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A walk with my naked exhibitionist wife

As part of our naturist road trip we had booked into a naturist caravan site on the coast of Croatia for four nights. The camp was clothes free and had its own private nude beach. My wife and I are social naturists and have been practising nudism for 15 years now. We are very relaxed about our naked bodies and enjoy the liberation that comes with the lifestyle. My younger wife’s naked confidence is much higher than mine and she will strip at any opportunity and enjoys showing off her naked assets as much as I enjoy seeing them. We had been totally naked for three nights and days, sleeping in the nude, swimming in the nude, taking nude walks, cooking in the nude, shopping in the nude and eating in the nude. A nudist’s dream comes true.

On the fourth day we noticed that the pedestrian gate on the camp perimeter fence had been left open. Being daring my wife suggested that we venture down the path and explore outside the camp. As we were outside the nudist zone we both wore sarongs tied around our waists. Both topless with my wife showing off her perfectly tanned firm 38C cup tits that stood out without sag. Her brown nipples were prominent as if alert of the upcoming adventure.

As we walked down the bush trail together I was proud of my wife’s tits being on full display for all to see and aroused. Why should I, her husband, be the only one to enjoy such beauties?

There were voices ahead a group of three Croatian men had a small fishing campsite next to the path in the bush. All three men noticed my semi naked wife, her tits swaying as she walked towards them. At first they seemed embarrassed by the approaching half naked women but as my wife confidently said hello their embarrassment turned to sexual leers of disbelief. In response my wife pushed out her chest exaggerating her taut tits. Her nipples seemed to harden and swell. I too got aroused by the unfolding episode. No, I never got a full erection as I was used to seeing my wife in CMNF situations but I did get a half lobo erection and precum started to stream involuntarily from my aroused cock. All covered by my sarong.

Words cannot describe how electrifyingly erotic it was for me, as a husband, to witness my wife walk in public with her beautiful breasts on full naked display. To think that other strange men and women were looking at her tits. Tits that my hands had so lovingly fondled. Tits that had been played with by previous boyfriends and lovers over the years since she was 14 years old. Tits that I had soaped and washed in the shower together. Tits, that she had squeezed together to masturbate my cock. Tits that I had ejaculated my hot cum onto and I’m sure they had received cum from other boyfriends as well. Tits that were uniformly tanned tits that went braless, tits that were today naked for all to see.

The cherry on the top of this sensual situation were her nipples crowning her 38 C cup tits. Dark brown and hard about as big as the tip of my small finger they were fully engorged and engaged for this bush trail. Again my bedroom thoughts wandered as I had had the pleasure to tweaking those nipples between my fingers, I had seen my wife squeeze them ever so much more roughly than I do. It turned me on to think of past boyfriends that had played with her nipples increasing her pleasure. Had girls or young women’s hands also played with those delectable nipples? I had sucked on them and at times my wife would force feed me her nipples to suck roughly on. Other boyfriends had obviously sucked on them. Again had another female or females ever sucked on my wife’s nipples I wondered? Had there ever been a moment of passion when she had had two separate mouths sucking on her nipples one on each breast?

As a husband it was interesting watching the reactions and faces of men and women on the trail as they observed my half naked wife. It was also interesting watching my wife’s resolve and confidence growing as her tits were exposed to more onlookers. There were admiring and even envious looks from the females on the trail. Her nipples hardened her breasts seemed to fill out looking bigger. Her exhibitionist ideals were being fulfilled.

The further we went down the bush trail towards the promontory the more people we met. My wife held her tits up high proud of their perfect firm shape size and all over tan. She enjoyed the reactions of the onlookers. Both men and women on the trail were amazed by her bravado and could not help but stare at her half naked body. An escapee from the nudist camp they must have muttered in their language. Her sarong was tied loosely and low over her hips. Very seductive! At one point a young Croatian man came out to shake her hand, she surprised him and gave the 30 year old a full on half naked hug pushing her big tits into his chest and giving him a big smile. Made his day!

We continued down the trail without anyone following us surprisingly. The bush trail ended at the promontory and came down onto a white sand beach. By now we were hot and sweaty after our bush walk. My cock was drooling streams of precum hanging like strings of pearls. My wife told me that she was also hot and sweaty and very sticky down below. The sea looked very inviting.

There were very few people on the beach. We noticed a young mother wearing only her bikini bottoms, her tits free, playing with her naked child in a rock pool. We went over to the kindred spirit and nodded acknowledgement. She was unfazed by my wife’s naked tits even though they were much larger and more tanned than her naked tits. We dropped our sarongs on the beach near her. She coyly smiled and half pointed at my semi erect cock with its swinging stream of silver precum hanging from its tip, thinking that perhaps her naked tits had been the cause of my arousal.

