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Ali Chapters 1-5

This story is purely a figment of my imagination and bears no resemblance to any person living or dead. Some parts are extracted from my own experiences other are pure fiction

Slave Alica
I am very well off having sold a company that I started for a substantial amount of money and I retired at 32. It was a young age and I wanted time to enjoy my remaining years on earth doing what I wanted to do. I have the plane, the boat the holiday & homes on different continents. I am bored, so I got myself a human toy
This is my story on how a bought a slave called Ali.
Chapter 1
The Auction – Buying Ali
I over-heard some people talking at a BDSM club that I occasionally went to, of a human auction for both males and females and went on to find out how to participate. After putting bonds, guarantees and agreements in place and noting the type of person I specifically wanted; female, English speaking, no markings or tattoos, no piercings, blonde, slim, anal and pussy virgin, breasts preferably no bigger than 34 and height under 6 foot and not older than 25. Some slave training would be a bonus
I was never expecting to get exactly what I wanted and got damn close and near to perfect in my eyes.
The initial viewings, which took place behind mirrored glass, I had two girls in mind; one with a short crew cut hair style and another with short spikey hair both 24 and under six foot. Both girls had blonde bushes and were not shaven. Spikey hair had an arrogant look about her and Short hair had softer features, both had sad looking blue eyes. During the second viewing where, we wore masks, we were able to size the girls up that we were interested in view them up close but not touch.
Short hair had softer features and beautiful milky untanned skin and I liked her immediately. Her profile suited me down pat and I knew I wanted her. Discussed her with my medical practitioner and informed that she was an anal virgin but not a pussy virgin. Her bloods came back perfect, with no drugs or diseases.
The bidding started high and ended very high, much more than I expected to pay.
For a lot of money, I received a young blonde goddess, 5’.8”, 32b perky breasts and a stunning body that was mine to use and abuse as I saw fit. The bonus was that she had been ‘part’ trained and knew what was expected of her.
I decided not to acquaint myself with her after the auction, instead she was given a sedative and we put her on our aircraft and she flew to her new home.
Chapter 2 – Getting to know Ali
When we got back to the mansion on the island, we were alone as I had sent all the staff on summer break. Jess was placed in her new room, stripped of all her clothing, scrubbed from head to toe and left naked on the bed to sleep off the effects of the sedative that she had been given for the long flight.
My laptop with a feed to her room was open next to my chair and I saw her start stirring from the heavy sedative she had been given. It was not long before she stood up on wobbly legs and started trying to find her way around
I was sitting on the veranda in shorts and a T shirt with bare feet, overlooking the seas when she came walking through. When she saw me she immediately tried to cover her breasts and pussy.
“You are trying to hide everything that I have already seen. Now hands to your side, and stand in front of me, I want to take in your beauty”. I gazed at her from her toes to her bush covered cunt to her stunning upturned breasts with perky pink nipples and up to her blonde hair. “turn slowly around keeping your hands at your sides, shoulders back and tits out.”
She did as she was told.
When I had studied her back and perky ass I told her to kneel at the foot of my lounger. I was pleased that she understood the basic commands.
“My name is Leon and you can call me Sir. You and I will now have a question and answer session, I will ask, and you will answer. You will be totally honest, and this is where we get to know one another better. Should you wish to ask a question, you will wait until I have finished or raise your hand and ask permission to speak. Do you understand?”
She looked down and softly mumbled “yes Sir”
“What is your name?”
“Alise Bartulis, Sir”
“You will be referred to as Ali, Slut or Slave from here on in. Where are you from and how old are you?”
“I am from Latvia, and I am 24 Sir”
I detected a hint of an accent and would come back to this later on.
“Why are you not a virgin, who took you virginity and where is your family?”
“Sir, my step-father and my mother took my virginity and they are in Latvia.” She launched into a string of expletives in Latvian
“What did you say, Ali?”
She would not answer the question and I asked again?
“You will answer the question, you do not keep secrets from me, or you will be punished, and you will tell me everything I ask, is that clear?”
I could see that she was considering what to tell me and she hesitatingly answered, “Sir…. I called them cunts and whores for the way they treated me, and I am pleased that I now belong to you and never have to see them again.”
The tears rolled silently down her face.
“What did they do to you, tell me everything?”
“Almost every night, I would have to suck my step-fathers cock while my mother watched then I would have to eat her pussy while he watched. Sometimes he would fuck me when I was eating her pussy. Other times I would be used by my uncles and friends usually fucked in the mouth, spanked and beaten. I cooked cleaned and got fucked and beaten for being good and bad there was no difference.” She paused, sobbed a bit more, wiped her tears and then carried on, “My step father lost his job and then they sold to me to a family member who in turn sold me to another man and then to another who trained me to obey. He was cruel and made me sleep in cages in different places in the house, sometimes with his dogs, other times with other slaves but did not sexually abuse me, and now I am with you, Sir”
The tears were now flowing freely down her face.
I stood up and went to the bar where I found a box of tissues and put them down in front of her.
