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A University Student Takes His First Punt

As a student in London in the mid-nineties, with hundreds of miles between myself and my girlfriend, I was struggling to keep on the straight and narrow. I’d built up an impressive collection of top-shelf magazines, but nothing was satisfying the ever-growing horniness I was feeling as a teenager surrounded by a wider variety of women than I had ever previously encountered. I had in fact become good friends with a young lady on my course called Dawn, whose beautiful black skin and generous figure were constantly driving me to distraction, but that’s another story. A friend at college told me about contact mags, which he said were the only porn magazines available in England where the models actually touched and “made contact” with each other (I hadn’t yet visited Soho!).

Keen to expand my pornographic knowledge, I went straight to the newsagents and found myself such a magazine. I was astounded to find that it was in fact a personals magazine, with contact details of women, men, couples and groups, all looking for sex. That novelty itself kept me satisfied for a while. But then I began to wonder whether I should get in touch with any of these people. Could it really be that simple? I’d brought myself off dozens of times over one particular photograph of a shapely brunette in her mid 30’s, aroused by the knowledge that she lived nearby, but now I was becoming obsessed with the thought of doing it for real.

Eventually, my sex drive got the better of me. I wrote my letter and waited. Fortunately, I received a reply within a week. It was a very pleasant letter, which included another photograph and a telephone number. I was instructed to call the number and ask for Teresa, which I immediately did.

I was surprised to hear a man’s voice on the line, and nearly hung up the receiver in shock. Somehow I managed to ask for Teresa, and he told me to hang on. As I waited I felt so nervous, yet so excited. When I finally heard Teresa’s calm and sexy voice I forgot my nerves, and I began to thank her for the letter she had sent me. In response, she said “I have to tell you, I’m not a prostitute, but I do charge men when they visit me.” I was shocked. There had been no mention of fees in her ad. I was about to hang up when she began to explain that she was actually a trainee accountant, but the company she was working for had folded, and she’d found herself struggling to keep up with the mortgage. I began to warm to her, and actually felt like I’d be helping her out, so I agreed to meet her.

Calling at her house was possibly the strangest part of the whole experience. A man opened the door and introduced himself as Anthony, Teresa’s husband. He shook my hand warmly and invited me inside. He told me his wife would be down soon, and that she always took too long getting ready. My fears that this was a plot to kidnap me and hold me to ransom began to disappear, and I began to wonder how a man could happily do the dishes while his wife was pleasuring a stranger just a few feet away.

When Teresa breezed into the room I found the atmosphere stayed exactly the same. No strain or posturing, just a polite welcome and a handshake, and questions about whether I’d been offered a cup of tea and if I’d found the house ok. Teresa casually asked me if I had brought the cash, which I nervously fumbled with and virtually waved in her face. Then she smiled, checked I was feeling alright, and asked me to follow her.

Only now that we were away from her husband did I feel comfortable looking her over properly, and beginning to imagine what might come next. I had never paid for sex before, but somehow this seemed different, like I was helping out a friend and she was helping me out in return. I admired her curves, her beautiful long hair, and most of all, her white lacy lingerie and white stockings, barely covered by a short robe which she had left untied. Although only 36, she was a proper woman compared to the girls I had had before, and I hoped she wouldn’t think I was too inexperienced. On entering the bedroom, Teresa let her robe fall to the floor, and slowly turned in a circle so that I could inspect the goods. I was delighted to see her breasts were even larger that I had previously thought, and had to restrain myself from burying my face between them immediately. Teresa noted my wide grin and nodded, satisfied with my response.

Teresa instructed me to take my shoes off and lie on the bed, and when I had done so she climbed on next to me. She asked me if I found her attractive and I shyly turned my eyes away and mumbled that I did. She smiled a broad beautiful smile, before beginning to run her fingers over her lacy bra, around the curve of her full breasts, coming to rest on her deep cleavage. At this point I forgot about being nervous, as my cock rapidly began to grow in my jeans. Teresa seemed pleased that I was transfixed on her assets, and asked me if I would like to touch them. I gingerly nodded, and reached forward with one hand. I stoked my fingers slowly down the exposed skin of each breast in turn, before gently pushing them into her cleavage.

