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A Teenager and My Wife

My life is shades of grays and black. I have lived to see my deepest regret, what my wife relentlessly dredged up. I should include that my wife appears out of my league.

Pamela is thirty-seven years old, but her body screams out to men of every age. She’s bright, great bone structure, and always eating healthy. She makes me feel young and lucky.

Pam makes sure we live a clean lifestyle of no drugs and little-to-no alcohol. Unfortunately we found out she’s unable to have children, but to be honest we weren’t interested in having any. It’s nice not having to worry about her getting pregnant too.

We had moved into our new home last year and met all our immediate neighbors except for one family. My wife was determined to meet them, so she went over to introduce herself one day when I was doing errands. She rang and knocked but no one answered. She heard movement in the house, but gave up. Obviously, they wanted to be left alone, or maybe they thought she was a salesperson.

As my wife turned to leave, she could see through a break in the curtains of the dark house, a skinny woman, maybe in her early fifties. She was in the midst of lighting a cigarette and watching my wife walked away.

After a few days, curiosity brought her to the one woman who might be able to tell her. Kimberly is our age, late thirties, attractive, easy to talk to, very down to earth. My wife felt a connection with her the minute they met. She asked her about the people on the corner, what’s their story? Her new friend hesitated, eyes looking away, clearly nervous, something put her mildly off, not anything my wife could put a finger on.

They’re very private, I rarely see them outside. There was some car accident around eight years ago, and because of it, I think her son can’t leave the house. He’s in his mid-twenties and has some brain damage. Lost the ability to speak, at least that’s what I’ve heard.

Pamela explained her experience, and the subject was quickly changed. I wish it had been enough for my wife to move on. As it would turn out, Kim did know something only rumors.

My wife acted like a jaded detective on the case, she wouldn’t let it go. Something strange was going on over there, Kim had left something out. She was sure of it.

Over the next few weeks, Pam would witness people coming and going to the house. Initially, she thought it was psychical therapists, or health care professionals of some type for the woman’s son, maybe they were dealing drugs, the maybes added up to only one conclusion, my wife’s undying obsessive need to know.

They always came and left through the door near the garage. My wife decided to try again, this time with a plate of cookies, something to get her noticed, to get her in the door. Once again, no luck in getting an answer, so she left the plate of cookies, with a note of introduction, a simple hello. Scurrying home to watch if the bait was taken, it wasn’t.

The next morning, Pamela noticed the plate was gone, and the morning after that, it magically appeared on our porch. Empty and clean, with a simple one-word note that read: “Thanks.”

I told her to let it go. It became an obsession, she wouldn’t relent. After a couple more plates of cookies, and treats, she finally gave up. Not even a wave, return note or hello. She was angry now, put off. “How dare they,” Pamela thought.

She decided to just face the problem head on. Simply just knock on their door, that way they can’t avoid her. Knocking on the door Pamela lost her already fragile composure, but then she saw the window shade moving. “Are you really refusing to answer the door?” This was the final straw.

She ranted on their porch in broad daylight for around five minutes. She knew they could hear. She lost sight of the son’s predicament, she also lost sight of common decency, manners, she wanted some satisfaction of having tried to be friendly, neighborly.

Finished, Pamela felt an instant pang of regret. She held her hand to her mouth, looking about, questioning who else could’ve heard her. What was wrong with her? Was she crazy? Near tears, she started to turn away but heard the door open.

She turned to see the same skinny woman, face tattered from too many years in the sun, and too much smoking.

“Hi… Won’t you come in?”

Feeling humiliated, but my wife nodded. Her heart practically leaping out of her chest, there was a feeling of impending doom.

“You’ll have to excuse us, but were very private people. I’m Susan, but please call me Sue.”
“I should be the one to apologize. I’ve just been so curious about you, I-I guess I’m nosey… Uh… I’m Pamela.”
“Please sit, I’ll get us something to drink, is coffee okay? I just made a pot.”

My wife searched the family room making mental notes. The setting strangely looked similar to our house, just rearranged.

There were curious sounds coming from upstairs, loud ‘thuds’ and footsteps. What were they up to? What the hell was going on in this house? Determined, obsessive, my little detective wife would not stray off course. Pamela was staring at Sue, they both knew that my wife had reason to be curious.

“As you may have heard, my son was injured in a car accident and lost his ability to speak, and is somewhat… out of control. Nothing dangerous, though. He’s upstairs, and I attend to his needs. I don’t leave to even get groceries, we have deliveries for everything… Now, does that satisfy your curiosity?”
“Wow, I’m just SO sorry! That sounds horrible… I’m such a nosey neighbor, I know. You must despise me.”
“How’s your marriage? Strong is it?”

Sue had a strange smirk on her face. Pam realized she never brought me up, but giving a smirk is a strange response.

“Oh, right… I’m married, my husband David… But again, I’m so out of line with earlier. I feel like a total ass… I… I should leave.”
“Please stay, I don’t get many visitors. As you may have noticed.”

It twisted and repeated in my wife’s amateur detective mind. “Don’t get many visitors? What the hell? There are people coming and going all the time. What is this shit?” This was all in her head, of course. She questioned Sue with more care.

“Uh… I’m really sorry, for doing this again, but… Sue, I see people coming here all the time… What do you mean you don’t have visitors?”

Sue paused, drinking her coffee, long sips and no reply in sight. Lowering the cup to the saucer with her willowy fingers. More loud ‘thuds’ came from above them and footsteps.

“So, you want to know more questions, questions, so many questions. What do they do here? Why all the visitors? Think we’re dealin’ drugs? You just can’t let it die, can you?”

Pam’s spine shivered, she was going to be told or thrown out, it was one or the other, she knew it. Perspiring, short breath, nervous…

“Just tell me… Please, it’s driving me insane.” Pam was near her end and Sue, in her own way said something completely unexpected.
“Okay… Are you an officer of the law or in any way involved with any law enforcement agency?”
“No… I’m not.”

Pamela was shivering, what was coming next? Sue gave another torturous pause of them staring at each other. More thuds and weird noises were coming from the ceiling.

“How do think I’m able to afford living here?”
“Uh… Like paying the mortgage? Maybe a settlement from the accident or an inheritan-”
“Nope! We’re self-supporting… Forget it… Pamela, you never answered the first question I asked.”
“I don’t understand, what question is that?”
“How’s your marriage? Is it strong?”
“Yes, very strong! I love my husband.”
“Haha, well then… I guess there’s no harm in you seeing my son.”

Saying nothing, my wife followed Sue upstairs to the room containing her son. Pamela’s heart was beating so fast she felt faint. Sue told my wife her son mostly stays upstairs in his room and has well hobbies. My wife took in the house, clean, everything normal, except for the unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke.

Sue knocked on her son’s door, then entered, my wife right behind her. It struck her the minute the door opened the smell of sweat. It was a clean room, very large, clearly, they had a wall knocked out to provide more space, high ceilings, with a table for eating, fridge, small stove, separate shower with clear glass doors, three large wide windows looking out into a large fenced. wooded backyard, a large double bed, and scads of workout equipment.

Her son Todd was doing push-ups with one arm when Pamela and Sue entered. The magnificent specimen in front of them was source of those sounds. He was covered in sweat, covered in muscle.

“Todd, honey, this is Pam, our new neighbor.”

As explained before, Todd couldn’t speak. He simply acknowledged them with a nod and moved to the pull-up bar along the wall. His workout clothes were skin tight, which revealed a bulge that looked inhuman.

Pamela barely heard her anything Sue was saying. Todd’s body made her stir like no other. “My God,” she thought, “what he must be like in bed.” Pamela felt a pang of guilt, she’s a married woman thinking about another man. Not only that a younger man who can’t even talk. This was all primal.

Sue stepped back towards the door, slinking away as my wife was still gawking at the Adonis. Todd’s chiseled body that’s perfect in every way plus his distracting bulge.

The floor shook as he released himself from the chin-up bar. Todd stood before my wife, his dark green eyes hypnotizing her and he began flexing in the mirror. Pamela never knew the human body had so many different muscles on it. I didn’t make her feel feminine like this.

My wife was already soaking wet. It became apparent that she should leave before she gives into her strong urges. While he continued to show off the hottest body she’d ever seen she noticed it again—the huge bulge.

It was filling out way beyond anything Pamela could imagine. The door was shut silently behind her as Sue exited. She had forgotten about Sue, her eyes were glued to the longest, fattest cock confined within his workout pants.

Pamela was frozen, unable to resist the irresistible. Todd reached for a towel and began to dry off the sweat. The incredible mass between his legs, not yet released, not yet fully hard, was already completely dwarfing mine. He turned on the shower, as my wife stood in awe of his wide masculine back. “That’s how all men should look,” she thought as her body tingled from head to toe.

He stood facing Pam, my love, my life, and then, with excruciating slowness, pulled down his tight cotton workout pants. When released, it was beyond big and beautiful, it was spellbinding. Even on his massive frame, it looked huge.

My wife shook where she stood, but never more turned on. The clear shower doors left nothing to the imagination as he lathered himself up.

“How’s your marriage? Strong is it?” Sue’s question echoed back into Pamela’s head. Never in her life could she turn this down. Our marriage wasn’t strong as her lust for Todd.

It was a tease, he continued to put on a show while showering. My wife’s desires were building with each passing second. She was in awe, no one, absolutely no one, compared to this incredible hunk of man.

Todd came out of the shower, a glistening mass of muscle and beauty. He held up the towel in her direction. She didn’t need to be invited twice. Since he could not speak, she didn’t say anything either, it just felt right, like a dream. Her hand trembled before this perfect physical specimen, this perfect man.

Pam felt unworthy, she nearly had an orgasm from drying him off. His entire body rock hard, huge arms, beyond ripped stomach, and the humongous slab hung between his tree trunk thighs. She brushed it with the towel a few times as she dried off his massive chest.

Pamela just had to feel the big thing, it was seducing her. “Still wet,” she thought. She’d never saw anything beyond average size.

Astonished, as it grew larger, trying to rise, but unable, simply too heavy, incredibly massive. In near shock, she watched him as if she were above them both, outside her body, a silent witness as he slowly removed her clothes, tossing them in all directions, lightly kissing her body, his massive cock rubbing against her legs.

Todd smelled delicious, his extremely strong, large and worn hands turned her on so much, she lost it for the first time just standing near him. Quivering, weak-kneed, this was the sexual moment of her life. Pamela couldn’t get past his overwhelming cock between his legs that beckoned her.

Todd’s stamina matched his massive appendage. He laid my wife down flat, then on her side, then in doggy, and then much more. She never felt so stretched, so satisfied, and with never a word spoken from him.

When she thought he’d finished he started right up again, and each time, it only got better. His strong hands and talented tongue set her off like a rocket. A crescendo to the most intense stream of orgasms of her life. He played with her like a lifelike doll.

Delirious, she lay in complete utter satisfaction on his bed. His strong hands never left her body, his cock had entered new territory, never had she felt so full, so complete, so deep, so stretched, and amazed he could not fully enter her it was simply humongous. Stunned beyond words, how did this happen. Amazed at how much her body could take, and how much more he could still give.

He obliterated my wife. Without question he completely owned her. His cock wasn’t just monster-sized, he was handsome too. With perfect skin, no moles, or scars. She was a possessed sexual animal in his presence.

Pam orgasmed again and again. She was in such a state of bliss, so far above anything I had brought her to. He was a real man, and that’s what my wife desired.

It took him over two hours to complete his task, so long, so thick, he pummeled her body. Inch after inch of fat cock disappeared in my wife. Where was she putting it? The damn thing is so long and fat.

Suddenly, I woke up. It was just a dream?!

My name is David Dawson, and I needed to relax, it was just a dream, or maybe it was my subconscious warning me that something was off. I checked the window and saw that the neighbor’s house in my dream was still for sale, there was no monster cock there. I began to pace myself again and stopped panting

My wife and I were having a dry spell and I kept having dreams of her cheating on me with a manly stud. The dark cloud started hanging over all day, “is Pam cheating on me?”

I mentioned my troubles to a close friend. He had a solution, he told me to nanny cam my bedroom. I laughed, but realized it’s not a terrible idea. So, I purchased an expensive hidden video camera.

My suspicions originally came from a return on my bowling night to our bedroom a couple of months ago. There was a smell in the room that reminded me of something familiar, something I used to enjoy: sex. As I arrived home that night, my wife was in the shower, the bed a mess, but I brushed it off. Outside of the bedroom, everything was great, on the surface, we’re solid, I thought I was just being paranoid.

Our weekly rituals included Pam going out Tuesday nights to be with a couple of local married woman, and Thursday was my night out with the guys. I looked forward to her Tuesday nights out as my internet porn time, and I took full advantage. Hell, I’m all over myself the minute she leaves the house.

On dude’s night out, all I could think of was the nanny cam. What would be on it when I returned home? I knew it worked perfectly, as I had some test runs with just myself. I had to wait until Saturday morning when she went shopping to check the results.

All I got was her vacuuming the room, and changing the towels in the master bath. My fears baseless, and my conscious guilty. But, I couldn’t help myself and decided to try again for next week.

Next week couldn’t come soon enough. It was Friday, and my wife left for the weekend to go up to her sister’s place until Tuesday. I couldn’t miss work, but I had the house to myself and I was dying in anticipation to see if the video camera picked up anything last night.

The results on week two were the same until there was an unfamiliar body in the room. I backed up the recording, my heart was pounding as I saw him enter, and pass in front of the camera to the side of the bed near the phone. He looked familiar, and as he reached for the phone, he produced a small black package, that turned out to be a toolkit.

For God’s sake, it’s our neighbor Nick who works for AT&T. I watched him open the phone, and within a minute, it was working again. He was simply doing us a solid. I heard him joke with my wife, and the two of them left the room, the lights turned out, their voices fading.

It activated again when my wife entered, and I could hear another man, a clearly younger man. My pulse was rapid, and when the lights came on, I could clearly hear them talking about Nick.

My wife apologized to the young man she called Jason, as she sat on the bed facing him. He was still out of sight, telling him she forgot Nick was coming over to fix the phone. He told her no problem, but that he thought it was me. No, my husband won’t be back for another two hours or more, we’ll have plenty of time.

The kid was still out of sight, as my wife sat on the bed, looking towards him. There was silence and my wife bit her lip. My heart began sinking, my nanny cam was picking up what I didn’t want to believe.

