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About Me

The question that people as me the most is why I am a slut? Well it is because I Love everything to do with sex I know that this must sound stupid but I have no dislikes everything turns me on and makes my pussy nice juicy and wet. So that includes Hard sports and Water-sports, Gagging on that cock till I vomit. MMM MMM MMM MMM My pussy is getting so wet right now just writing this!

I live in Liverpool which would make you think that I have a scouse accent but in actual fact I haven’t because I’m originally a Lincolnshire lass born and bread. I’m from Lincoln, hoping to go back there soon. I really miss my local a pub called the Walkabout and I have to say I have had some fun times in the toilets and in the corner under a table! Yes I was pretty drunk on that occasion. I live on my own in my nice wonderful big house. Which I Love! Best house I have ever had! I love sitting on the couch with a mug of tea (topped up with Whiskey) in my hand a bag of cheese and onion crisps and watching a good program on TV. Those are the best days!

If I’m not working on here I’m at work at the Hospital doing my everyday Job, Being a nurse. Which I have to say is bloody fantastic best career choice of my life. It’s bloody hard when you have a high sex drive like me and you have a guy in a cubical naked the first thing that goes through your head is god I want to suck that. Even though it’s not hard it’s just looking at you saying please suck me. As I adore and Love sucking Cock, Gagging and Spitting all over it. But then the patient asks you if your OK so you then come out of the brain freeze and carry on with the normal job.

If it’s not the other two them I’m on here camming, doing instant messenger and chatting to you naughty peeps on the phone. I have to say I bloody love it, I love doing cam 2 cam and watching you cum every where I love fucking my pussy hard and taking it in my ass really hard to. As I said I love it all so there is no need to by shy with me.

Why not come and find me for some naughty fun! Because I guarantee a naughty fun time with me as I love to please. It makes my pussy so wet at the thought of you guys getting hard and horny at me showing you my big huge 42dd tits and my pussy, not forgetting my huge big ass. So don’t leave it long before you come and say hi, I want to make you spunk your load LOTS AND LOTS and I want to leave you wanting more!

Love and Kisses to all


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