“I know what you want in there!” she said with a laugh. I didn’t respond, but instead cupped each breast in turn and gave them a firm squeeze. “Would you like to take my bra off?” she said, in an encouraging tone but one that was so relaxed it somehow sounded more like “Could I get you another cup of tea?” The increasing level of access to this woman’s body made me even more aroused, and my confidence started to grow. I reached around and unclasped her bra, breathing in her exquisite perfume and feeling the electricity of being so close to her. I leaned back and watched as her perfect tits were fully exposed to me, with a slight drop as they were released from their support.

With her bra now discarded, Teresa cupped a breast in each hand and held them together for me, offering them to me. I moved forward with a horny desperation and buried my face into the soft luxurious flesh. I enjoyed the feeling of her skin pressing against both my cheeks, before beginning to lick and suck all around her erect nipples. She let out a low sexy sigh that made my cock begin to throb.

She moved away slightly and looked down at my groin. “I think that needs a little room to breathe, don’t you?” I nodded silently. The anticipation was thrilling as she expertly undid my belt, then popped open the buttons on my jeans, one by one. She reached inside, wrapped her fingers around my hardening cock. She was having trouble getting it released from my jeans and began to see why. I actually do quite well in the cock size department, I haven’t seen anyone with one bigger than my 10 inches and around 6 inches girth. She finally ended up pulling my trousers down instead of trying to fish it out and my meat sprung out. It was huge by now, pointing straight up at her, with a drop of pre-cum appearing at the tip.

“Ohh! Wow! That’s huge!” If she was acting, she could’ve won an Oscar. Theresa was genuinely shocked by the size.

Another sexy utterance made me feel that she was impressed. She lightly ran her fingers up and down the length, before dipping one into the pre-cum, and spreading it around my bulging head. “I forgot just how hard you young men can get,” she said in a sultry voice. Teresa began to rub harder, causing me to let out a moan of pleasure. I had waited for so long for an experienced woman to play with my cock, and now it was happening. Suddenly she began to look concerned and a little thoughtful. I was worried I had done something wrong, although by the way she was intently staring at my throbbing member and playing with it firmly, I was confident it must be something else.

She moved her face up closer to mine, and whispered in my ear. “My husband doesn’t like me to give blow jobs… He says they should be just for him.” I listened intently, wondering where this was going. “But I’ve never gotten a customer this big and it’s such a gorgeous dick. So, young too! I really want to feel you in my mouth. Just for a moment. Is that ok?” Again I nodded my agreement, trying to look calm when in fact I was desperate to feel her gorgeous glossy lips pleasuring me.

Teresa told me to lie flat on my back, and moved herself onto her hands and knees, straddling my legs. As she leaned forward and her heavy tits pressed against my thighs. I couldn’t resist reaching down to take hold of one. Realizing her long hair was obscuring the view, Teresa tucked it back behind her ears as best she could, making sure I could see what she was doing. She held my cock at the base, admired it for a moment, then in one movement ran her tongue from the base of my cock, up the underside, right up to the tip.

She repeated this action over and over again, like a cat licking a juicy morsel. Teresa was clearly an expert at pleasuring men with her mouth, and had obviously had lots of practice in spite of her husband’s objections. When my length was sufficiently wet with her saliva, Teresa wrapped her fingers around my girth and began to wank my cock firmly, up and down, over and over again. I was gasping by this point, amazed at just how large this woman had made me. “Now to taste you properly,” she said, as she parted her lips and slipped them carefully over the head of my cock.

The feeling was intense as she began to suck gently, hardly moving at all, just focusing on my throbbing head. Then her movements became more pronounced, as she sucked me deeper into her mouth, stopping occasionally to kiss my shaft and run her tongue all around the underside of my purple helmet. This was so much better than I’d had before; not a timid licking but the enthusiastic blow job I’d always dreamed of. I was nearly tipped over the edge when Teresa moaned “Mmmmm, your cock tastes so good!” and she must have realized this, as she began to slow down.

Teresa reached for something, and then I saw her unwrap a condom and place it over my cock. “I got these condoms as a just-in-case, not expecting to ever use them. They were the biggest size they had. I can’t believe I’m opening one.” She giggled, almost in delight.

I instantly felt a new rush of excitement as I realized I was about to bury it into her warm, wet fuck hole. Much to my surprise, Teresa turned around, so she was facing away from me. I could see her lovely round ass, asshole, and neatly trimmed pussy. She gently rolled the condom over the gargantuan head, taking her time.

“Oh my… The condom isn’t long enough to roll all the way down that looong dick of yours. We will see if my little pussy will be able to take it all though.” Teresa’s dirty talk only made me harder, I felt like I was going to explode already.