“I don’t like doing this here, in my home.”

My wife looked nervous but still craving it. Coming into view was a skinny, tall kid, maybe nineteen years old, his arms were skinny too. Jason pulled his shirt over his head, and he was cut, I had never seen someone so well defined.

My wife ran her hands up and down this kids amazing six pack, and rock hard chest. Jason opened his pants slightly, inviting her to pull them open and explore what was already bulging inside. She slid a hand over his underwear and into the depths. She said only one word, “fuck!”

Pam moved back, and then pulled Jason’s pants down. His white boxers held something already larger than what I carry, and I’m not small. Jason had a confident grin, he knew he was packin’.

Pamela traced her finger along its length before putting her hand inside and pulling it out over the top of his underwear. The skinny teen when soft was still at least a few inches longer than me when hard. Don’t get me started on his girth either, I’ve never seen anything like it. That floppy tube steak was still growing at an incredible rate.

The giant plump pink head was becoming ridiculous in size, easily the fattest part of the grotesque thing. My wife’s hand was joined by the other as she pulled more and more meat from Jason’s growth. My nightmare dream was realized in real life, this teenager has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.

The damn thing was heavy by the looks of it. Pamela was amazed as he continued to grow in her dainty hands. Jason had to tear her hands away and pull her up for a kiss. Their mouths locked, that damn meat of his hanging over halfway down his leg.

It looked ridiculous, it was thicker than his wrist, and blood was still rushing to fill the extra length. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, there was no way in hell it could fit in my wife.

My wife was still fully clothed, but he took care of that. Jason began to tear off her clothes, stopping only to step back and pull off his shoes, pants, and underwear. When he stood tall, Pamela was just about finished with her own clothes. I hadn’t seen her nipples this hard in years. Jason was taking in the view.

“Your body is so fuckin’ hot, Pam. Your husband doesn’t know what he’s missing…”

Jason’s cock was the size of an arm, it was incredible. Now it was my turn, I was rock hard, jerking away. Watching this kid begin the destruction of my wife.

The sounds of Pamela protesting, holding this massive beef, was too erotic. She still continued to stroke it the entire time.

“We REALLY shouldn’t be doing this in this bed… Wow… Ooohh… Please, not this bed… Jason… You’re sooo big right now…”

It dwarfed anything I had ever seen anywhere. My wife’s hands were unable to reach around it. Her mouth couldn’t fit in the head, her drooling covering only a small portion of his massive staff.

“Tell me how much you like my monster cock.”
“Sooo fuckin’ much! I can’t believe how I’m talking… I sound like such a size queen. I guess I am now though…”
“You guess? Haha! You’re obsessed with my cock!”
“Touché… I do LOOOVE your giant fuckin’ cock.”

Pamela smiled dreamingly while milking Jason harder and harder. Her salivating mouth labored over it, his hand busy on her horny hot box.

I forgot my own emotions, I was so caught up in watching this teen’s massive dick, and the undeniable power it had over my wife. His body, cut head to toe, his cock beyond belief, and my wife’s slutty reaction when the kid let loose a big load into her open waiting mouth.

The hot white load overfilled her mouth as Pam tried to swallow it before it made it a mess. It was more cum then I shoot in a week, maybe two. My wife fell back onto the giant tool and continued to work it. Her orgasm was not far behind.

Jason would only repeatedly say “yeah!” Pamela pulled back from the massive slab, his cum dripping off her chin onto her breasts. Her fingers rose to collect and eat the sweet nectar. Jason continued to hold it out to her as she ate it all, but this was only the start.

Releasing his mighty cock, it fell onto his left leg with an audible slap, it was freaking humongous. The kid worked his way over onto the bed, and laid down. Cuddling with my wife, resting for another round. Pam seemed anxious, and I had doubts too, wondering if she could handle this unimaginable dick.

His cock was about half the size of a few minutes ago. She had him lie flat as she put her oral talents to the test. At first, he didn’t respond, sitting up on his arms, he began to talk to her.

“Tell me I’m bigger than your husband.”
She did.
“Tell me I’m better in bed.”
She did.
“Tell me you want my giant dick.”
She did.

He was turned on, in fact, the shaft could no longer fit in her mouth. Rising to the occasion, the kid’s massive cock wasn’t fully hard, but it was usable for blow jobs.

My wife asked him to hold it while squatting over him. She tried to mount that gargantuan meat, but he told her to wait. His hands pulling on it, making it longer and thicker, telling her he didn’t want it to bend.

It was surreal, as the head waited for her to lower herself onto it. Still increasing in size, it was as if she knew she had to get on now before it got too big. It looked silly, his cock towered over his body. The fat slippery thing was grotesque in size, and still, I could see it, there was room for it to grow.

His giant meat rested at her pussy. Pamela’s tiny hand was moving over her tight box trying to ready it for the meat to follow. Her eyes were still wide, staring at the thing as the kid rose, and stood on the bed, showing off that monster-sized manhood. It’s an image I’ll never forget.

She took it in her hands yet again, it continued to grow. Showing me just how long and thick he could make it become, and Jason making it very clear he wanted to fuck.

She sat back as he showed off, inch after fat inch, it was inhuman. He eventually tired of this tease and ordered her to the edge of the bed. She obeyed, a slave to his immensity and she was in serious heat.

Even though I had just cum a little while ago I still kept jerkin’ away. I didn’t have any feelings of remorse, guilt, hatred, jealousy, any of it. I had an unending desire to see what would happen next. I had never been this turned on.

I patted myself on the back for my positioning of the nanny cam, I wasn’t missing anything. It gave me a better idea just how big he was. It was like the cock in my nightmare, it was like a flesh bat.

“Y’know, this is why I love you older women,” Jason teased my wife, “girls can’t handle me like a REAL woman can.” I could understand, I almost had pity for him. It was simply amazing, the size of it.

As she lay back at the edge of the bed, he stood back, then slowly approached, teasing her with its size. Frightening, in what it could do to her. She spread wide, and my face was glued to the screen. No way, NO WAY in hell can she take that.

Jason placed the head at her pussy. I was still convinced Pam couldn’t take even the head, but the giant helmet sunk in her wet sloppy box with not much resistance. Her hands were holding the sheets in a death grip and she yelled out.

Something shocking to me was she held up her head to watch herself being split open. She’s never done this with me, but she looked obsessed with Jason.

“Fah-Fuck! Sooo good, Jason! I-III loooove your monster cooock! Umpphh… AAHH!”

Moaning, Pamela’s head shot back. I swear I could feel it too deep in the pit of my stomach. Jason’s gigantic cock had stretched her like no other, and only a third of it had entered. She was adjusting to it and cumming at the same time.

Pamela looked powerless to stop it, she could barely form sentences. I couldn’t believe she had taken even that much of it. My mouth was hanging open in disbelief, but Jason’s dick continued his domination. The teen stud was going to show her just how good my wife was going to get it.

Pamela placed a pillow under her head and held out one hand for him to stop, trying to recover from an intense orgasm. Her head shook back and forth at the unlikely merger of giant meat, and tight pussy.

I could tell Jason wanted to shove more in her warm quivering tunnel. The giant appendage was throbbing while he held still deep inside of her while she finished orgasming. Her tight walls were massaging it with each convulsion. Pamela started pushing her hips at him again, giving Jason the signal to continue his conquest.

“My God, there’s so much left! Y-your dick is IIINNNCREDIBLE!”
“Say what you want me to do with it.”
“I-I want it DEEP! Get that big thing DEEP in me!”

The massive head had been followed by around six fat inches of shaft. Jason’s hips moved that portion back and forth slowly. His fetish was obvious, he loved getting women to orgasm and to best their husband. He was the fuck of their lives, and he loved to take them in their own beds.

Fucking Pamela senseless for over twenty minutes, he only managed to fit in around half of his titanic meat. That’s all he needed, and more than likely all she could ever take. My wife had never been filled like this or known how much she wanted, not just a big one, but a giant cock. I watched with unparalleled envy, he stretched and probed her further than I ever could.

Pamela’s pussy looked stretched, puffy, and raw. That wasn’t going to stop her though. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she was biting her lower lip. I never got this reaction from my dick while fucking her.

“Oh, Pam, you’re still so fuckin’ tight! You feel sooo good. Tell me you love it.”
“I-I love it! I LOVE it!”
“You love my huge cock?”
“I NEED your big dick! Fuck me with your big dick!”
“What about your husband? Huh, slut? Do you want to fuck me more?”
“Yesss! Yesss! Fo-forget himmm! Moooore!”

That was the nail in the coffin. Not only that, but cum rocketed out of me, adding to the humiliation. How could I compete with that thing? How could any boyfriend or husband?

Pamela now had her legs hooked around Jason’s back, trying to get even more crammed in her tight channel. Every couple of strokes his big head would gain new ground inside her, causing her to scream.

What woman wouldn’t feel tight with that monster-sized thing between his legs? I know my wife wouldn’t be tight for ME anymore, that’s for sure. Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway, Jason’s dick ruined Pamela’s pussy for me.

The kid was a fucking-machine. Giving a consistent long stroke that was causing my wife to lose it. He started to lick and kiss her legs and feet. His hands roamed and groped over what he could reach. He was young but obviously experienced.

“Aghh! Fa-fuck! I’m… I’m…” Before she could finish that sentence she exploded in orgasm again. Jason finally pulled out to show off his impressive size. Pulling it with both hands, with plenty of room to spare, my wife leaned forward and gave a hand. My mind reeled, three hands, and still, there was room! It ended with his load shooting over her upper body.

I quaked as I cummed again. My nanny cam video capturing the most intense visual experience of my life. It was only 8 PM on Friday night, and I had the house to myself until Tuesday. The whole weekend to relive this skinny fuck destroying my wife.

Later, he stood tall and his used meat was still so huge. Pamela got up with him, and led him to the master bath. I had to stop the recording there, I needed to recover. I realized I had a slight headache from barely breathing while watching that.

Exhausted and with my need to release fulfilled, I sat back and contemplated what had happened. Like anyone in a sexual fever, your mind doesn’t work clearly. There is time needed after to reflect on what happened.

I estimated I wouldn’t be home for an hour or so. Surely there was nothing left. I had serious doubts about my wife, so many questions. Was this her first and only time, or had this been going on for some time with other men? There can’t be more men who are that hung… I hope.

I tried to distract myself with some TV, but I couldn’t stop thinking about that massive fuckin’ cock and my wife. I had to start up the video again, I just HAD to see what went on in the bathroom.

The nanny cam could pick up around half of the bathroom through the door, and the audio was fantastic. On and on she went. She couldn’t get over how big he was and complimented him on his cut body and his technique.

He hit the shower as she continued to sing his praises, and when he emerged, she toweled him off, continuing to be a complete chatterbox. The kid’s semi was dwarfing me, he was still wired, and it grew as she toweled him dry.

“Your dick needs a separate towel to dry off, it’s sooo big, haha!”
“Hey, don’t tease it. You’ll hurt its feelings…”
“Awww, what is the monster cock going to do to me if I don’t?”

Jason became playful and picked her up and carried her to the bed and they both roared into laughter. Throwing her down, he pulled her plump ass towards the end of the bed. Pamela’s laughter stopped when he separated her legs and began munching on her sweet pussy. She was out of her mind when his tongue, mouth, and fingers got busy.

“Oh ma-my God! You’re… You’re ah-amazing!”

Forget that he was only a teen, he was a sexual beast. Jason gave my wife another powerful orgasm just from his mouth and hands better than I could. When he rose his fantastic cock was still rock-hard. At that moment, she could’ve cared less if I walked in the door, hell, she was in a sexual time warp, nothing else mattered.

Jason pointed her right leg to the ceiling, leaving her left leg sticking out over the bed, straddling her leg, he let loose with another pounding. This view was astounding, as I saw the lips of her pussy fold in and out with each stroke. His low-hanging balls were rubbing against her leg.

Jason placed in over half his length this time, and my wife no longer existed in this world. Pamela could only respond with moans and groans, as that fat meat exposed her to pleasures she had never reached with anyone else. As she climaxed he buried in what he could and leaving it there. Kissing her leg behind the knee.

All the extra juices my wife was providing from her orgasm helped Jason’s intruder travel deeper. He got close to two-thirds of the massive snake inside my wife’s tight tunnel. He held it there, and even though Pamela just had a climax she went into another from the extra depth.

I saw his butt begin flexing, and I knew he was cumming deep inside of her. I wondered how much was pouring out of him, obviously a lot. I could see his cock expand to a bigger size while he blew another stream of cum in my wife’s sloppy pussy. I lost count of how many times he did that, all while Pam went into yet another climax.

He collapsed on the bed with her, it was dead quiet, I could hear them both panting, my wife more-so than Jason. Pamela rested with her legs open, she was gaping wide open from the pounding she got. His cum was pouring out of her, I was shocked and intrigued to see how much he hosed inside of her.

“Oh, shit look at the time you’ve got to go! I got to clean up alllll your fuckin’ cum still too! Haha! Look at your thing!”

Jason’s cock was drenched in her juices and his cum. It laid between his legs flat on the bed like a snake.

“What, and you think you didn’t help make that mess?”

Jason rose off the bed laughing with her. The slab was hanging between his legs, covered in his cum and my wife’s juices. He was telling her he had a great time while he put on his boxers. I noticed his wet sloppy dick was hanging out the bottom of them… What a freak of nature!

Jason was the same size as the man from my nightmare, only this was real. Just a teenager around nineteen years old, but I knew he was going to be back and be my living nightmare.

Pamela was naked, and her legs were spread wide open still. She moved in and started kissing the skinny fuck, it made me jealous how passionate it was. He was old enough to be her son, he was half her age.

Pamela clearly didn’t want him to leave and tugged on the bulge in his pants before sending him off. Jason slapped my wife’s ass saying that it was his property and meant for big dick’s only. She then cleaned up the room and got into the shower, removing all the evidence from the crime scene.

I finally saw me come on camera. I surveyed the scene. Unbeknownst to me my wife had just taken the world’s biggest cock. Announcing my presence, she responded with a ‘hello’, I glanced into the bathroom, then quickly turned off the nanny cams.

What just happened? I was surprised by my lack of an angry reaction. Justification of my suspicions, and yet, for some perverse reason, I enjoyed watching my wife pummeled by that young man.

If he were less a man, say ugly, with a small cock, I would’ve been furious. Somehow, the fact that he was in shape, and massively endowed seemed to make it easier to take.

