerking off because he was all hot over watching the girl smoking and acting all slutty in this video while she beat off her vice-principle!… she choked, her thoughts switching.

Mr. Hogarth! …AND NOW Steven? Both of them have a thing for women who smoke? 

The longer she thought, the more things started to make perfect sense.

Sure! That’s why Steven is always there to light my cigarette whenever I go to sneak a smoke in the back yard! That’s why he seemed so agitated during those times!

Then Angel started to go over the events of their encounter that sex-charged morning in her mind. She thought again about how she had spying on Steven while he masturbated to this video.

Then another series of slaps came by way of consecutive thoughts…

—H-He barged in on me while I was playing with myself… and while I was smoking in the bathroom!

—NO! I teased him into barging in…I did it while I was smoking in the bathroom!

—He shot his cum all over my face…while I was smoking! He painted my face with his cum as I took a drag…and blew smoke all over his…*gasp*

J-Jesus H Christ! Steven? My own brother!…My poor dumb and possessed, obsessed and easily-manipulated step-brother! That’s why he came so hard, and so much that fucking morning!

But, who’s the real dummy here? Angel chided herself at this point. I was the one who was smoking a cigarette when it happened! But I wasn’t smart enough to put 2 and 2 together then, even after he coated my stupid face… while I was fucking smoking!

All of this hit Angel’s consciousness hard. She laid there for several minutes looking at the paused scene on her laptop, her mind racing. Shock gave way to giddy arousal when she realized the nature of the hold she actually had upon her step-brother. She knew she could get anything she wanted from Steven. All she would have to do would be to smoke, and keep the possibility of hot sex thick in the air.

Christ! How easy this will be!  she thought, sticking her hand under the waistband of her panties and rubbing her fingers over the lips of her vagina.

Elucidation continued as her clicking brain suddenly locked onto the potential manipulative power she could have over her school’s vice-principal. And, Angel thought, it is either just an incredible consequence that these two males within her small circle had this peculiar fetish, or it may be very likely that many men have it, as well. The mere existence of the website where she found the video seemed to prove the latter premise to Angel.

She turned over onto her back continuing to rub her wet pussy while giggling. She decided from that point on she would pluck this new arrow from her quiver and use it wisely, at any opportunity. Steven was the first white mouse in this experiment. And even though Angel had been completely unaware of his fetish during their encounter, in afterthought, the experiment bore fruit. She decided that he would continue to serve as an excellent test subject. But, armed with this new knowledge and a growing confidence, Angel already had bigger game in mind. Mr. Hogarth would be next.

“Oh man,” she chuckled softly under her breath. “I could really use that cigarette, now!”

Angel’s thoughts turned mischievously to her step-brother who was still sitting downstairs in the living room.


Nothing more had happened between the two of them since that steamy morning. Oh, the sexual tension was still there, most certainly. And Angel could feel it building toward another encounter. But, neither one of them had talked about the events which played out in the bathroom that morning since it happened. Nor did they even refer to it vaguely or otherwise.

As it was transpiring, it seemed dream-like to the both of them, anyway. And how it ended was equally as surreal. During Steven’s third spurt of cum up the center of her face, Angel had plugged the two middle fingers of her right hand back into her pussy. The combination of her rapidly plunging digits, the sight of Steven’s stiff cock being jacked off right there in front of her, and the feel of his warm sperm striking her cheeks, lips and nose drove her immediately over. She heard herself screaming as if in agony with the shock of her climax, while Steven grunted and groaned above her during every additional spurt of semen that pelted against her face.

Once Steven’s cock had stopped ejaculating and was just dribbling—the drips falling onto Angel’s bare thighs and splattering onto the toilet seat—the bathroom started to come back into focus for him.

Angel, however, was still coming—fucking her fingers frantically into her convulsing vagina. Meanwhile, Steven just stood there watching her and breathing hard. With his cock in hand, he kept rubbing the tip all around in the sloppy wet mess he had created on her face, spreading it out on her skin, painting her cheeks and lips, as Angel’s orgasm subsided.

Then Steven stuffed his still-rigid dick back into his boxer shorts the best he could. And as abruptly as he walked in, he turned around and walked back into his bedroom, pulling the bathroom door shut behind him.

Angel just sat there, her breath coming in short gasps as the body high started to fade. Steven’s sperm dripped in strands from her face, falling onto her tee-shirt-covered breasts and plopping onto the floor in front of the toilet.