She positioned her pussy over my hard cock, reached back between her legs and took hold of the bottom of my shaft, and brought the head up to press against her juicy hole. With a tilt of her pelvis, my cock began to disappear inside her. I let out a loud groan as she sat upright, spearing herself onto me and making almost the full length disappear. Only sheer willpower prevented me from letting my seed go after that intensely pleasurable manoeuvre. She began to fuck me in the reverse cowgirl position, rotating and bucking around my prick, throwing her head back and moaning loudly.

“Fuck! No one has been this deep! Ooohhhh!” Teresa shrieked as my cock head continued to stroke deep inside of her. She began lifting her hips as high as she could before crashing her perfect tan ass back down onto me. Not even my girlfriend was able to take 10 inch long thrusts like this for as long as Teresa was.

It felt so thrilling, watching her pleasure herself on my manhood. I reached forward and spread her ass cheeks, so that I had an even better view of the action. I began to respond to her gyrations by pushing upwards, getting even deeper inside her and earning a breathy gasp. I could tell from the position of her arms that she had reached up to play with her breasts. It was only then I realized that the mirror on her dressing table at the bottom of her bed was perfectly positioned, and with a slight tilt of my head I was able to see the reflection of her squeezing her mounds of soft flesh and pulling on her perfect nipples.

Teresa noticed my attention, and a mischievous smile crossed her lips. Gripping the bottom of the condom to ensure it didn’t move, she removed herself from my rod, slid sexily off the bed, and placed both hands on the dressing table. With her legs straight and her feet apart, she was perfectly positioned for me to re-enter. She winked at me, beckoning me to her. In a second I was standing behind her with my hands on her hips and my still-erect penis straining against her soft ass-cheek. I guided my cock between her open pussy-lips, and with a push slipped all the way inside. I struck up a fast rhythm, fucking her deeply, my hands grabbing her body, frantically pulling on her tits, squeezing her waist, stroking her ass. Again I stared at the view in the mirror; her bouncing breasts, her sexy lips, her own fingers reaching down to stroke her clit and squeeze my balls.

The pleasure was so intense I lost any remaining inhibitions and began gasping and groaning loudly, constantly feeling on the edge of orgasm, yet somehow managing not to let go. Suddenly, she reached behind her and put her hand on my thigh, and whispered “slow, slow…” I did as she said, immediately replacing my deep thrusts with a gentler, shallow rhythm. She brought her body upwards, so that her head was near to mine, and said firmly “I want it in my mouth. I want to suck on your big cock until you spill your load down my throat.” I nodded eagerly. The sight would be so beautiful.

We swapped places so I was leaning back against the dressing table, my cock rigid, pointing straight at this hot little tart. With a broad smile, Teresa sank to her knees, then used her hand to gently stroke my cock. “Is this how you’d like our time together to end” she purred, “with me sucking you off?”

“Yes, please…” I answered. Without another word she opened her mouth and took half my length inside. She immediately struck up a fast and firm pace, which instantly had me gasping. I watched in awe as she swallowed me up, my cock sliding in and out of Teresa’s hot mouth, her lips stretched wide around me. As her head bobbed back and forth I knew I was getting close. I reached down and took her breasts in my hands, my head swirling between the pleasures of her soft flesh and warm mouth. Obviously aware of what was about to happen, Teresa took me even deeper than before, the head of my cock pushing into her throat. I let out a loud unrestrained moan as my cock exploded in her mouth, torrents of hot spunk gushing out of me and into her. Teresa stayed with me through every jerk and gasp, never removing her mouth from my throbbing member until I had emptied my balls inside her.

Still with my cock in her mouth she gave me a wink, gave a last suck, then stood up and began to dress. She picked up the previously discarded condom, wrapped it in tissue, and asked me to pop over to the bathroom and flush it. “Otherwise,” she said, “my husband will check it, and when he finds that it’s empty, he’ll know I’ve been guzzling your spunk.” I quickly dressed, thanked Teresa for a wonderful time, and said I’d see her again. I left via the bathroom, as requested, and began to think about how much I’d like to do her from the front next time.

I scurried out of the house as fast as my legs would carry me, sure that if Teresa’s husband spotted me he would recognise the look of a man who had just enjoyed his wife’s oral skills. Even so, I was still riding a wave of passion, exhilarated by the experience, and looking forward to more of the same. Would that be with Teresa, or another lady from the magazine? Only time would tell.

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