I thought that the nanny cam added a few inches to his monster, an optical illusion of sorts. So out of curiosity, I got it up and paraded in front of the nanny cam to see how I would measure up. There was absolutely no comparison. It made me appreciate even more, the immensity, the unquestionably supreme monster that he possessed, it was a gift or more likely a curse. I searched the web all weekend and found a very select few that were even in his league.

I enjoyed the nanny cam video that weekend, and into Monday night. When the wife arrived home on Tuesday from visiting her sister, I wondered how I would respond, but before I could say hello, she was all over me. It was like we traveled back to before we were married, the sex that followed was tremendous. I never asked what brought this on, even though I knew full well, and I wasn’t about to ruin it.

Until this day, over three weeks later, it continues. Five or more times a week, our marriage reborn. I still left the nanny cam running on my bowling nights, even during the day when I was at work, but all was quiet. Whatever happened before, seemed to be over, the results had been awesome for both of us, and my knowledge of what she had done, remained with me, and me alone.

On a Saturday night, more than three weeks since she was with Mr. Monster, it happened. I was at Home Depot, it was almost closing time, I was in the checkout line when I saw him, I was sure of it, it had to be him. The supremely hung kid who saved my marriage was tending the far checkout aisle, and I couldn’t help myself. I left my line for his. I had to get his full name, I had to see up close, and in person, the one man who made such a difference in my life. I was at peace with him, no animosity, just extremely curious.

I couldn’t help but look, I had to know if the kid showed any hint of the awesome package between his legs. I had to quickly look away, as he was showing an obvious bulge. I’m not a crotch watcher, but his pants weren’t like most kids his age, they were baggy, and it snaked down his left leg.

I gulped a single time, my heart raced, the first name matched, as I said hello I made a mental note of his last name. He seemed pleasant as my mind raced and I was near panic. What if he recognized me from a picture in my home? I’ll never know where it came from what drove me to say it but I did anyway.

“Jason? Right?”

In a shady way I looked both ways to see if anyone else was in earshot. I wasn’t a smooth guy and definitely hadn’t done anything like this before.

“I wanted to thank you… You’ve made a big difference in my life.”

Jason gave me an odd look. His mind was probably spinning for an answer as to how, and his long delay hinted he wanted me to explain so I did.

“You were with my wife around a month ago, and it kick-started our marriage. I just wanted to say thank you.”

He paused, taking a step back, looking me up and down, he was about to start a denial, but I spoke again.

“Seriously, it’s okay. I have you both on my DVR, and, well… it’s totally awesome.”

Concern covered his face, untrusting, and as I handed him my credit card, he gathered it with a trembling hand, quickly checking the name. His eyes opened wide in recognition in a barely audible whisper he explained everything.

“I’m, um, sorry… It was a one-time thing. Uh, her girlfriend told her about me, I never meant any-”

I cut him off, explaining that he had done us a favor. He finally began to relax, realizing I didn’t intend any harm.

“Mr. Dawson, I’m REALLY sorry, uhh, but I get asked by a lot of married women for one-timers. Rarely do I see them again. As you saw on the vid you made, umm, I’m kind of hung.”

That’s the understatement of the year. It was funny seeing him out of his element, when he’s such a confident man with his cock exposed.

“I’m shopped around, and I’m too big for many… Y’know? Even those who want a taste usually back out of it, and it ends in like mutual masturbation… I thought you came here to kick my ass.”

I had to laugh. I understood why he was afraid, most men would tear him a new one, but I got bolder, and to this day, I have no idea why.

“Do you have any… videos of you with other women?”

Looking from side to side to see who was near, he said he didn’t have any, but he’d like to have some. I then explained my nanny cam, how it captured him with my wife, how it was easy to operate, and more importantly if he wouldn’t mind using it.

Before I could finish he knew where I was going and was nodding his approval, a sly smile on his face, and all I could think about was the fun I would have viewing this kid destroy woman after woman. He would meet me at the restaurant next door after closing to go over the details.

Jason explained he had a regular, a very young girl, who just turned eighteen, and he would love to catch her on a vid. His description of her had me more than a little excited, and before we both knew it, I was helping him plan his future sexual adventures.

At our late dinner the kid explained his first time, and all points in-between. His father was a long haul truck driver, his mother died in a car accident when he was twelve. He lost his virginity almost five years ago. Since then he’s lost track of how many married women or girls in general he’s been with. From teachers, the principle, nurses, couples, threesomes, foursomes, or groups of young women who wanted to simply witness the what’s between his legs.

His father was still a trucker, and he was home alone for long stretches, sometimes, up to two weeks. He shyly admitted to being with a few men as well, but that wasn’t his bag, just experimentation. Though he admitted, the best head he ever experienced came from a man. Everyone, without exception, told him he was the largest they had ever seen anywhere, and my heart skipped a beat when they all added that absolutely no one was even close.

I dropped off the nanny cam with him on Sunday. He told me to pick up the 32bit micro SD card on Tuesday afternoon the next week. He would keep the nanny cam for future adventures. I agreed, and could hardly wait. The eight days seemed an eternity. I was about to live through this incredibly hung young man, and true to his word he delivered.

* * *

I left work a little early Tuesday, picked up the SD card, thanked him, arrived home at my usual time, and downloaded the images. My wife would be out with the girls tonight per usual, and I would have the next four hours to immerse myself in his conquests.

Jason started the nanny cam in what I figured was his own bedroom. Facing his bed naked and alone, he made it to his bed, completely flaccid, but still quite large. He leaned back, and with no-hands, it began to grow. It passed my size and kept going, it just wouldn’t stop.

I kept waiting for a girl to enter, but no one did. It continued to grow towards the nanny cam, the head beginning to unpeel and slowly emerge from the foreskin. I wanted it to stop, he already dwarfed me, and it just kept growing, the thing had a mind of its own.

Finally, Jason put his hand on it, then his another, of course there was still plenty of shaft leftover. He applied some lube to the now glistening shaft. Unreal in length and girth, and what’s incredible is it’s not fully erect yet. He continued to work that already massive cock to a size that defied reality.

Showing off his impossible size, and stroking the massive thing for the longest time, its size somehow increasing until the veins bulged, his eyes closing. Eventually, blowing a cups worth of cum all over his hands and upper body.

Continuing to stroke the humongous thing, squeezing out every drop. Jason eventually got up, not bothering to clean himself, so he was soaked in his load, his body dripping from it. He walked towards the nanny cam to turn it off. His still giant meat filling, and exceeding the frame, swaying with each step.

I didn’t ask for this but found it very exciting, and I wasn’t far behind, blasting a load all over myself. No one could match this kid, and he clearly knew it.

The next scene started after a slight delay, and again, took place in his room. This stunning young girl came into view, her body, firm large tits, hair, face and shaved pussy, sinfully delicious. This was the girl he was talking about. The tiny thing was perfection, a golden brown with no tan lines. She had me hard as a rock, and I knew instinctively there was no way she could handle him.

She spoke the gibberish only girls can talk, it was distracting, but that babbling quickly turned to yelling when they started fucking. I began to see the adage, big girl, big hole – a small girl, all hole, was defined by this hottie in her mid-twenties.

Jason laid her into missionary position and rested the slick manhood on her stomach, it went all the way across it. He’s never looked bigger, bringing himself to an improbable length, and thickness. Fortunately her body was extremely flexible, like that of a gymnast. The young stud forced in the fattest longest cock I had ever seen.

First Jason started with regular missionary. He wasted no time in lining it up to the wet quivering entrance. The first couple of inches were an incredibly slow process. Eventually she managed to take half so far, but clearly horny for more.

“AHHH! I want moooore! Soooo deep! Sooo deeeep!”

After a few minutes I was stunned, she took in more of that savage meat than my wife! She took it hard and fast too. Constantly exploding into an orgasm and shouting more gibberish, she was a loud one.

After making her cum multiple times in that position they switched to doggy. By then she was bucking her hips back taking more than two-thirds of his pussy-pleaser. Jason had grabbed the camera and held it so I had his point of view. It gave me an idea of just how thick his intruder was, I saw it splitting her honeypot wide open.

Jason continued to hold the camera in his hands. The crazed woman got on top in cowgirl, taking all but two inches. Jason had his hands on her round plump ass, helping her bounce up and down. I could see her once normal looking womanhood was ravaged and reduced to a gaping wet hole by the monster invader.

“Ooooh, fuuuck! Jason you’re sooo fucking huge!”
“Did you dump your small-dicked boyfriend yet?”

Jason now pulled out the monster-sized intruder from the poor woman. She was still on top, the massive pole was in front of her stomach, reaching up to her tits. It was brutal knowing I’m watching another man get cuckolded. To be honest though, it only made me hornier.

“Jason… You know he’s my fiance, I can’t… I love him.”
“Love him? Well, don’t you love my big cock more?”

The ultimatum made her pause, but not for too long. If you’ve been reading along you already know where this is heading.

“Yes… Yes, I do… I LOVE your huge fuckin’ dick!”
“Then hop back on, slut. Prove it.”

She had to stand to get it back inside her, wasting no time at all. Only this time, she went balls deep and instantly started squrting widly. I was stunned seeing this tiny woman being able to actually take that entire horse dick. Her knees wobbled while her body shook, Jason was going to send this girl into a sex coma. She was an orgasmic mess, just one after the other. He finally began to look like he was close himself.

Eventually Jason pulled out and covered the size queen in loads of hot cum. I saw it, but couldn’t understand how she had taken him. He could easily penetrate her lungs. He could tear a pussy with his thickness, yet her hungry pussy ate the entire gigantic slab of meat.

Round two is with this jaw-dropping girl. She looked to be around her late thirties and had long dark red hair, which I love redheads. Not only that, this woman had a fat booty, which drives me up the wall.

Jason began straddling her body. His titanic cock running from her belly to her gasping mouth. Her hands were stroking the massive length, her tiny hands looked comical in comparison to the gargantuan object.

She bounced to all fours and Jason lined up the rock-hard mass. One hand gripped his dick while the other was grabbing onto the soft buttery flesh of her fat ass cheeks. As the bulbous helmet gained entry the room filled noises of her groaning.

Even though he was just fucking her with the giant cock head, the poor girl looked like she was in tremendous pain. Which make sense, it was the girthiest part.

“Hoooly shit! Fuuck! Gimme a second, please! It’s been… It’s been awhile… Ahhh! Auughhh! My hubby’s cock is nowhere close to your size… FUUUCK! Ooohhh! I… I gotta get used to it again.”

Jason’s huge invader reluctantly stopped delving deeper into the tight passageway. This gave her a bit of a breather before she started pushing her big fat ass back on Jason’s hips again. She just couldn’t get enough of the thing.

“Show me how much you love my big cock. Push that big ass back.” Jason took his hands off her ass to let her do all the work. This beautiful older woman was a sex slave to this young man, she obeyed and began bucking her hips back. Slowly she took more and more of the dick.

I had cum a second time and turned off the vid before it finished. Two so incredibly hot people, enjoying each other like that, I was in awe. I used to think it was only in pornos this happened, but Jason was living proof that women love bigger dick studs.

I couldn’t wait, I had to watch him finish her off, I was simply too excited. Watching this girl attempt to give him head was a joke, his massive member more than her tiny mouth could take. Her hands a blur on the mighty shaft, its size too much for her mouth and throat, a true jawbreaker.

I had it up again, pulling away when it suddenly stopped, and the scene changed. The nanny cam was being held like a camera. There was no audio, and the image distorted since it was being held too close to someone’s skin. The image became clearer as it was pulled back, a stomach, and navel. There was a small mole to the right of the navel… A dead giveaway.

No, not this! The heaving stomach, it was unmistakable… This is my wife! I could see her stomach moving with each penetration. MY GOD! Jason’s immense cock was stretching and pulling at her pussy lips.

The audio came back and was filled with Pamela’s yelps and groans between wet sex sounds. Jason pummeled her supple body like I never could. Reaching places my dick could not provide. He owned her heart and soul, my wife was his slave.

I was stunned, he must have done this sometime last week, but when did she have the time? During the day when I was away, no, but it appeared to be night, what night was she away? Only one… One week ago tonight, her night out with the girls.

It was here that the video abruptly stopped. My heart was beating so fast and my dick was hard as steel. The scene changed yet again, set up in a garage, with a single chair. Jason came into view, fully clothed, and sat down.

“Hi, Mr. Dawson. I’ll bet you enjoyed the view. I bet you jerked off watching me pull on my big cock and when I tore Laura apart. She can handle his meat for such a tiny thing, don’t you think? Your wife loves it too. You already knew that, though.”

There is no denying him there, my wife clearly did love it. It was intimidating just how much she did, seeing how I could never provide what she wants in that department.

“I’ll bet it’s around 8 PM as you watch this on Tuesday night. I made you wait, and I know you couldn’t wait to watch this. You’ve been waiting to watch my giant cock destroy Laura for eight days, and I’ll bet your heart jumped with the last surprise I threw in. Your wife is at my house, getting my long fat meat laid to her again and again. You know where I live.”

He gave some further instructions and then he rose and stopped the nanny cam, and I didn’t hesitate, as fast as I could I rushed out of the house.

Out with the girls my ass. I was driving like a madman to Jason’s home. How long had this been going on? What other surprises did this clever monster-dicked SOB have for me?

Arriving at his home, the outside lights were on, and as I entered the garage. Big surprise, my wife’s was car parked in the closed garage. I opened the door to the house and followed the moans from my wife down into the basement.

Jason was in the midst of pounding Pam into the next life, she was lost to everything else. I came in quietly, she didn’t hear or see me enter, he looked over his shoulder seeing me, a condescending grin came forth.

For the first time, I felt like kicking the shit out of him, but I couldn’t. The image of his completely hard, emasculating monster stretching my wife’s insides stopped me in my tracks.

I was seeing his improbable man meat for the first time in person, and I was in disbelief. Nothing, not even the videos prepared me for the image of it splitting my wife. I got into position to see them from the side, and he pulled it almost out, showing me the incredible immensity of it.

He grinned again, partly from my wife, who was clueless about my arrival. He slowly pushed almost three-quarters of that giant cock into her body. He motioned for me to sit, and then putting a finger to his mouth for me to remain quiet.

I had underestimated his size, stamina, and skills. I realized that he made her forget everything else, all life’s pains and apparently me. For when he was working a piece of nirvana was laid forth, and my wife was feeling this first hand.