“Wipe your tears, you are free to move your hands.”
Just looking at this sexy young thing in front of me, got my pulse racing and my cock pulsing.
“you are quite beautiful, why did you choose this life and not something else?”
“This life chose me Sir.”
“Do you like to suck cock?”
“Yes Sir”
“Do you like anal sex?”
“No Sir!”
“I don’t like anal sex either, but you will be receiving some anal jewellery and occasionally you will get a tail or a plug.”
“have you had an orgasm?”
“Once sir with my mother friend an old lady.”
“spanking, paddling, caning or whipping?”
“Spanking and Paddling but as Sir sees fit, is the punishment.”
“Have you had an enema before?”
“yes Sir”
“we will need to shave your bush, don’t like a hairy pussy on a woman.”
She raised her hand to ask a question. Her tit rose up and looked so sexy. I could feel the precum leaking out of my cock.
“Yes you may ask?”
“Sir I have more than one question may I proceed?”
“Why did you choose me and not the other blonde girl?”
“You have a kind face, beautiful body and a brain, Ali and I like the fact that you have been to University.”
“Thank you, Sir.”
The tears resumed in earnest and she started sobbing. I got up off the lounger and told her to stand up. Since she had been kneeling so long she had difficulty standing up. I helped her to her feet and took her into a hug and held onto her. He gripped back so tightly I thought she would break my fucking back. We must have stood like this for 10 minutes while she sobbed onto my shoulder.
“Sir first time in many years that someone hug me,” she said quickly stepping back and dropping to her knees.
I noted that she slipped back into Latvian English when she was emotional, I found it quite sexy to be honest.
“Stand up, Ali, we are going for a walk.”
“Sir I have no clothes to go out!”
“You don’t need clothes on this Island, and you will not be wearing anything for a at least a week. The staff are on the other side of the island and we are all alone here. The only thing you will get is an apron when you cook for us. You can talk freely now at the beach.”
Chapter 3 – Playing with Ali
While we walked down to the beach I told her that today was for getting to know one another and tomorrow we would start working on the roles. I told her that I was a Dom and that whilst I liked to the BDSM lifestyle I was not cruel and not into torture and sadomasochism. I would not be sharing her with anyone, she was mine alone.
We sat down on a padded swing bench.
“Does Sir have a wife?”
“I Never been married, don’t like the gold diggers who know my wealth and have not found the right woman for me.”
“Does Sir have girlfriend and does Sir work?”
“At the moment no permanent girlfriend but have a regular fuck friend. She is married, and her husband used to work for me. I am retired.”
She lapsed into silence and looked out to sea. I pulled her to me and we sat each of us with our own thoughts. I absently stroked her arm and occasionally rubbed the side of her tit. I could see her nipples getting hard and her legs involuntary parting. My fingers strayed to her left nipple. I gave the nipple a hard squeeze and I heard her suck in her breath. I squeezed again harder and longer. Her mouth opened to a silent ‘O’ but she did not utter a word.
“You like your nipples being played with?”
Before she could answer I gripped both nipples in my fingers and bore down hard. Her head rolled back and her mouth opened in a silent ‘O’ again. She was breathing heavily.
When I released, she looked at me and smiled and said, “thank you Sir, I like nipples being played with.”
“Masturbate for me Ali!. Turn around and lie with your legs spread on either side of me and play with your pussy till you cum.”
She swung her legs around and did as instructed.
“Look at me while you are playing with your pussy, eyes open at all times!”
“Yes Sir”
With her left hand she spread the top of her pussy lips exposing her hard-little nub. She rubbed her clit with her right hand. She slid one then two fingers into her cunt and pumped away. She took her hand away from her clit and moved it to her nipples where she squeezed her left and right nipples hard like I had just done. I could see her legs stiffening as he orgasm approached and her breathing increased as she gasped air. Her right hand was a blur in in tunnel.
Her orgasm was almost there when I said “STOP NOW, HANDS AWAY FROM YOU PUSSY!”
She looked at me incredulously and I yanked her hands out and away from her pussy and held it firmly……
Her hips involuntary air pumped. Her eyes were wide with surprise…
“Stop always means stop and you will be punished for disobeying. Now carry on masturbating.”
In less than a minute she organismed. I could see the juices gushing out of her pussy. The cushion below her pussy was wet with her juices.
My cock was straining in my pants, I also could have come if she toughed me, but more later.
I reached over and grabbed her hand and raised her fingers to my mouth. I gently sucked her juices of her fingers. “Tastes like honey!”
“Lets get back up to the house and get you cleaned up that we can have something to eat.”
Chapter 4 -Ali’s Thoughts
Sir showed me to my room the cupboards were filled with new clothes and the drawers fill with Bra’s and panties and bikini’s. I opened every drawer and every cupboard, I had never seen so many clothes. There many different panties, lacy, silky patterns no crotch same with bras, I had never seen so many different types. The same for the dresses, from formal to casual, but all for me.