Did that just happen? She questioned in shock, bringing the hand still holding her half-smoked cigarette up to her face. Her finger tips smeared around the mess, scraping some of the semen off her cheek. She brought them up in front of her unbelieving eyes and focused on the sticky mess as if to check her senses.

Breathing in deeply, Angel stared at her dripping fingers for a few moments, her mouth agape, and then turn her head toward the door through which Steven had just exited. Her mind worked to process what had just happened.

It wasn’t the idea that a sex act just transpired between Steven and her. It was an inevitability—an event as predictable as the possibility of rainfall happening during some day in the future. She expected something to happen. And after all, it became a reality through her provocation in the first place. Sure, Steven was no saint in this matter. He was guilty of peeking at her, spying on her through the bathroom door. But Angel knew he was there, and she could have stopped it at any time, had she so desired.

So, it wasn’t the sex act itself, or Steven losing control which baffled her. She knew how those things happened. She wanted it to happen.

However, the specifics of the encounter startled her, considering how it evolved and especially how it ended. He had an orgasm, and came on her face. That never happened to Angel before. She had jerked plenty of guys off in the past. It was a regular thing between her and her boyfriend Sergio. And in general, Angel enjoyed watching a stiff penis shooting off. It was not only stimulating to witness, but it was a flattering testimonial to her sexual being, her overall beauty, and her ability to excite and inspire such a reaction.

She had watched cum shooting on the floor before, due to her manipulations—that’s what she expected Steven to do. She even had cum shoot on her hands before. But Angel had never experienced a guy shooting off all over her face. She had heard about it happening. She knew it took place in pornographic material. But, she never thought things like that could happen in real life. And she would never expect a guy to do such a dirty, nasty thing, least of all her dear step-brother!

Still, it’s a hell of a way to start a morning! Angel thought as she took a final drag from the semen-wet cigarette and crushed it out in the ashtray on the counter next to her.

She stood up from the toilet and pulled her panties the rest of the way down her legs, kicking them off to the side. They landed next to the tub. Crossing her arms in front of her, she grabbed hold of the cum-stained tee-shirt and pulled it up over her face. Some of her step-brother’s jit smeared onto the material on the way up as it rubbed against her skin. Angel’s large tits bounced free as she yanked the shirt up over them, and then off her head. She used the soiled shirt to wipe the rest of Steven’s cum off her face, and then tossed it on top of the discarded panties on the floor.

Angel stepped into the tub and shut the smoked glass door. She turned the spigots to adjust the water, after which she started the shower. The warm spray felt wonderful. She tilted her head up into the shower spray, allowing the pressured streams to rinse her sticky face, as the water cascaded down over her curvaceous form.

During her shower that morning, Angel’s mind kept trying to process the event from different angles. For instance, another element which nagged at her had to do with how fast Steven reached his climax. She knew he had been masturbating in his bed to that video. In addition, she guessed he was jacking off before he barged in on her, as well. Despite all of that, to Angel it seemed he had reach a peak much too quickly. She was usually pretty adept at sensing when a man was about to ejaculate. Had she been able to properly gauge Steven’s build up, she would have certainly gotten out of the way before his cock erupted.

No. There was something odd about Steven’s quick release. For that moment in the shower, Angel flattered herself, chalking it up to her abilities. That, coupled with Steven’s built-up frustrations over the years of being teased by her, must have literally come to a head.

However, Angel had finally gotten it when she recognized the video. It was obvious now that Steven had become more overheated because she was smoking during their encounter, and not just because he was excited watching her finger herself.

For a moment, while the video was still paused, and the realization of Steven’s fetish bounced around in her mind, Angel toyed with the notion of continuing the experiment with her horny step-brother right then and there. She thought about getting dressed and going out to the yard to have that cigarette she had been craving. Angel knew that if she made her intentions obvious to him, Steven would follow her to the yard. Once there, she thought that she could ‘play’ with him and see how far it would go this time. One well placed exhale into his face would probably start the experiment.

However, Angel decided to put it off. The time wasn’t right. Her step mother was home, and her father was due in at any moment. Besides, Angel wanted to see the grand finale of the hot video. Shrugging off the idea of seducing Steven again for the time being, Angel turned back onto her stomach, facing the laptop once more. The video would now take on deeper significance in light of this new discovery concerning her step-brother’s secret passion.


(to be continued)

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