Pam exploded in climax, seemingly almost passing out. It was obvious he got off on me being there, to witness his complete domination of my wife, but he wasn’t close to finished yet.

As she came out of it Jason announced my presence to her, but she told him to “fuck off, that I was at home jerking off”. Usually, she would be right, since, up until a few weeks ago I wasn’t getting any. He told her to look to her right, she raised her head, then screamed

“Noooo! It’s okay baby, he knows. How could he not? He’s here, isn’t he?”
“I’m so sorry, please forgive me, please forgive me.”

Pamela looked to be crying, but I’m not sure if that was from the big cock or being caught. I was in a fog, merely a witness to his colossal member. In the midst of stretching and filling my wife like no other. Just like my nightmare, I was a boy in front of a man.

Continuing to saw back and forth, the sheer power and size were the most intimidating things I’d ever seen. I pulled the chair closer, to better witness his enormous cock gain in size and ferocity. The veins stood out, it appeared thicker and longer. I rose and pulled down my pants and underwear, my own cock straining for relief. My eyes locked onto the longest, fattest cock I would ever see.

I sat and began to pleasure myself, realizing full well, that he was about three times my size. I had never seen anything like this before.

“Hm, you’re not THAT small. At least as small as I thought you’d be.” Jason was surprised my wife was eager for a monster cock when I’m not far below average. I knew this myself too, but no one was in his league, next to him I was but a few fingers, compared to an arm.

Jason fucked her even harder, so happy to have me watching them. He pulled his cock out to the point where only the fat head remained before plowing it back in. It was straining, the veins bulged, and it was fucking humongous, frightening. My eyes and brain could barely comprehend it.

The whole time my wife was mumbling along with gibberish. “No! No, no, no! This isn’t happening… t-thisss can’t be ha-happening. We muuust stop.”

I was as hard as I had ever been, but it still couldn’t come close to matching the amount of beef he laid into my wife. I started to cum, my eyes wincing, my mind realizing, I could never measure up to what he was doing. It was then that Jason asked my wife to tell the truth.

“Tell him, tell your husband why you’re having sex with him most every day for the past month… TELL HIM!”

As his massive cock tore through her body, she did exactly as she was told. Through labored breaths she replied You told me to Jason, you told me to have sex with him every day when I couldn’t be with you. You told me to. You told me to or you wouldn’t see me anymore.

It hit me, I confirmed that fact to him when I saw him working at Home Depot. He used that information against me and my wife. I was so lost in the moment I didn’t care anymore. His colossal cock was still tearing through my wife, and she was loving it.

“It’s… It’s st-stretching me! Gaah-God heeelllp me I love it!”

Pamela climaxed yet again. Jason’s staying power seemed to know no limits, and my abused, tired cock was rising, incredibly. I had no control over it, or this situation.

After her orgasm subsided, he pulled out his massive cock, and I learned just how incredible it had become. His hands stroked it, unable to reach around it, there was so much left over. He ordered my groggy wife to rise and sit on the edge of the bed.

He ordered her to suck the head. He was too big to get the head in at this point so she just put her mouth on the end and rolled her tongue around the tip.

Pamela’s arms weakly rose to take over the stroking of the titanic meat. Her mouth popped each time she released the insanely huge head. He released his hands, his arms free, hands resting on his hips. Looking towards me with an evil little grin, confirmation of his cock dominance.
I watched the impossible, no one should be this big. It appeared useless, but clearly, it wasn’t as my wife labored over it and loved it.

It was news to me. It came forth into her mouth, a slick sticky massive load, his moans filled the room, and drifted out towards the street. So massive, so hard, it looked like it hurt, his monster meat spasmed over ten times, it came spilling from her mouth, and clearly, he needed to sit down. Dizzy, and groggy himself, I was stroking away, my wife completely lost in the moment.

His size diminishing, he sat on the couch next to the bed, watching me stroke my meat. My eyes glued to his massive slab that was drenched from my wife. Pamela sat on the bed, one hand cleaning up the last of his cum, her other hand massaging her overworked, overtaxed pussy. It was puffy and raw, I still couldn’t understand how it took so much of him.

“Eight weeks. That’s how long I’ve been fucking the life out of your wife. And she loves it, she can’t live without it. I looove fucking her too. She tastes so sweet, her body is amazing, and she’s so fucking cool. You’re one lucky dude.”

I could hear him, but it didn’t stop me from continuing to pleasure myself. Pamela’s head was down in shame, she was sexually wasted and completely under his thumb. For shit’s sake, it’s rising again. What have we gotten ourselves into?

His hands brought it up pointing it towards the ceiling. I realized he could give himself head, but he hadn’t done so, not yet anyway. Amazed, I watched it lengthen, and thicken. Still not fully hard, but it was slowly getting there. His hands stroking it to an incomprehensible size.

Pamela’s eyes were glued to it, and I wondered what was next, surely this can’t be happening. How could he go again? The damn thing is freakish in size, how could he keep it up.

Still, it continued to rise. I noticed my wife lick her lips in anticipation, my cock was rock hard, and the intense look on his face told me, he was going to bring something special.

My wife looked nervous, apprehensive, she looked at him, and he at her, she started to plead with him. “Not in front of my husband Jason, it’s too much, not now, maybe later, if we’re to ever do this again.”

What on earth was she talking about? What more could he possibly do? Seriously, that fucking thing is so gigantic it’s nearly useless.

Jason smirked, his cock now almost fully hard. It was dark red in color and ready yet again to terrorize me and pleasure my wife.

Jason told Pamela to get on the floor and assume the position. Even though she was protesting a minute ago to have mercy on me, she now got on the floor on all fours. It was obvious, he was her master.

“Would you look at that?” Jason directed me. I looked towards my compliant wife. “NO, look at my horse cock, appreciate it, like she does. Because I’m going to make her cum harder and longer than you can ever can.”

I didn’t get it, didn’t understand, my mind reeled, I was shaking. She was already losing it in anticipation, but how could it get any better? He was about to show me.

He threw her a few pillows for her head and shoulders, clearly, they had done this before. His cock was ridiculous, he didn’t need to flaunt it, the damn thing controlled the room, standing near her, it was pulsing, fully hard, unable to rise from its grotesque weight.

It appeared even larger, super huge, and super turned on. He leaned over towards the couch and produced a vibrator and some lube. He described the vibrators size. It was an eight by six inches, and it was completely dwarfed by his humongous meat. The vibrator was an inch longer than my cock, but near the same thickness. It made me appreciate all over again, how colossal his cock was compared to mine.

Jason placed it on the floor, and my wife, now impatient, asked for him to start. It soon turned to begging as he caressed her beautiful ass. He raised his giant cock with one hand, and carefully entered her pussy. Inch after fat inch labored into her box. My wife responded like before, her head turned towards me and eyes closed. Breathing harder and making noises she never made with me.

She soon took in almost two-thirds of that massive staff. I understood, I finally got it, I watched in great anticipation as he applied some lube to the vibrator. Then he slowly placed it in her ass.

Jason only placed in a few inches, teasing her with it, and she didn’t just love it, she was out of her mind with lust over it. His gargantuan meat was slowly sawing in and out of her hot swollen pussy, and now, with the vibrator, she was completely gone. She demanded he turn it on, and when he did the real fireworks started.

I never knew she liked anal. We’ve never had any anal play, I could barely imagine what she was going through, but she had both holes filled, and was completely nuts about it. He worked both his cock and the vibrator like a pro, and I came, my overused cock hurt so bad, I had never felt a hurt like this before. Through defeated eyes, I watched as he tortured her with an incredible amount of fat cock.

I was near tears in pain from my abused cock, and my squinting eyes couldn’t believe how stretched her pussy had become, it gripped his massive cock like a vise, and his cock never looked bigger. The damn thing had to be rearranging her insides it was stupendous.

The energy of youth filled him, as he continued to hammer my wife with even more cock, and more and more pleasure than I thought possible. She was clearly digging this.

“Who do you love baby?”
“I love you, Jason, I love you! Don’t stop, don’t you fucking stop! I love what you’re doing to me!”

I sat in disbelief as he brought forth more orgasms from her clearly worn out and tired body. Where she found the strength to continue was beyond me. I lost track of her orgasms that left her a blathering mess.

She would fall forward onto the pillows as he held up her body with that colossal blood club, unconscious. I couldn’t see how she could go on, but she would come out of her sex coma.

Stunned, I watched them continue, his cock couldn’t be this large, but it was. She couldn’t be responding like this, but she was. I collected myself and gawked at the improbable union.

She couldn’t be taking that much cock, she couldn’t, it was too long, too thick. how could he keep going? Pam started to orgasm yet again. During that, Jason slammed hard releasing a load deep into her body, far deeper than I ever could.

While cumming it became even more engorged. He was stretching her out permanently with his unreal thick girth. Each inch that wasn’t deep inside my wife I could see channeling buckets of cum, painting her insides white.

He held it there, a few inches of his monster unable to enter her body. The vibrator buried the full eight fat inches into her bottom. His free hand reaching around and massaging her swollen pussy and clit. The plentiful cum load inside her was now starting to trickle out of the tight gaps around his monster cock.

Sweat began rolling off him, as his shaking hand removed the vibrator, and my now motionless wife slumped as if dead, towards the floor. He leaned back and pulled out the still hard, and completely astounding thing that was masquerading as a cock. It resembled an extra arm or leg that was released from the confinement of my wife’s gaping pussy.

I saw it, but have never been able to shake the image of it his insanely huge cock, and her stretched womanhood open to view. A gaping wet, red, raw, and sloppy hole. He carefully laid her on her side, she was completely gone.

He stood before me, on wobbly legs, that colossal staff hanging menacingly, I was shocked that anyone could take it, or that anyone could be so large. In person, it was a nightmare of intimidation, a long fat menace I wished it were mine.

He asked if I wanted a drink, but he had to ask twice since I was in some sort of funk, or shock. I eventually said yes, and get something for my wife I said, she’s going to need it. I had to tear my eyes away from the huge thing, even now, as it was shrinking, it was gigantic.

I went to my wife, glancing over to him as he walked away, the swaying monster hanging just a few inches above his knees, this is nuts, my heart was pounding so hard, Pam’s body was still trembling, the little shivers consumed her, they would not stop, it was the result of being possessed and wrecked by monster cock, and someone who knew how to use it.

As she came out it, she slowly realized it was me holding her. She couldn’t stop apologizing, nor telling me how supremely sorry she was for all of this, how could I even look at her she asked, but she couldn’t help herself, she had never felt anything like this before, it was some strange natural drug which she couldn’t pass up.

She blamed Kim, one of her Tuesday night girls for all of this, she’s the one that started all of this. Kim was in my nightmare, the rumors she heard, that’s where this was coming from. Jason appeared and thankfully had thrown on some sweat pants. For the life of me, I couldn’t keep my eyes off his massive cock, nor could the wife. It was still obvious inside those baggy sweatpants.

My wife dressed, I was speechless, maybe in shock, I wondered how she could stand, even walk or function. Did she mean it when she said she loved him? I wasn’t sure, maybe it was the heat of the moment, but I did know one thing. It wasn’t going to stop here, this was a new road, and I was either on board with them or off this sex-ship.

Jason handed me a bottled water and apologized. “I lose myself in these moments, and your wife is seriously hot. I’m sorry… for what was said and done here, but I just get out of control when… y’know… Pam is just so good at it… I don’t want to get between you both, but I would like us to continue this in some way… if that’s possible.”

I glanced down at the still bulging meat against his leg and wondered how I would fit into all of this. My wife clearly needed this, and I needed to learn from this kid, to ultimately be the one she wants to be with. Because, right now, sexually, it’s no contest, it’s not me she wants. It’s a kid with a beyond humongous cock that controls her sexual future. For now, we’re both the bitches to a well-hung teenager.

Our respective drives home from Jason’s left many questions, but we were so drained, both emotionally and physically. We could barely make it up the stairs to the bedroom. As it happened, saying little, we showered together, cleaning each other. I couldn’t get the images out of my head. How Jason had stuffed my wife with his monster, how it controlled us both. Puppets on a string to a kid not yet nineteen. Both of our moral compasses spinning wildly.

Our normal marriage suddenly changed forever, and both of our minds cluttered with thoughts of Jason’s intentions and our own. His humongous cock, a not so simple piece of flesh, that now dominated our lives.

I was tired but hardly slept. Pamela repeatedly apologized all-night too. I called in sick that Wednesday morning, my wife and I languishing in bed until noon. My dick was still sore, and I couldn’t begin to imagine how sore my wife had to be. That fucking tool of Jason’s had to seriously hurt the day after.

Cuddling with me all night, she arose and made her way to the bathroom. Incredibly, she walked normally. Damn, I still can’t shake off the sights of his cock. That fucking monstrous cock was clouding my mind, I couldn’t think straight. Pam returned to me on the bed, laying on her side, head held aloft by her arm and hand, staring me in the eyes.

“It started with Kim… She had been with him around three months ago. On and on she went about this super hung kid, just out of high school, she wouldn’t shut up about it. When she showed me a pic of him on her phone I laughed, it had to be fake, no one is that huge. Kim confirmed it was real and that he likes older women. That she wanted to share him and introduce me.”

I didn’t want to admit it, but Kim was spot on. I listened as my Pamela–my wife of more than fifteen years–told me about her first time with Jason.

She didn’t try to take him on, she was afraid, yet so hot for his tight body. She never, not in her wildest imagination could believe anyone so young, could have so much cock. It reached an astounding size.

Jason was gentle. He began slowing undressing her and massaging her feet to get her to relax. She witnessed it grow all on its own. He told her that from experience, she would need to be relaxed.

She came the first time as his young mouth worked wonders on her pussy. His hands were all over her. He said all the right things. Her mind, she could not let it go, the damn thing had a hold of her. She orgasmed twice, and still in no way did she want to try to couple with him, it was far too big.

Not once did he force himself on her, he was a gentleman. After parting, she had never felt a longing like this, she felt she missed the opportunity of a lifetime. Regret filled her from a place deep inside, she must take on the monster cock.

She called him the very next day met him at his home, and unlike the first time, she basically raped him. The pain of entry seared through her but was eventually replaced by a magnificence that she never imagined. As he continued, it got bigger, both longer and more importantly, thicker. The thickness was what turned her into his complete bitch.

