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A trip to Niagara Falls

Let me describe Donna. She is about 5’6″, brunette, about a 34B-26-36 figure. She worked really hard on keeping herself fit, working out regularly several times a week. Although she didn’t have the massive muscle size and definition that you see in women bodybuilders today, she had the body of a athlete. Besides a great firm ass, her arms were her next best feature. After working out, she stretched the tape around her bicep to 14 inches. Not bad for a mother of two children. The other nice feature she had was long nipples. There were always hard, but when excited, they reached at least one inch long. Great for sucking!!

I am more your average guy, just over 200 pounds, average build and looks, and just an average size cock just shy of 8 inches.

One year, we decided to take our kids to see Niagra Falls. The drive was long, taking a complete day to get there. With the kids asleep in the back seat, Donna would sit next to me in the front, whispering so she wouldn’t wake the kids, on how she was going to fuck me really hard that weekend.

She was horny, in fact, she was always horny. Her nipples poked into her shirt, extending the front of the shirt. I can smell her sex in the car as she excited herself. She would wait until we were clear of any cars on the highway, and she would rub a nipple between her fingers and run a finger down through her pants and across her clit.

Eight hours of driving and being teased, we arrived in Niagra Falls in a nice bed and breakfast. The kids were exhausted and I said I would put them to bed in the adjoining room. Upon returning to our bedroom, I was surprised to see Donna on the floor doing pushups with just a thin bra and panties on. A few moments later, when I stopped counting at 50, she leaned up on her knees, flexing her arms. Her biceps popped to that hard 14 inches and she said “I am going to ride you hard tonight” and with that, she bent her arms and kissed her biceps.

She stood up, and with a sway in her hips she approached me. I could see that she was breathing heavier, from doing the pushups. Her nipples poked into her bra. She reached behind her back, unhooking her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her breasts were so inviting. She moved closer, rubbing herself up against my body. I felt her hard nipples against my chest as she leaned up, and kissed me deep.

Moving down my body, she reached my pants, and pulled them down, exposing my cock. She teased me, caressing it softly, little kisses on the cock head. Up and down she licked, never really taking it into her mouth. She kissed the top, opening her mouth and in one slow suck, took almost the entire 8 inches into her throat. She backed off slowly, sucking as she did.

She let it out of her mouth with a pop, and started to caress it again with small kisses and licks. She then surprised me by bending up her arms and flexed her biceps, making them pop up to her 14 inches. I can see her looking up at me, my cock in her mouth. I reached and touched her bicep. I love the feeling of her arms… strong, yet sexy. She flexed again, making the bicep bounce into my hand. Each flex brought a twitch in my cock.

She again took my cock out from her mouth, and this time, placed it between her bicep and forearm, and flexed. The feeling of her muscles against my cock was amazing. A true muscle fuck. She moved her arm, all the time flexing. The peak of her bicep was rubbing against me as it pressed into her forearm. Ever so slowly, she moved. Caressing her bicep with her other hand, looking up at me, whispering that she had the strength to muscle fuck all night.

I can feel my cock twitch, and with a thrust, I came hard on her bicep. I shot cum all over her hand and bicep. She gasped, knowing that I came quick.

“Hmmmmm, I guess you really like a muscle fuck. Now, lets see what we can do to get you to stay hard and fuck me good.”

She stood up, taking me into the other room where the bed was. On the coffee table in the room, was her favorite toy. A 12 inch long rubber cock with a suction cup on the base. It was stuck to the table, standing tall. It was wide, much wider than me, and had many veins carved into the sides. Its head was enormous, as well as the fake balls on the bottom.

In front of the table, a chair. She pushed me down in the chair, and told me to watch her. I sat down, my cock dangling in front of me. I watched her back up towards the table. She slowly squatted, taking the rubber cock and placing it at her already wet pussy. I could see that her clit was hard, and glistening with juices.

She grasped the rubber cock, and moved down onto it. Her eyes getting glassy, her nipples extending outwards.

“Oh my God, its huge. I just love huge cocks.” And slowly she sank, her breathing coming in short gasps as she lowered inch by inch. With her hands on her thighs, lowering down, the cock disappeared into her pussy. She stopped when it was in all the way. Her breathing came quick. And with the same patience, she raised up. The cock was covered in white pussy juice, foaming around the base.

My cock was getting hard again as I slowly massaged it. I like using two hands on my cock, letting the cock head slip out and rub it with my thumbs. I watched again as Donna slid down the cock. Faster this time, the cock slid in a little easier.

“Ahhhhh, that feels so gooooood” she would say when hitting bottom. She looked at me, and when she was back up at the top, she leaned forward, placing her arms on the edge of the chair. She leaned closer, and took my cock in her mouth. I watched as she again dropped down on the rubber cock, the table shaking a bit as she hit bottom. She then let my cock out, looked up and said “Massage my biceps as I do this” and with that, her mouth was on my cock.

She appeared to start to do pushups from the edge of the chair, but each time she moved down in the pushup, my cock slid into her mouth, and the rubber cock disappeared into her pussy. I reached for her arms, and felt her biceps. They were hard. I massaged them like she asked, feeling the muscle bulge in my hand on each slow pushup.

I could see her nipples extending outwards, long and puffy. She looked up, and let my cock out and said “Sorry, but I need to do this now” and with that leaned backwards, grabbed her nipples and started to bounce on the rubber cock.

Faster and faster, her eyes closed, lost in thought. Her nipples between her fingers, twisting and pulling. I sat there, stroking faster, trying to keep pace with her. It was masturbating for her, she was fucking that cock. All at once, her pussy just exploded all around the cock. Juices running down the length, pooling around the balls. She came hard, not once, not twice, but three strong quick orgasms.

I was close, my own cock hard, expanding, getting ready to explode. I had my head back, and with one thrust forward, she leaned down, and engulfed my cock to the balls, and I shot my cum deep into her throat. She held it there, massaging my cock with her throat muscles.

Slowly, I softened. She raised herself up, letting the cock come out of her dripping pussy. She stood up, her body quivering from the orgasms, her nipples long. She moved her arms up, and flexed, knowing I love that look and muscular women. Her biceps grew once again, hardening. She flexed her back, and spread her lats. She walked slowly to the bed, laid down, looked at me with a smile.

“Now, lets get down to some serious fucking…..” I moved from my chair, my cock drained and hanging. She grasped it, stroked it lightly. “Lets see what will wake this up” and she had a gleam in her eyes, and a slight smile.

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