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A Young Inexperienced Virgin

I like to dominate in the bedroom especially with younger inexperienced males using silk scarves and make a man feel powerless but men don’t always trust me and prefer to be in control so my silk scarves sat in my bedroom drawer for years without a crease in the silk.

It was a few years before one young lad let me tie him up, he was only 18 and a virgin but I didn’t know that at the time. He always went to the club where I worked every weekend, and he would stand there for hours watching me.

I was a podium dancer and I had to wear skin tight clothing like hot pants and bikini bra type tops or all in one catsuits. He would stand below the podium and watch me dancing all night.

He didn’t bother me, and couldn’t approach me without the doormen grabbing him or anyone who did but he would always ask the bartenders or doormen if they would get my phone number and he even said to one of them “She’s one hell of a woman” But I wouldn’t let him have my number cos he looked too young and innocent for me and I was already seeing someone.

But when I was single a few months later I saw him out drinking in a pub in town and I was drunk so I let him talk to me buy me a drink and then walk me home.

I didn’t know if he was wanting or expecting sex but I asked him into my flat and poured us both a drink of bacardi and coke then we went into my bedroom.

I was sat next to him on the bed when he just dropped to his knees on the floor in front of me and forced my skin tight black dress up my thighs and started to lick my pussy hard and deep, thrusting his tongue in and out of my hole while I watched him through the mirrors on my ceiling..

It was such a turn on that he was so strong but yet so young and held my arms down and legs open as I tried to close them as I was getting extremely wet and could feel a strong orgasm coming on… then I just lost control my legs shaking and I started cumming in his mouth while he licked and sucked all the love juices out of me.

I was waiting for him to climb on top of me and thrust his cock deep inside of me but he didn’t so I pulled him up but he seemed nervous as I fiddled with his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles then I forced him back onto the bed and I opened my bedside drawer and took out my silk scarves and tied his wrists securely to the bed posts at the top of my bed, he looked so scared but his cock was solid and ready for me, I said trust me and gave him a Winking smile 😉

I pulled off my dress and undone my bra, I wasn’t wearing any knickers so I was naked and I kissed him hard and I put my nipples in his mouth while he bit and sucked on them… I could see he was struggling with the scarves on his wrists desperate to get free and feel my full breasts but I just kissed and licked him slowly all the way down his neck chest and stomach till I reached his cock with my lips I kissed and licked it up and down his shaft and wanked him slowly while I licked and sucked each of his balls.

Then I put his bellend in my mouth while I gently sucked the tip and licked the end in a circle motion with my tongue I looked up to see him watching me in the mirrors on my ceiling so I lowered his full 7 inch deep into my throat while I sucked it hard and deep then gently as I could hear him groaning as I had full length of him deep in my mouth then I could taste pre cum and my pussy was throbbing and tingling with excitement and I could feel my juices running out of me so I stopped sucking and eased myself back up the bed.

He was begging to taste me so I stood over him and lowered my pussy down onto his face and opened my lips to let him lick the juices from my clit and lips as he tried desperately to put his tongue into my hole but I was close to cumin again so I eased myself back up and kissed him slowly loving the honey taste of my own cum in his mouth.

I put my hand down and felt for his cock and then rubbed it gently around my wet swollen pussy lips and slowly eased 3 inch of him into me which was feeling so nice I couldn’t resist any more so I sat down on his full length and arched my back as I rode his cock deep and hard into my pussy, he was thrusting himself into me so fast while he was still tied up and trying to release his hands while watching me fuck him hard that turned me on so much and I told him I was going to cum and he did too as I felt him tense up as he shot loads of his hot spunk deep inside me and calling my name while I groaned with the sheer pleasure Mmm… Winking smile 😉

He didn’t tell me until he got up to leave the next morning that he was no longer a virgin and I was his dream girl who let him live out his fantasy with me…


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  1. Throwaway1 says:

    Any chance of you getting the second part up soon? Dying for updates! Xx

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