She lost it multiple times on that afternoon, her mind in a fog. She couldn’t forget the feeling, the completeness, the dirty, and nasty way in which he played the bad boy. Fucking not only her body but her mind as well.

She learned something about herself, just how much she needed a monster cock. This cute young man, young enough to be her son has fucked her senseless and opened her eyes to being a size queen. The unforgettable stretch, and depths, that only he could reach. Showing her the powerful, all-consuming lust that only a humongous cock could bring.

I said nothing, taking it in. Wondering if there was any possibility that I could pleasure her in bed again. If the love making we had over the past month meant anything to her anything at all.

She was honest and explained her side. Her heart was with me, yes she began fucking me again because Jason asked, but it soon became genuine lovemaking.

Maybe her heart did belong to me, but the nasty girl side of her wanted that big dick. It wanted a bad boy, to be young again, to be fucked hard, to be filled, and Jason could provide all that. His cock and attitude were a complete drug. The kid was the fuck of her life, and to be completely honest she still wanted it.

She rolled onto her back, both of us staring at the ceiling, waiting for my reply. My mind was a wasteland, void blank of any coherent thought. I was still taking in the parts where she said ‘fuck of her life’ and ‘she still wanted it’.

What the hell was I supposed to say? How do I respond? The woman I love is telling me she wants to continue to get the shit fucked out of her by an eighteen-year-old. We lay there for an hour or more before I finally had the courage to speak.

“Call him, tell him to come over tonight tell him to bring whatever toys he wants. Tell him I want him to tear you apart with his big fat fucking cock.”

My wife called him that afternoon. He told us he would arrive at around 4 PM. He was late, my wife a study of impatience, pacing the floor, rubbing her hands, she was losing it. I wondered if I ever once made her feel this way. Eventually, she realized how she looked, self-conscious, and she apologized. I started to realize that even having known her for seventeen years I still didn’t understand her.

Jason rode his bike over and was at least an hour late. His tight cycling pants left nothing to the imagination, he was on total display.

For Christ’s sake, it looked like a plastic tube of shaving cream was jammed in there, he could cause an accident or two. Pamela ran out the door and embraced him, then walked him inside. Her nipples already poking through her tight top.

Part of me wanted this to hurt her. This kid is so enormous, that a pounding like the previous day, would certainly sour her on back to back sessions, possibly for good. Seriously there were times when I hurt watching that thing enter her, I still think he’s moved things around in her. He carried his bike inside, set it down, and she hugged him. His cock was clearing growing, straining the material of his riding shorts.

“You sure you can handle this David? I mean, last night, into today… Are you ready for this? Dude if last night was your first time with this… well, today could get rough.”

Jason was kicking off his shoes, and pulling off his socks. He began pulling down the riding shorts to expose the growing slab. It immediately drew my wife to her knees.

Pamela’s hands were taking it her mouth already engulfing the head and shoving the shaft down her throat until she gagged. Its size increasing to the point of being impossible for her to take it anymore and resorting to licking the head.

Neither of their hands could reach around it. The length and girth were grotesque. If I didn’t know better, in the natural light drifting into the entryway, he looked bigger than yesterday. Jason was all torqued up, the veins already starting to bulge, becoming more defined. He pulled my wife’s tight top over her head, her breasts still firm, the nipples standing out over a half inch. They moved into the front living room, and I in a position to watch.

I was determined to stay clothed, to merely observe, to deprive myself of emotion. I did so for all of five minutes. I broke down, completely awestruck, his mammoth meat splitting my wife nearly in two.

“C’mon! That’s fucking ridiculous!”

I surprised them both, including myself with this outburst. In response, Jason put Pam on her back and laid his monster on her stomach. The huge helmet was almost to her tits, my wife wiggling underneath it in heat.

My mouth was hanging open, my eyes have never been so wide. His humongous meat could maim or kill. It’s so long and fat, that I started to cum uncontrollably.

“That’s a monster cock, Dave. I can tell you like it, and you’ll never get in as far as I can, nor stretch her out even a fraction of what I can do. I’m the fuck of her life, and you better get used to it.”

I continued to cum over my floor, but he was spot on. As he entered my stretched-out wife, she responded like an animal. He was a bull, and I, a mouse. Pamela’s tight tunnel strained at the fat girth, her stomach moved as each inch entered.

“Yeah, she hasn’t had enough. Just look at it, I’m stretching the fuck out of her. That’s what she wants. I could fuck her with the same length you have, but we all know it’s not the same. Girls want girth… Look at her, she loves it… I wish I could go further, but I’m bottoming out already. You could never do this to her, little man.”

I can’t believe what this teenager was saying in my own house. Making me feel even smaller all the while his monster cock was in the process of making my wife cum yet again. I waited in vain for my wife to defend me, his mouth, his attitude, his put-downs, were just beginning.

“Want to know something, David? I’ll bet, I’m the first thing she thinks of in the morning. Your wife told me you’ve only fucked three women in your life, I’ve been with so many I’ve lost track.”

It was no mystery why that massive cock could not fully enter, there was too much. I could smell their sweat, and I was getting hard again.

Room after room, christening the house, the pounding and moaning now monotonous. I left them in the dining room, my wife was draped over the table. Then, the kid was drilling Pam from behind like the Energizer Bunny in the hallway.

I noticed there was a trail of wet spots from each room. Finally, I figured it out that it was Pamela, she was dripping wet. Each orgasm would only make it wetter.

“Oooohh Gaawwwwd! H-how are you still haaard!? Fuuck! It feels bigger, baby!”

His belittling of me seemed to empower him even more. I could swear his cock had gained in size his endurance inhuman his cock well, fuck that it is inhuman.

This was no longer fun. The sounds of my wife getting railed by this well-endowed teenager were getting old. I had thought, clearly in error, that she could not survive back to back poundings from his member. I couldn’t have been more wrong; all I did was open a new door of pain for myself.

I did want to beat the life out of him, but the consequences my wife would want him even more. I could imagine myself before the judge and jury too… What a court case that would be…

“Yes, I encouraged her to have sex with him. Yes, I enjoyed watching them, and yes, he’s bigger than any three of us in this courtroom put together. Yes, he’s probably had his way with someone you know.”

I couldn’t handle a courtroom, I couldn’t handle her becoming even more endeared to him. The smug, skinny, hung, piece of shit knew he had me. With each stroke, and with each minute he got stronger, and I weaker.

He pulled out that massive beef, and with both hands made it so long and fat, it looked like it would burst. The cum jetted out over my wife’s body, pulse after pulse. Easily the largest I had seen him, at least easily the most emasculating time.

He was spent now, or so I hoped. I was right there, but I could’ve been a million miles away at that moment. To her, I didn’t exist, everyone’s focus was on that gargantuan cock.

Jason looked me in the eye. “That’s how you bring it, David. That’s how it’s done.”

After two sessions today, and the pounding she took yesterday, it was rewarding to see her walk funny. As for Jason, he was in complete control, and he knew it. I could not take my eyes off that massive cock, I was at the mercy of an eighteen-year-old.

* * *

My wife still continues to see Jason regularly. She still has sex with me up to four times a week. The big bonus/surprise from all of this? She can completely deep throat me, something that eluded her for fifteen plus years, plus the addition of anal. She can take every inch of me now, and I simply abuse her new hole and oral ability. She’s also a complete whore, as in, she gets it every day.

I felt like a fluffer for the real stud. Whatever my wife says regarding how she feels for me I take with a grain of salt. Pam’s pussy of course never felt the same to me, my girth was no comparison to the gaping hole she had. I knew I couldn’t begin to bring her what the kid could deliver either, not even close. I came to realize what a total size queen my wife had become and wondered how long this could go on.

Pamela was busy with some mysterious craft thing from Hobby Lobby for a few days, turns out, she ended up making a mold of Jason’s giant dick. The finished casting looks fucking ridiculous, and as my sweet wife held it in her hands proudly.

When she stepped out to do some shopping I wasted no time. I ran to our bedroom, I got my cock as hard as I could, then placed it next to the casting of Jason’s penis.

Forget that I can’t even get my hand around the freakish thing, but it made my cock look so incredibly small. It cemented just how monstrous he was and what my wife was taking inside her.

I jerked off comparing myself to his insanely huge cock. I measured the fucking thing top to bottom, and my mind could barely handle the results. I was talking to myself in disbelief, measuring it again. Figuring I did something wrong, but I got it right. The numbers matched a second time, a third, and a fourth.

I held it over my cock, imagining it were mine stroking the massive fucking thing with one hand, while the other struggled to hold it aloft marveling at the length squeezing hard, and being unable to reach around it wishing it could come alive and be my own.

The amount of blood to fill it is mind boggling; the overall immensity astounding. I climbed it with three hands, the head still reaching out and taunting me.

I compared it to my forearm and body. I held it at my crotch and leaned over. “Shit, I’m not that flexible,” I thought, but I could easily give myself head if I were his size. I began to stroke the massive object.

I began to cum without touching myself. The power and size unbelievable. My mind fully understanding now just how incredible it would be to be hung like this.

I collected myself, heart pounding, feeling faint, putting the freakish thing down, unable to take my eyes off it. I sat on the bed, staring at it, fondling it for almost a half hour, before putting it back where my wife stashed it. I cleaned up, embarrassed with what I had done. It couldn’t be that big, maybe she made it bigger somehow it simply can’t be that big.

A few days later, Jason came over and ruled my bedroom yet again with my wife by his side. Pamela was covered with kisses, being eaten out, and or getting that massive dick deep into her for about an hour.

I jerked off watching them, my mind still reeling at the amount of cock she could take. Her intense orgasms, his giant cock plowing into her without mercy. He still had more length to give, a few inches beyond her bodies reach.

He was quiet for a while but soon began to belittle me. “Hey Davey, watch this.” He pulled out his steel hard cock. He slapped it on her, with an audible ‘SMACK’.

While it was draped over her Jason began pointing out with his finger where my cock would reach on his. Squeezing it, showing off the immense girth, his thumb and middle finger at least an inch apart.

I was unable to respond, unable to fight back, unable to counter his immense cock. His superior attitude and love making abilities, taking it like the little man that I was and that’s when it happened. When I was completely humiliated I turned red.

“Not this, please not this. I wished I were dead.” I thought to myself.

Jason had turned on our TV and started the DVD player I knew what it was immediately. I didn’t know it at the time, but Jason had my wife set up the nanny cam in our bedroom, and they caught me comparing myself to the casting of his monster. Never had I felt this low, not in my lifetime could I live this down. “Please, not this! Stop-turn it off!” I was yelling in my head.

“Wow, not much, compared to mine is it David? Pam and I watched this earlier. Look at you, stroking it like it was your big cock. Measuring it over and over again… Gets you all horned up, doesn’t it? Look at you checking the thickness, you can’t believe it, can you? You horny old shit. Losing your load without touching yourself? Damn, I got your wheels turning don’t I?”

My nanny cam used against me, how could it get any worse. I was watching the screen, not understanding what he said, so completely embarrassed. Suddenly, the scene on the TV changed abruptly to his point of view lying on his back. He held the nanny cam like a camera. Pam straddled his legs, holding his cock against her body, its length extending past her belly. She changed positions, comparing it to different parts of her body, she was a human ruler.

It was a pseudo imitation of what I had been doing measuring him, comparing him to household objects. They ended it with her sitting on his legs, jerking that massive meat until he came. The hearty load rolling down the shaft, over her fingers, ending with her staring into the camera.

“You can never compare to this, David. Spying on me and Jason with your nanny cam, such a bad boy… Now you gotta see how much I love big cock compared to your small dick.”

Her head went in, licking and sucking along its incredible length. Outclassed, completely owned, and I was hard as a rock. A mute witness to his fat cock and my bitch of a wife. I glanced at them both, watching the screen, seeing their reaction.

“Fuck Jason, you look even bigger on screen! I can’t believe I’ve had that big thing inside me.”

I silently agreed, the kid should be in porn, he’d be the Elvis of porn the King completely monster hung. My eyes once glued to the screen, were now taking in Jason as he stood on the bed. Turning off the TV, pumping his already massive cock to new heights until it was straining. Fuck, it’s surreal. Pam was handing him the casting of his incredible tool he held the casting of his cock next to his giant hard on.

“Get the fuck out!” I was stunned.

He exceeded the casting in both length and thickness, just as my wife had said he could.

“That’s not possib-” I couldn’t finish my sentence because I began cumming. Despite my embarrassment, despite his put downs, his huge cock held me spellbound.

My compliant wife spread her legs. I watched, helpless, as he threw aside the casting and entered her with that gargantuan cock. The huge head slipping over her opening, missing its mark until he managed to find its home. Forcing its way in, her pussy stretching, making room for the incredible bulk to follow.

“OOH! AAHHH! Fa-faa-fuuckk! Sooo biig!”

Inch after inch, finally hitting bottom and then thrusting hard and fast. Her pussy stretched to its limits, as he eventually cummed deep inside her. Jason held his organ there, holding her legs far apart at the ankles.

Pamela’s climaxing pussy was gripping the fat girth. The convulsing walls made Jason start cumming unexpectedly. I saw him grip her soft butt cheeks to shove as much meat as he could while grunting.

“Ooohh, th-there’s sooo much cuuum. I caaan feel it… it’s soo hot.”

Pam was rubbing her stomach, but he was long enough to probably taste the cum in her throat. I saw Jason start grinding the big sausage in my wife’s small oven, making sure to get out every last drop.

My eyes were taking it all in, my mind and emotions a jumbled mess. They succeeded in destroying me, using my own nanny cam, and using his cock as some twisted mind, and ego-battering ram.

I was shaking taking in the immensity in disbelief that he bested the casting the damn thing went far beyond huge kneeling. He pulled out inch after inch until the head finally came into view. The damn thing was still steel hard his face in a trance as he pulled on it with both hands maintaining this tremendous erection and attempting to make it bigger still.

Pamela was coming out of it, but I was still spellbound. Jason brought the massive thing to his lips as proceeded to suck and lick. On this night at this time, his own cock had a hold on him, I had never seen this before.

He confirmed what I knew he could surely do, give himself head. And fuck, there was so much meat, the damn thing was dark in color. My wife’s eyes and expression told me something different was about to happen.

“Suck the monster, baby! Make it bigger! Show him, show him, every fat inch. Make it your biggest.”

My wife egging him on, and my own cock, never harder, his gargantuan cock was too big, no fucking way his hands milked it to an even greater size the room wasn’t big enough this history making monster dick must be his personal all-time best all of us were completely into it.