We walked as a couple, a naked Adam & Eve into the sea for that cooling off swim and genital wash.

For those of you that have never swum naked it is thee most liberating sensation one could imagine feeling the cool sea water on all your body parts. Truly communing with nature. After a leisurely naked swim we decided to get out of the water. We had been aware of other textile beach goers watching the cavorting of the naked couple in the sea. Now it was easy for my wife walking out of the waves. Her tits were still firm and her nipples rock hard all on perfect display. But for me a male my penis had gone into the sea semi hard but the cooling waters had worked their effect and I walked out my male genitals just a crumpled heap of foreskin with very little evidence of a cock at all. So embarrassing! So humiliating!

As we walked towards the young mother at the rock pool with her child we noticed that while we had been in the sea she had had the courage to remove her bikini bottom and play totally naked with her naked child. Both my wife and I caught her eye and gave her the thumbs up for being naked. She gave a confident smile back. Had we in our naked states been the catalyst to new found naked freedom?  Having seen my semi erect precum drooling cock before entering the sea she now pointed with amusement at my shrivelled manhood.

We dried ourselves with our large cotton sarongs. Once dried, I used my sarong to cover my shrivelled manhood. My wife however, invigorated by her refreshing swim handed me her sarong to carry announcing that she would walk back to our campsite naturist beach totally naked.  It was about a 3km walk along non-nudist beach before our campsite. She was full of exhibitionist bravado determine to show off her tanned naked body. We set off along the beach paddling in the shallows.

Under my sarong my cock was at rampant erection drooling precum like a teething baby. I found the situation of me walking with my totally naked wife along a non nudist beach in Croatia very arousing. We passed other beach goers. Some men gave the thumbs up. There were women who showed mock surprise but we were sure that they were secretly envious of the liberated naked female. I felt like a sultan being followed by one of his naked concubines, a slave master with his newly bought naked female slave, all mental sensual thoughts that were being played out in reality.

We had nearly reached the naturist beach at the campsite we were staying at. There was a large level area of sand. Some teenage boys had set up a beach soccer field with driftwood goal posts. All six of them were engrossed in playing soccer as we approached. Then the ball came towards us and they noticed my naked wife casually walking along the beach. There were wolf whistles and animalistic boyhood screams of seeing my naked wife. This only charged her exhibitionist fuel and caused my cock to pump more precum. One of the boys grabbed his cellphone and started taking multiple pictures of my naked wife. She slowed her walk to let them admire. One boy started to mime wanking his cock in very exaggerated stokes, a compliment to my wife. Coming up against no opposition to their antics they then dropped their swimming trunks. All six of the teenage boys had very impressive cocks all fully erect and ready for action. Without doubt all six erect cocks were longer and thicker than mine. The now naked boys had gathered in a tight circle around my naked wife and started relieving their erotic frustration by furiously wanking their young erect cocks.

What a sight: a naked female centre piece (my wife) surrounded by six young and randy naked teenage beach boys, each with an impressive erect cock in their hands wanking in unison to my wife’s nakedness. I wish I had my camera with me to capture the moment. My wife stood still on the beach watching in fascination. It didn’t take long before the first teen cock exploded his cum shooting a creamy arc up and over to land on the white sand. This triggered the other boys one shot his load with his cum splattering onto my wife’s thigh another dumped a load on her tits. She didn’t mind she enjoyed being spunked upon by eager young boys. I could see that her naked labia were very moist as though coated in baby oil so she had really enjoyed the episode. What red blooded female wouldn’t enjoy such teen attention?

Once all six of the teenage soccer players had shot their loads we said our goodbyes and walked back to our naturist beach. At the beach we spread our sarongs on the sand and lay naked among other naked naturists enjoying the heliotherapy. We lay in silence for a while and then my wife said that she was so horny back there that she would have liked it if the six well hung boys had gangbanged her there and then on the sand. I asked why she just hadn’t followed her lust. She said that she was concerned about how I, her husband, would have reacted. Would I have thought of her as a slut wife?   I replied that it would have been the most erotic thing I could ever imagined watching my young horny wife being randomly fucked by six naked teenage boys. That it was every husband’s greatest fantasy to watch his wife fucked by other men. Despite their age the boys were all well endowed with cocks of varying length and thickness as well as varying in colour from white to dark brown. So she would have had a smorgasbord of cocks to literally fulfil her randy naked fantasy.

“Shall we go she asked?”

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