There was one cupboard that has a notice on it and read ‘DO NOT OPEN’. I could not help myself and tried to open the door. I heard a small buzzing noise and quickly moved away from the door. Was I in trouble, I just hoped that no one noticed?
There was one cupboard just with shoes so many different types….I could not imagine wearing all of them in my life.
The walls and ceiling had loops and hooks mounted as did some places on the floor and Ali knew what those were used for. She shivered in anticipation.
‘For the first time in my life I had my own bedroom and bathroom, my own clothes my own space. I’m so emotional, is he the real thing does it get worse that I get whipped and starved’, she said out loud to herself.
‘Who is this man, why did he have to buy female company when he is good looking and rich, so many ‘whys’ and not enough answers. I hope he tells me soon. Hope he did not get bored with me.’
Sir said that he would shave my pussy and remove the hair from my ass, in the morning and tonight he was cooking us a meal while I freshened up and had a good shower. He also told me to bring a pair of panties.
Ali stood in the shower and could not work out how to turn the water on at first. There were no taps. So, she walked out of the shower area and walked back in again. She stood in the middle by the drain, looking around a tap or somewhere to turn the water on. ‘please turn on shower’ she said aloud. Just then she felt water falling on her head and looked up to see water like rain coming down from a circle in the roof. She stood under the water for a long time thinking of her good fortune.
‘He must want to keep me if he buy all nice things for me and all my own size’, she mused aloud and marvelled at her good fortune.
What Ali did not know is that her every move was being recorded and played onto a hard drive in a private room in the mansion.
‘There were so many soaps to choose from shampoo’s just too many choices’ she said aloud, so she used that smallest bottles she could find.
Perfumes, which one? ‘What did Sir like?’ She chose the Chanel No. 5. She walked unclothed out of her room to the kitchen where Sir was listening to music while cooking. She stood in the doorway unsure of where to be.
Chapter 5 – A Special Seat for me and Dinner for Two
“Oh, there you are, come over here I have a companion for you.” I led Ali round the breakfast nook where there was a bar stool that she could sit on while I cooked.
“Bend over and spread your legs I have your ‘companion’ ready.” Ali bent over at the waist and spread legs as told. I gently inserted the lubed up clit and G-Spot multi optional stimulator into her pussy. Lovely little toy which I tested on many girl friends many buzzing options from soft and gentle to incredibly intense.
“Put the panties on to ensure that your little friend does not slip out of your pussy.”
I set the vibe on it lowest setting using the remote while looking at Ali and saw the surprise in her face. “Hope you like this as you will wear it often especially in company of other people.”
“Thank you, Sir”
“Would you like a drink, if so what?”
“Just a glass of water, please Sir”
I asked her whether she drank alcohol or knew of wines and anything sophisticated…anything. Apparently nothing!
“As part of your training there is going to be a lot for you to learn, cooking, wines of the world, whiskeys, dinner parties, table setting, English lessons, massage and pleasuring me. It is not all about punishment and BDSM it is to make a lady of you and refine you, I think you will enjoy the journey Ali?”
I turned the vibe up a notch and watched her squirm in the chair. The setting was an intense buzzing for 30 seconds, stop for 10 seconds. Repeat… Brilliant effect
“Thank you…uuugh..Sir, I will not diss….uuugh..apoint you. The food smells…uuugh….good Sir”
“Our relationship may stay Master and Slave it may become more, who knows where it will go, it is up to us, I guess. Are you enjoying the sensations in your pussy?”
Setting change.. 10 seconds intense, 10 seconds still. I walked round and stood behind Ali. I cupped both her tits and started pulling and massaging her nipples. She must be close to an orgasm. Her legs were opening and closing and I could see the panties were very wet.
“Open you legs and keep them open, don’t cum…not yet.” I gave her nipples are very hard squeeze at the same time bit hard on her earlobe, “don’t cum Ali, not yet. Been a good day almost two orgasms in one day?”
“Tha aaah nk you Sir” she got the words out before the next session hit her sensitive clit.
I turned the stimulator off, time for a break and our first course, Grilled prawns
We ate in silence I watched this beautiful creature devour the six prawns in record time. She must have been starved.
‘How do you want you steak, Ali?’
‘Cooked Sir, not raw’
‘No, I meant, aah never mind I choose for you’, I realised she did not have a clue what I was on about.
‘Thankyou Sir’
I turned on the vibe to a minute of intense and 30 seconds off, while a prepared the rest of the meal.
‘Sir, please…I aaah, please’.
I ignored he discomfort and carried on with the final preparations. As soon as I plated I stopped the vibe. Her head slumped forward and she closed her legs tight as soon as the vide was off.
‘I can’t take more!’ she said to herself more than to me.
I put our plates down and topped up her water and my wine.
‘Bon appetite Ali, enjoy!’
The steak got the same treatment as the prawns it was wolfed down in record speed. I cannot believe she even tasted it.
‘Did you enjoy the sauce on the steak?’
She looked at me blankly and confused.
‘You will need to learn to eat more slowly and enjoy your food. No one is going to take it away from you.’
‘I am sorry Sir, I am very hungry.’

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