Jason most of all completely immersed he was out of it nothing mattered more than the massive beef in his hands no longer the mouthy SOB he was utterly spellbound by his own massive cock.

My wife moved in, as her fingers were clenching the incredible thing. I could see the difference, not only longer, but her fingers and thumb were farther apart. Jason laid back as she held it towards the ceiling. I moved in even closer, my eyes traveling up and down the massive thing.

Fucking hell, this thing is crazy big. I got up and reached for the casting. I had to see it next to his completely gigantic meat Jason took it from me, and held it alongside his horse dick.

I began cumming at the sight, so did Jason. As for my wife, she was yelling out obscenities, and continuing to stroke the fucking thing. She and I were both consumed by its incredible mass. Beyond intimidating, awestruck, I had seen the beast in all its glory. Jason isn’t just endowed he’s completely, and utterly monster hung. It’s enough to make you cry.

I had to protect myself. Unsure whether my wife would leave me. I knew she could demand money, the house, and whatever else she could get in any divorce settlement. This wasn’t the same woman I married either, I couldn’t trust her. After what I had just seen, I had little doubt of the power his fantastic cock held over my wife, and myself.

First thing to do was hiring a private detective to get proof of her cheating. I couldn’t give the video as evidence because they would just think it’s altered, I know I would. I needed a trustworthy third-party.

I gave them the time and place when I knew my wife would be there. The whole time I kept thinking, “what has my life become?”

The detective arrived at my office the next day in plain-clothes, to remain discreet. Friday afternoon, with the evidence, beginning to hand me some paperwork and an SD card with the images he captured. He pulled his hand back before giving them to me, concern cluttered his face.

“I should tell you, David, that I’ve done this sort of thing for over seventeen years, and in my entire career I’ve never seen anything like this. Nothing weird, or drug related, but I should warn you the young man your wife is seeing is quite endowed. Simply huge, I’m sure you’ll find it disturbing. I barely slept last night, that’s how deeply it affected me, and this is my job.”

I don’t think he knew how well I already understood that fact…

“My telling you this can’t underscore the enormity of what this kid is packing. I met with a colleague this morning over coffee and casually mentioned your case. I didn’t supply any names, he just simply said, ‘Jason, right?’ This is not the first time he’s been with someone’s wife. The kid’s a legend around town.”

The detective then informed me that Jason was also a smart kid. He had the third highest GPA in his graduating class. Jason even sent a female teacher from his high school to the hospital having literally torn her open. He was also hosting orgies and having multiple partners in a single day routinely. All gorgeous women, and they’re all mostly married or at least in relationships.

As I heard it, I didn’t doubt any of it. Jason was a freak in more ways than one. Why me?

I hadn’t told him I knew full well what Jason possessed, or all that transpired… or that I got off on it. I just simply didn’t want to lose everything I own in a divorce.

The detective gave me detailed written confirmation and added it was one of the easiest cases he had ever worked on. We spoke some more on what to do from here and some personal advice.

“Seriously David, this young man possesses something… unreal. I can’t stress this enough. I’ve never seen anything like this before, the damn thing is scary. If something like that was with my wife I’d need to see a therapist.”
“You have no idea…”
”Haha… Well, take care, and let me know if I can be of any further assistance.”

I took matters into my own hands Friday night as Pam went to Jason for her plumbing to be rearranged. I was jerking off for the third time to the images my private detective had delivered. He was scary huge, his massive meat tore into her for over an hour, she jerked him off at least once. A total Friday night fuck fest.

She went back for more on Saturday, and I sat alone in the house. I was finishing dinner, watching the Sun slowly set when two young, very attractive young women came up the walk. I thought What are they selling? So when I opened the door, I was surprised they knew my name.

They introduced themselves as Rebecca and Ann, telling me Jason sent us over, he said you’d be expecting us. My heart stopped. What the hell was this? Since this can’t actually be what I think it is. These girls are right out of high school, or still in school, it’s so hard to tell these days, and I was at a loss for words.

“See, I told you Jason didn’t tell him… Mr. Dawson? Can we come in? What we have to say will seem kind of weird.”

I looked them up and down, both of them were complete wet dreams this can’t be, this doesn’t happen to people like me. I didn’t hesitate, opening the door, looking them over.

“Jason is our friend, and he told us you were well, we’re here to make things right. Does that make any sense? That’s what he asked us to say.”

I was already getting stiff, looking them up and down, like some dirty old man. Their combined ages might equal mine, but probably not. I couldn’t find the words. This seemed like one of the unusual things the detective cautioned me about, but come on I can’t pass this up.

I don’t know what to say? I mumbled, but the girls started taking off their shoes. Their small perfect pedicured feet exposed now. I was speechless, this is something you might read out of a Penthouse magazine back in the 80’s. My mind numb with the thought of my first threesome.

“I’m not sure if-” my voice fading away. The girls started to giggle.

“We’re both eighteen, and Jason told us to make you feel good… Real good since he owes you.”

Becca said as her hand went for my already bulging pants. Ann pulled her top over her head revealing an earth-shattering rack barely confined in her bra. She had curves everywhere, I was in love. I could just imagine the thousands of loads lost in appreciation of her stupendous body. This girl was a walking angel. The smallest waist supporting that tremendous rack, her skin so supple and smooth.

“Ann he’s already getting hard you’re having quite an effect on him,” Becca giggled, “did I help with that hard thing at all?”

Ann lost her jeans, her taut tummy was mesmerizing, and her legs are the kind you lust over. I motioned them to go upstairs with me since my ability to speak was out of order. Becca led the way as Ann followed, and I nearly fell into Ann’s flawless ass when I misjudged the first step.

Whatever they lacked in experience, they made up for with enthusiasm. I was embarrassed about my body, not that it’s bad for someone my age, but I can’t compete with those in their age group. They didn’t seem to mind, and I forgot all that inadequacy shit in a hurry, as they double teamed my cock licking and sucking the thing like pros.

Nothing like young tight pussy, one shaved bald, the other with a perfectly trimmed landing patch. I ate Rebecca first, she tasted unlike any other, but the real treat was Ann. She climaxed violently in less than two minutes.

My head trapped between her thighs, and the view as I looked up towards her firm rack, and shaking abs. She looked every part the nasty angel, and she was so easy, her sloppy orgasms turned me on more than any sexual experience with anyone ever. My heart was breaking, this was a dream I never wanted to end. Ann, beautiful Ann, my mind making mental pictures of her, over and over again.

Taking Ann in doggy, and playing with her large firm breasts, marveling at her flowing shiny hair, her manicured hands and feet were a super turn on. She had everything, every possible physical feature was awe inspiring, and I can’t shake the smell, she smelled fucking delicious, subtle, unforgettable earth shattering. I tried to hold out, but I simply could not I buried myself in her, holding firm as she came with me, her head buried in my bed.

I pulled out of Ann, still hard, as Becca placed her mouth on my spent cock. Her hot mouth kept me hard as steel as I took in her body. Fuck, she is so cute, her body so firm and hot, she quickly broke the spell Ann had put on me. My fingers ran through her silky hair as her mouth worked wonders. I hadn’t lost my erection in the least, I was as hard as ever. As I had done Ann, I would do to her, with an energy I thought the years had stolen

As I lay there, both of them draped on me. I was so content, so spent, so blessed and drained.

“You’re just the perfect fit. Jason hasn’t been in either of us, he’s too big.”
“Yeah, all were good for is jerking off that monstrous cock of his. Keeps our arms tight, like some giant shake weight.”
“We jerk him off together, tease the hell out of him, we love to make him suffer. He loves our hand jobs. We the edged the hell out him, and you should see how big it gets then. We’ve even handcuffed him a few times, drives him fucking crazy. We’ve both tried to take him, but it just won’t fit. It’s scary.”
“Oohhh, do you like our pretty feet, Davey?”
“They’re the most beautiful feet I’ve ever seen.”
“Jason loves them, we give him footjobs all the time. We’ve tried to suck him off, but we can’t do that either. He showed us a video of your wife taking him, and I get shivers looking at it, that big cock of his has to hurt.”

Ann’s feet started moving in and I received a foot job, which soon led my second blowjob. It finished with me doing something I didn’t think would be possible with girls this young–anal.

I gave Becca the anal fuck of her life as Ann watched. My eyes rarely left Ann’s incredible body while fucking her friend in the ass.

I started cumming hard as I drove home every bit of me into Becca’s tight tunnel. The searing heat and forbidden nature of it turned me into a fucking machine.

I didn’t ask what he may have held over them, or if this was some favor, or just simply two sex-crazed high school aged girls who were out for a good time. But, as I would learn later, it wasn’t just Jason’s idea. It was also a gift from my wife, a partial payment, for all her dalliances with Jason. I was just thankful for the two hours, and that my nanny cam caught every minute.

Not once did I think of my wife, of the girl’s parents, what they might think had they known. But I would never take this back. To an extent, I got even with my wife, even though she was partly behind this, and I would do this again. If not with these girl’s then with somebody else. Emboldened, I didn’t give a shit what anybody thought. The number of women I’ve had in my life is now six, I wonder how that compared to Jason.

I awoke Wednesday night to hear her mumbling in a dream. On and on she went sleep-talking. I laid next to her trying to figure out what she was dreaming about.

“Yeeaaahh… Ooohhh… Yeah… Sooo… Big…”

What the hell? It then clicked for me and my heart sank lower. She was dreaming about Jason’s big dick.

“Jason… Best lover… Ever…”

Pamela’s body began moving as if she were getting pounded by him now. This dream was real to her. I felt awkward like I should leave my own bed. I had a semi-images of Jason had brought her off in a dream. I couldn’t believe the incredible power he had over her. I couldn’t get the images of his cock out of my mind. It was then that my wife came out of it, and awoke.

“I have to go! I’ll see you tomorrow night… I just have to go.”

Pamela was getting dressed, her breathing was short. She was in heat, and only one thing could cure it. She didn’t have to explain herself, I heard her phone ringing. Checking the clock it was almost 2 AM. I heard the garage door open, and I saw her leave like she was off to fight a fire. Spinning the tires and speeding to Jason, and his big cock, she was addicted certifiable.

I knew I couldn’t sleep, so I followed, parking a safe distance away. I had one window to the basement that allowed me to see in, and I prayed that they would be in the basement. As I arrived, I quickly moved in, my heart leaped as the light to the basement was on. Jason had on some old sweat pants, the massive bulge sending my wife over the edge. He told her to kneel, to explain herself, he wanted to hear it

“I came here for your huge cock.”
“I came here for your huge cock!”
“I said LOUDER!”

I could hear them when they were speaking normally, I was starting to get nervous. Pam was screaming now, so loud that people had to be waking up.

“Call out to your husband do it now and do it loud scream it!”
“He’s at home, he isn’t-”
“Call to your little-dicked husband right now, bitch! Did I stutter?”
“David, get your ass in here, RIGHT NOW!”
“You tell that faggot to get in here!”

As she started to yell out to me again, I came in through the unlocked back door just as they demanded. I felt like a child as if mommy and daddy were fighting. “Just shut the fuck up already, I’m here”, I thought to myself.

“I told you so… Look at him, scared shitless more of my dick than anything else, like a little kid. You see that chair? Set it up facing the couch and bed, you’re going to watch.” Jason was giving me orders, I was in complete and utter control.

I moved the chair, as my wife stayed kneeling, her head down, not moving or looking anywhere. She was completely under his thumb.

“Sit, David, and stay dressed. Pamela, go to him and cuff him to the chair. His hands behind him, I don’t want him touching himself. Do it now.”

I sat in the chair, shaking, no fight in me, I wanted to see this must witness this whatever the cost. She cuffed me to the chair as he asked, hands behind me, helpless. She stood, waiting for a command. There was a long pause, the kid was a genius, building the suspense, the sexual tension so thick you needed a samurai sword to cut through. Jason stood midway between the couch and bed, arms crossed, a stern, and intense look on his face.

“Strip Pamela, and do it slowly like you’re embarrassed. Like you don’t want to.”

She did as commanded, my cock was stirring.

“You’re pathetic David, this is your woman, and you’re fucking powerless. I’m still a teenager, and I rule you both.”

He was right, explaining the obvious. As my wife stood completely naked in front of him, he pulled down the only thing he had on. The sweatpants exposing the long, fat, not yet hard cock, that would soon be the object of attention.

Damn, that thing is huge already, but it’s not even close to its best, as always, I was dumbstruck, and I already knew this was going to hurt. I couldn’t pleasure myself in the least, I wanted out.

“Suck it, suck it now, while you still can.” My wife complied without question.

“Suck it while you still can”—that little phrase has always stuck with me.

My face would give me away, in one motion, my wife swallowed the entire thing to the base no wonder she had gotten so good at giving me head. Able to swallow my meager almost seven inches. His cock was already longer than me, but not even close to what it could be.

He held her head, buried in his crotch, as her hands came up trying to push away, the damn thing was growing in her throat. As she pulled off, the freakish thing was much longer and thicker. There would be no second attempt.

Pamela was coughing and about to throw up, but she recovered. Jason was stroking his rod with one then both hands, as she eventually took over. Fuck that thing is incredible, growing and growing, at least three times my size, and still growing. He told her to let go, then slapped the side of her face with his giant meat a few times.

He walked over to me, his massive cock swaying back and forth, over two-thirds the way down his thigh. Pulling on it, making it larger still.

“Come here, kneel before me.” Jason then placed his cock outside her mouth, and alongside her neck.

I could not believe how far down her throat it could reach, you had to be a circus performer to handle that thing, but could that even work? The damn thing is so thick, so fucking thick, my cock is as hard as a rock, and I can’t do anything, I’m helpless.

My wife’s eyes were glued to it, mine had never left it. Jason’s cock keeps rising more and more. His hands slowing, as he brought it to an astounding truly humongous length and girth.

Less than three feet from my face. I could smell it, see the spit from my wife on it, each vein, the damn thing was so big, I had to look from end to end to take it in, my head moving with my eyes. Fucking insane, fucking impossible, that my wife could take any part of this

He stood, searching for his next move, his cock dangling towards the floor, my wife waiting for a command, both of us, taking in the enormity.

“Get out, both of you. Get the fuck out.”
“NOOO! You jerk. Fuuuck me! I want you to fuck me right now!”

Jason turned slowly, his cock hadn’t lost its edge at all, in fact it appeared even larger. His little grin foretold his reply before he even open his mouth. “Then beg for it come on beg tell me how much you want it. Kneel at my feet, and kiss my huge dick, and tell me how badly you want it.”

Doing exactly as she began to worship his monster, then some kissing and licking along its insane length. She got me as a hard as I had ever been. “I live for your monster cock. I dreamed of it tonight. I want you to split me open. You’re the biggest and best I will ever have, and I will do anything you want. Please, puuhh-leease, fuck me. Destroy me! Push that big dick up my body so far that it comes out my mouth!”

She stopped only to take the head into her mouth and suck on the damn thing. He got off on it and so did I. He was stallion stiff, the freakish thing was covered in her spit. I couldn’t pleasure myself, extremely hard and frustrated, this was all new to me, and in a perverse way, I enjoyed it.

“Let’s bring him in closer, I want him to see this. I’m going to bring my biggest tonight I can feel it.” Jason was extremely confident as usual. I could see it already though that he was pushing the limits and he might actually be his biggest. They had barely just started too.

They pushed my chair next to the end of the bed. Already I wanted to cum so badly, this was ripping me apart.

Wasting little time he did just that my wife supported herself on the edge of the bed with her arms. As she bent over, sticking her beautiful ass towards him, I could see how massive he was. That it shouldn’t fit at all, but he did just that, forcing in the big purple helmet. I cringed for my wife, there was no warm up, but apparently none was needed anymore.

Jason managed to get one-third on his first penetration. I guess that’s a testament to how much he loosened out my wife. Not only that, but she climaxed by the second stroke. Which only helped Jason gain more ground deep inside of her.

“Gaw-Gaaa-God! Fuuuck! Sooo deeep!”

Now he had buried almost three-quarters of his enormous cock into Pamela’s pussy. Each orgasm was blending into another now for her. Jason’s thumb went straight into her ass, working her holes like a pro.

Moans, screams, little yelps, my wife was over the edge almost from the start. A size such as his has its advantages. He buried himself in her, then turned her. Throwing her onto her back on the bed all the while, remaining coupled to her. His cock so long, that he was never close to falling out, and that’s when it got serious.

He looked towards me, making sure I saw their union, spreading her legs wide, bending them back. Her once tight pussy stretching like it was about to give birth. Super long, slow, excruciating strokes, showing off the length and girth.

Pamela’s belly would rise with each entrance. I followed the path of it, it looked like it would bruise some organs. The lips of her pussy folding in and out, clinging to the massive intruder. They were both completely covered in both precum and my wife’s juices. She never got this wet for me, but I guess she didn’t need to.

At that moment, I started cumming. Frustrated that it didn’t feel right, I couldn’t finish myself off properly. He then increased his pace, and my eyes couldn’t even keep up. He noticed the embarrassing stain in my pants.

“Yeah, you got off, didn’t you? Watch and learn witness what a giant cock can do.”

He fucked Pamela so hard that she almost passed out from too many orgasms. Delirious, her body was limp, her lips moving without a single word being said. Of course Jason didn’t take the huge organ out of her, which turns out Pamela appreciated. I’m guessing this has happened before with them.

Finally, it was about time he let loose, placing in so much meat, her body heaved as his load came forth. He had to be exhausted, his cock an incredible size, and I in disbelief that he could maintain such an awe-inspiring size for so long.

He pulled out, my eyes glued to inch after fat inch being pulled out of my wife’s body like some twisted magic trick. It slapped against his thigh, a mere few inches from his knee, sloppy, menacing, as he reached for something on the couch. What the hell is this?

He came to me, and I started to protest sheepishly. “One more word, and I’ll tape you shut,” Jason had a stern face. Surely he must be playing around.

Turns out he wasn’t joking around. My last word on this night brought forth duct tape, it covered my mouth. They also put a hood over my head, completely covering it so I couldn’t see. From here on out, I sat handcuffed, blind, and unable to speak. I could only hear, and I knew only one thing I don’t like this.

To my surprise, nothing happened. It was quiet, I could use the rest and I lost track of the time. Ten or even twenty minutes? I wasn’t sure.

Finally, I heard a chair being placed opposite me. I could hear my wife stirring on the bed, rising, and joining Jason directly in front of me. I had no idea what they were doing. A funny unfamiliar sound taking place directly in front of me. It really started to bother me, what the hell is that freaking sound?

It had been at least ten minutes. The sound would start and stop at uneven intervals what the hell is this? I heard footsteps coming to me and felt a hand on my head, it was my wife.

“Stay quiet, baby…”

Her hand came underneath the hood and she slowly pulled off the tape covering my mouth. I stayed quiet, obedient, waiting, and more waiting. Finally, she pulled off the hood, I would now discover what that damn sound was

Blinding light, my eyes adjusting, taking it in, only a mere five feet away… “What the fuck is that?!”

My eyes taking in a deformity, an enormity beyond mere words, this is unfathomable. I never knew they made them that big, and he’s damn near filling it. A huge penis pump with the tube overfilled with Jason’s massive cock. Longer and thicker than possible.

Hellish in size, the damn thing filled each inch completely. Jason’s face filled with complete satisfaction. He released a pressure relief valve, for the big reveal. With my wife’s help, he removed the tube. His cock was covered in lube, dark in color, a complete miracle that his mind or body could still function. The amount of blood involved was ridiculous.

My heart was pounding so hard. My cock needed a release, I was hurting. The damn thing was reaching to his nipples, and I was sure my wife could not take it in her body. If she could, my hand and arm had met their match before I could even give fisting a try.

Their four hands worked it, maintaining this monstrosity, my sexual life flashing before me this kid isn’t just hung, it’s almost alien. I couldn’t believe it.

“That’s it, make it even bigger, stroke that fucking monster, baby. I want you to mount him take on that horse dick! Fuck that monster cock!” I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth. I’ve never talked like that before.

Pamela gave me a sly grin. I knew immediately that meant they’d done this before. My wife said little as she stood over Jason, who was lying down. She squatted over the massive object. It made contact with her soft skin, leaving wet marks wherever it touched from precum. Pamela’s tiny hand guided it in and her womanhood began on its journey.

The bulbous cock head finally worked its way in, somehow. Before I knew it she took in around six inches, and there’s still so much left.

“FUCK! Sooo freakin’ FAT! Oooohhhhh! Oooh! AHH! Oooohhh…”

Pamela paced herself but continued lowering on the monster intruder. The astounding girth putting her lips to the limit. She had done this before with him, but not on this level. Sloshing wet noises kept coming out with each stroke. Jason’s hands left his massive beef to help support my wife.

They were still messy from the session before, which I’m guessing helped. Pamela was still gaping wide open too, but Jason was so intimidatingly large now that I’m not sure it matters.

My wife was a maniac. You would think Jason would be big enough, but after pumping it my wife is showing her true size queen nature. I’ve never seen her this soaking wet. Jason’s entire invader and thighs were drenched in her juices.

Pam’s pussy gobbled it up, and she was hungry for more. Before I knew it she had most of it stuffed in her tight passageway.

“Holy shit! She’s taken more than three-quarters of it, holy shit! No FUCKING way!” I was in complete awe of what she accomplished. It felt like a history making moment, one that sears into memory. My wife climaxed again, her swollen was making sloshing wet noises.

Jason was showing signs of getting ready to cum. He shoved as much as my wife would take before exploding. His searing hot cum was now overflowing out of her sloppy pussy and covering my wife’s thighs plus Jason’s shaft.

I had cum a second time and became exhausted and drained. My eyes were still taking in the still enormous cock that would haunt me for the rest of life. Pam was no longer my own, I lost her long ago. My sexual ego was shattered. Fisting her wouldn’t even be a match for his monster thing.

Even though I just orgasmed, watching Jason pull out his anaconda from Pamela was too erotic and I was stiff again. Her spread open legs revealed a gaping pussy that I swear you could her echoing in. His white load was pouring out of it too, more cum then I shoot in a month.

The sun was rising now. I had to be at work in around two hours and I’m still cuffed bruises on my wrists. How did it come to this?

Jason had everyone’s attention, my wife’s most of all. At twice his age, he held her under his thumb. I had witnessed an incredible amount of meat enter her body, and now I was done with it. I had no desire to see them together, my mind blocking out all images, my imagination turned off.

The massively swollen boner remained rock-hard even after cumming so much. Pamela went to all fours on the ground, seductively wiggling her butt at Jason’s enlarged monster. He didn’t need any more encouragement, he got behind her and lined it up.

It was comical how far he had to stand away from her ass because of how long he was. What wasn’t funny is how thick he had become from pumping. From the side, it looked like a log of wood ready to be inside my wife.

“Show your husband how much you want it. You do all the work.”

Jason was leaving my wife to buck back against the huge object. Without fear, she began the journey. The huge load he had just dumped in Pam acted as lubrication, making things easier for her. In no time at all, she stuffed in two-thirds of Jason again.

“Yeah, baby. You’re back to where you were before. Tell me how it feels.”
“Ga-good, sooo good!”

I wasn’t expecting an intelligent reply from her, not in the mix of this. I bet she wouldn’t even remember my name right now.

“C’mon, show your husband you can take more of this monster cock. Show him how much his wife needs it.”

Pamela was now screaming and throwing her hips back as fast as she could. She definitely started taking deeper strokes, which didn’t seem possible.

“I.. I’m… Ahhhhh! C-CUMMING!”

An orgasm ripped through her, she had to stop. I saw her quivering as Jason had his hands behind his back still letting my wife do all the work. When she calmed down she began moving her hips back and forth.

Before long she had to stop again because of another powerful climax. This went on and on, with her doing all the humping it became more clear of just how many orgasms she has.

“Oh, FUCK! Th-this girth, sooo fat! Saah-soooo… deep…”

What also became more clear was how much my wife loved long strokes, something my penis could never provide. She kept pulling almost all the way out before pushing her hips back.

During all of this Jason’s fat helmet was scraping the sides of her pussy, pulling out all his cum from before. The result was a messy wife and monster cock.

Jason appeared to be close to cumming again. He grabbed my wife’s butt cheeks and pulled her back as far as she would go. I saw his ass flexing as he let off a fire hose of cum inside of her.

Since my wife was so stuffed from cock and the load earlier, the cum instantly began pouring out around Jason’s impaled staff. After awhile he finally began pulling out and the rest of the load began dripping out in clumps. His big sausage was covered in his cum and my wife’s juices as well. What was the most shocking is how much Pam was widely gaping. Jason’s pumped up girth put a number on that poor pussy.

It sounded like they were making plans for later before uncuffing me from the chair. I went off to work for the morning. When I came back that afternoon Pamela was pampering herself, she never looked better. She was going to be drilled and fucked beyond recognition again.

She arrived at Jason’s at around 7 PM, they quickly got to business. He still had his massive pumped up girth from that early morning. She got fucked senseless, and to her surprise, people started to arrive, young people. She quickly dressed, this wasn’t her scene, she had to go.

“Go if you must, but you’re going to miss out on a real party.”

My wife reliving the rapture of the last hour and a half on her way home, a smile of satisfaction covered her face. It was quickly replaced by concern, a premonition of sorts, something was off, she had no idea of the consequences, who could

Pamela was distraught since Jason had neither called nor returned her calls for three days, frustrated, she decided to find out what was going on. It was Tuesday, her regular nighttime rendezvous with him. Had she messed up in leaving early Friday? Was he testing her? Teasing her?

Her trip took an unexpected turn when she met Jason’s father at the door. Who, for the first time was home and who explained what happened. Then wondered aloud what kind of relationship she had with his only son.

My wife was already tearing up, said she was sorry, turned, started to jog towards the car, then running. As Jason’s father called out to her, asking the kind of questions she would not answer. She called me on her cell and demanded we go to the hospital.

The party ended in tragedy. Jason’s use of drugs, alcohol, and his erection taking away more blood from his brain caused him to suffer a stroke. Combined with the late start of treatment it left him a vegetable at the tender age of nineteen.

The doctors estimated he was in his condition unnoticed for over six hours. I could just see the others at the party joking about him, probably thinking he passed out. This was much worse.

Out of the ICU, but restricted to family visits, my wife did eventually get us in to see him. He laid on his back, his head facing us as we entered. A small amount of drool coming forth, his eyes open, and his mind more than likely gone.

My wife grieving, so utterly hurt and lost, she held his wrist and hand, with zero reaction from him. His mind turned off, life ruined. His giant cock now useless.

My first reaction complete relief, a threat removed, but I also felt for him, the waste of a young life. The doctors gave him little chance of a full recovering. He wasn’t responding to audio, physical, or visual stimulation. Later he was placed in a long-term care facility.

Just like that, it was over. Not all stories have happy endings. It should end here, but something significant did occur. My wife, unable to have children against all odds, found herself pregnant. After the birth of our daughter, I had to know who was the father. I could not live without knowing.

The testing came back confirming Tom was the father. I shocked myself with how little I cared about that fact. It was my child, no matter what. Pamela was more depressed than I was from realizing that another man impregnated her. Well, not even a man, but a teenager.

Pamela and Jason’s affair was behind us. We never talk about it, but I’m sure when alone we’ve both watched the recorded videos we made. I know I have, along with my time with Ann and Rebecca. We have an understanding, and ultimately, it made us stronger, we, a family of three, are living proof.

* * *

More time has passed. It has been almost six years since Jason’s stroke. My wife and kid moved thirty miles West into a new community, closer to my job. While at lunch with a client, the busboy, in a thick voice of someone who has special needs.

“Ma-Mr. D-David, it’s Ja-Jason yooou know me.”

For God’s sake, Jason! He was now twenty-five years old. His jittery hand was out for a shake. I guess he was bussing tables now.

The stroke had taken its toll. He looked to be at least thirty pounds heavier, no longer a lean stud. As I shook his hand he looked at Tim, my client.

“F-ffriend. Mr. David mah-my fffriend, neigh-neighbor.”

I had mixed emotions. I couldn’t help but glance at the apron he wore, to see if the thing bulged out from the monster I knew was confined within. In the blink of an eye, I went from lunch with a client, to visions of horse cock.

A waitress came over and politely asked Jason to get back to work. I told her it was OK, but she said he’s not supposed to interact with customers, even friends since he gets distracted and clingy.

“Work now, work now, Mr. David. Ba-bye.”

No longer the sharp, clever, sexual monster of years past. Damn lucky to be walking, and talking at any level.

When I arrived home that night, I mulled it over, I had to keep this to myself. After putting the kids to bed, Pamela and I had some quiet time together and eventually went to bed, but when talking to the wife about my lunch with a client

“Honey I saw Jason today at Micheal’s Restaurant he’s a busboy there, and he recognized m-”

“I know. I saw him there around a month ago when I was out to lunch with Jackie. He didn’t know who I was, though… It’s sooo sad. I guess he works himself to death. I’m surprised he remembered and didn’t remember me!”
“Yeah, that’s weird isn’t it?”
“It’s all in the past now, and we’ve moved on. You’re the one I love, and will grow old with. I was an idiot back then, I was driven by some primal need to be fucked senseless.”
“Do… Do you think about it a lot still?”
“If I’m being honest… Yeah… Don’t hate me, please. Part of me wants the part of him that used to drive me wild. But that’s over now like I said. I’m totally satisfied where I am now.”

Just like that, the subject was changed and we moved on. I still think of it, though. Wondering if that dick of his has grown even larger if that would even be possible.

Wondering if any of the waitresses have given him a chance to show what he could do. Potentially any healthcare professionals who had taken care of him over the years. I hoped he wasn’t abused.

So, did any good come of all this? Of course, we know Jason knocked up my wife. He did return to be a functioning human being, but a shell of what he was before. All the best Jason, and thank you we both, in our own ways miss you.

* * *

My name is Michelle. I’m a waitress, failed actress, divorced, and thirty-nine years young. I’ve worked at Micheal’s Restaurant for about three years before Jason was hired. I was given the responsibility of training and keeping an eye on him.

Jason was so sweet, gentle, and hardworking. He had the innocence of a young child. After about one day he was able to bus tables without help of any kind. We had our initial doubts, but Jason has worked out great.

He did as he was told, always on time. He never took a sick either, which the boss loved. Jason made friends with the staff and our regulars.

After about one year on the job, that’s when ‘the accident’ happened. On this particular day, he spilled a whole plate of uneaten pasta on his upper body, apron, pants and shoes. I took him in the back and began to clean him off since no one else would. I didn’t mind at all either, I enjoyed helping Jason.

I was applying water with a sponge to his shirt, apron, and pants.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry!” He kept repeating it and wouldn’t quit. I thought he meant the spill he had in the public area of the restaurant.

“Don’t worry about it Jason, everything is going to be okay.” I tried to console him, but that’s when I noticed the massive object in his pants.

There wasn’t just a lump, underneath the apron it was historic. When I pulled the apron aside it was the longest fattest cock I had ever seen. I didn’t think anyone could be hung like this. His pants were getting so tight as it hardened. I stood there, mouth hanging open, a dumb look on my face.

I couldn’t think straight like I said I was recently divorced and haven’t gotten laid in the past eight months, and nothing this size. I was in a sexual fog and losing my mind by being so turned on. So hot, so wet, I didn’t care about the repercussions, I was going to fuck this monster cock.

My shift was ending in less than an hour, no one else had witnessed this monstrosity between his legs. I asked the owner if I could take him home. My excuse was Jason’s shift didn’t end for another four hours and his ride wouldn’t be here until then.

With his approval, like that of a father figure was quick, and so was I, taking Jason straight to my car. My legs weak, I wanted to unleash the beast within his pants in the worst way even in the street, or the car if I had too.

I knew where he lived, having driven him home a few times myself. Only ten minutes away, but it felt like two hours. He lived alone, in a two-bedroom Section-8 housing.

“Thank you, Michelle, th-thank. Yo-you goood friend.”

My heart and mind were being torn apart by an inner battle. Truly good vs. evil, and evil was winning in a landslide. I had to have this man, this cock, I was mental.

“Let me get you inside Jason and help you get those clothes clean.”

I couldn’t believe it was me who was planning all this. I felt that I was standing outside of my body watching the events unfold, I’m not like this.

Inside his apartment, I watched as he walked to his kitchen sink talking to himself. “Dirty, dirty, Jason dirty.”

This was wrong, but God help me, I couldn’t help myself. I followed him into the kitchen and helped him remove the apron. As he started to work on his shirt, I placed a hand on his groin.

“Nah, na-Noooo! Michelle naht supposed to na-supposed to.”

I could feel it, the thing was leaping out, growing. Easily surpassing my ex’s cock by a mile. This went beyond special, and he didn’t protest anymore. My hand kept working it to an even longer, and impossibly thick size, he began to moan.

Astounding unbelievable my heart was thumping his pants were gripping a slab that extended over half way down his leg like a serpent. I opened the button of his pants with trembling fingers, in a rush to see what I had begun, my panties already wet.

I slid down the zipper, and in one motion. His underwear and pants were at his ankles and the beast exceeded anything I could ever imagine. Both my hands grabbed the swelling monster as I sank to the floor, pulling on more and more of his appendage. Jason’s moaning filled my ears, and mind, with a heat I had never reached before. I was going to enjoy this monster dicked man for as long as possible.

“Fuck me!” I thought. My hands could not encircle this hardening horse cock. I was afraid this isn’t right it’s way too big. I can’t do this to him… betraying the trust we had built, but my lust overruled all common decency I looked at my handy work impressed beyond words with what he possessed. It made all who came before insignificant.

My hand went to my mouth as I laughed to myself about a guy I dated who kept going on and on about his huge cock he wasn’t a third this size I wished he was here now… I looked up towards Jason’s face, his eyes closed, completely immersed in the feeling of having his horse meat worked over.

I realized I was in complete control of him. That this enormous, beautiful cock between his legs was mine. Even if I was in control I was afraid he could injure me with it. I would have to be in charge, able to lead him in since he could lose control and try to force in more than I could take.

“Let’s go to the bed Jason, okay?” His eyes open now, wide open, a puppet to lead and conquer. I can’t take my eyes off it, swaying with each step. I’ll bet he has no idea how immense he is. Veins bulging out, the huge head leaking pre-cum, his hands coming into action pulling at my top.

I sat him on the bed and did a strip tease for him. He got it alright, he understood. I couldn’t believe it, the damn thing got bigger, and his hands were all over it now. He stroked it with both hands, his eyes never leaving me. I saved my panties for last, I lowered them, my head arching upwards as I bent over towards him. Never leaving the incredible sight of his humongous cock.

My God! There’s so much cock! His own hands can’t reach around it, plus he’s got room for another hand and then some.

Holy shit, he’s licking the head, placing it into his mouth, and it doesn’t fit. I’ve never even seen it done before, but he’s actually giving himself head. His eyes were on me, but his hands were working his monster appendage to a new level. Fuck, that thing is beyond huge, it can’t be that big!

His eyes were riveted on my burning hot body never, not even close had I ever been this turned on. I worked over my clit while he licked the head and shaft of that incredible man meat. My hands were soaked, I had never been this wet. I sank to my knees to pay homage I placed my hand over one of his, as my tongue started licking at the base of his monster slab. My mouth never so wet, and it needed to be, there was so much meat.

He moaned louder, his hands quickened, and I got covered in his first hot white load. The warm salty batter shot out, then streamed out the massive head down the shaft over his hands as if he had saved it up for years.

I climaxed with him, I was soaking wet. Shockingly Jason looked embarrassed, so I worked fast to comfort him. He brought me such joy, I wanted to help him.

“It’s ok, Jason, it’s ok, this is natural. It’s fun, isn’t it?”

He looked at me and I knew he trusted me. Jason started to nod, a sweet grin on his face. My right eye was stinging, and my face plus upper body was drenched from his big white load.

Even at half-mast it was still amazing how fuckin’ huge he was. I told him to lay back as I placed a pillow under his head, I wanted him comfortable as he watched. My eager hands were going to make it whole again.

I started licking and pulling the massive thing. It slowly responded, gaining in length and thickness. As it reached out becoming longer and fatter my mind reeled, when will it stop growing?

Jason’s hands lightly touched my head as it grew. The damn thing went almost to his sternum! The obese girth was astounding now too. It was burning hot as my hands and mouth made him into an unforgettable beast.

Until now, I’ve never been so wet that I was dripping. Standing over him, looking down upon the longest, fattest, most ridiculous blood engorged cock anywhere.

It was at its highest level yet. I could see it the damn thing was thicker than my ankle, much longer than my foot. My belly already hurt, I swear I could hear my pussy screaming, “Not this, you must be crazy! No fucking way!”

It took great effort to even get the head to slide in. My eyes closed in pain at the stretch. It felt like a steaming hot soda can was shoved in me. I looked between my legs at the improbable union and my heart shook. My mind was telling me to stop but for some reason, I continued to lower myself onto it.

“OH! Jason! S-stoop! Aaaghhh! Oh-One minute! Ohhhh! Sss-stop!”

I needed a breather badly, it felt like he was stabbing my lungs already. I continued to twist my hips side to side, calling me determined would be an understatement. I caught eyes with Jason who was watching my stretched pussy accommodate his invader, he looked brainwashed.

The room was filled with his deep groans, my yelping, and sloppy wet sex noises. I’ve never been this horny before, which practically resulted in a puddle underneath me.

I succeeded in taking just under half of it, but there was sooo much left still. I climaxed, which has never happened to me before from penetration. My weak arms weakly held onto his shoulders as the orgasm exploded through me. I had to stop him because he continued thrusting that big cock deep into me.

The pain, the pain, Jason’s pushing upwards, not understanding he’s hurting me. Somehow, I’m taking it though. He’s gone further into me than anyone has before by a lot, and there’s still plenty dick leftover.

Jason was placing in more and more. The pain from his thick dick sawing in and out was being replaced by an incredible sensation. A sensation I had never experienced before. I felt so girly with this masculine cock, I was falling in love with it.

Through it all, Jason said nothing, and for some reason, the pure animal responses he did give made it that much hotter, simply incredible. Jason would grunt of joy if I imagined to take more shaft. Which I was happy to please him.

My hands gripped his shoulders as I recovered. Jason’s face showed an intensity that I had never seen from him. My eyes left his angelic face to see my tight tunnel was stretched out obscenely. My lips were raw and puffy, but I didn’t care.

“Oooohhhh Jason! Gooood job! Gaaah-good job!”

I felt bad talking down to him like that, but I had almost two-thirds of his fat cock was deep in me and couldn’t think straight. I thought he might pop out my mouth any minute he was so deep.

I was breaking all personal sex records today. I climaxed so many times, I lost count. I realized I loved being fucked by not just a big cock, but by the biggest cock. I was going over the edge yet again. God help me, I love this too much.

When it finally came time for him to cum, it was quite an event. He didn’t know to tell me, and I was too distracted in one of my own orgasms to notice, so it caught me off guard. There was a sudden hotness deep inside me and it grew, Jason was stuffing as much as he could in me. Cum started pouring out of me, I guess it had nowhere else to go from the snug fit.

Just when I thought he was done pumping hot cum into my hungry pussy he managed to drop another load. I never felt this much inside of me before, I loved the feeling though, knowing I caused it.

I must’ve fallen asleep because I woke up. I was cuddling with Jason, almost unable to remember the final events of the past few hours. I could surely feel it, I was going to be sore. I felt like I had been punched deep inside far deeper than any pain I had ever experienced before.

Jason was still out. His abused appendage, by far the largest flaccid cock I had ever seen, was still menacing, even as he slept. My eyes kept going up and down the length, and the head, hidden, out of sight, covered by a massive amount of foreskin. So gifted, blessed beyond words. I marveled in my experience. How a simple accident changed my life.

When he awoke, I was staring into his eyes, a level of comfort I had never felt before overwhelmed me. Completely at peace, I moved in and kissed him.

I felt like I was finally home, that he was home. It blossomed from there and we began fucking again and again. The sun would set, and we were at it again. I had no worries about the consequences, I didn’t care. I lived these moments like they were my last the next day.

As I awoke next to him, I was already wincing in pain. I hurt terribly, no amount of pain relievers would work. I had taken on too much, but my regrets were tempered, I had survived. I would continue to and I was going to make Jason the happiest man alive, I owed him that much. I was overwhelmed, I was a size queen without peer. I loved what he did to me.

We had Sunday off, and we spent the entire day together. Far too sore for him to enter me, but it mattered little. I worshiped his horse cock in four unforgettable sessions. I slaved over it, worked it to awe-inspiring heights, jerked him raw, my hands, mind, eyes, and soul consuming every magnificent fat inch. Marveling at his ability to stay hard, completely awed by the immensity. The total mass dwarfed any ridiculous dream I could’ve had it went beyond huge this thing had its own zip code.

The insane intensity as we both gave him head. Laboring over it with our mouths and hands. The sloppy, grotesque length and thickness covered in our spit. The veins were about to burst, and then his cum came forth like a fire house. Jason cried out in pain.

My own explosive orgasm was blurring my vision. Jason appeared the longest and thickest I have ever seen him. My hands held the big spasming wet tool, as blast after blast came forth as he fell back. I fell onto him, his massive steaming hot cock trapped between our bodies.

Our final session I shaved him, my goal was exposing the monster in all its glory. I’m such a size queen now!

Jason was nervous at first but understood quickly. What once looked ridiculous, was now a total joke. With his pubes trimmed, his cock looked even longer and thicker. I get soaking wet just thinking about it. My monster man, I’m in love.

It took less than three weeks when I had him move in with me. Our path to work, a simple two block walk. I take care of him, and he of me. I have met my ultimate sexual match. I cannot, in any way take all of him, there is simply too much.

With each month I see progress in his speech and motor skills. He’s even taken up running and lifting, which only improves the sex. I may be naive and arrogant, but I like to think I was the reason for that, or at least our multiple sex sessions a day helped. Not only that, but I would be constantly talking to him and trying to get him to join.

I’m working with him on bike riding, and pretty soon, he’ll be able to do that as well. I’m so optimistic, as his brain continues to rewire itself, as he becomes more of what he once was. Even now it’s a miracle of recovery.

He’s embarrassed to be out and about without me, but I want that to change. I want to see his increasing independence. Our life together this past year had been the best single year of my life. He never fails to pleasure me to my utmost, in, and out of bed, so much so, that I wonder how I ever lived without him.

Occasionally, when at work, or out together, I’ll get that vibe that women are checking him out. Maybe someone from his sexual past, and I must admit, I worry. Once you’ve had it, you would find it almost impossible to live without it. I would do anything to keep him, anything.

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