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A story of Richard

When I was nineteen years old, I had three friends my own age, Cory, David, and Steve. Then there was Richard, he just turned eighteen years old but he hung out with us. David once had an argument with Richard, Richard picked him up and threw him six feet. Richard was incredibly muscular, sixteen inch biceps and could lift three times his weight. Well, he gave David a good toss. Since then, we were a little afraid of him.

Richard’s strength was legend in the neighborhood. Since he was thirteen or fourteen, he could lift more than most men. He had a job assisting the gardener and Richard often planted heavy trees in yards. Overall, Richard was a nice guy, easy to get along with. There’s my twenty-four year old sister—Denise—really liked him too. All my guy friends joked about how much they wanted to bang my sister. She’s what you would call short and stacked.

Everyone called Richard or Little Richard. She was the only one who called him Big Dick.

I was never particularly close to him though, we didn’t dislike each other, we just had different interests. My sister took an interest in him but I never thought much about it. All that changed one spring day.

The place Richard went to school had a teacher’s in-service day, which kept him home. Denise was also sick that day and stayed home. I usually took the bus home from the Junior High but David’s dad took me home that day which got me home an hour earlier than usual. My sister Denise’s car was parked outside but she was sick so no big deal.

I went into the house where I could hear Denise yelling for someone to stop. She sounded like she was pleading so I quietly went up the stairs to her room. I stopped at my room for a baseball bat, thinking I would surprise the intruder and hit him on the head. As I got closer to the room, the door was open.

“Oh God! Dick… p-please, don’t stop! Fuck me harder baby!”

I crept toward the room and there was my sister with Richard. She was naked on the bed, on all fours. Her large breasts flapped on the bed. Richard was behind her, his little naked ass pistoning back and forth. My sister was breathing hard, exhausted and sweating. Richard seemed not tired at all. His hands grasped Denise’s ass firmly.

“You’re too deep again, Dick, back off a little baby,” my sister panted. She sounded exhausted.

“I like going deeper!” Almost pouting. Clearly, he wasn’t out of breath at all. “Sheila lets me go deeper.” The only Sheila I knew was my mom.

“You’re too much for me there,” Denise said, panting. “But keep fucking me like that, I’m going to come again.”

Richard’s ass moved even faster. Denise face was buried in a pillow as she moaned. “I’m cumming baby… don’t stop fucking me… I’m cumming really hard! Oh God! I’m cuummmming!” Denise went on like that for more than a minute. Richard never broke his pace, he was fucking her like a machine.

“I want to cum too…”

“Again? This will be your fifth time. You must be made of sperm.”

“I cum a lot?” He pulled out of her.

“More than any man!”

Richard turned to the side and Denise turned with him. At first I thought it was his leg and it could have been any average eighteen-year-old boy’s leg. But Richard’s legs were extremely muscular. What I was seeing was Richard’s huge penis.

When my sister held it, it was like she was holding a tree branch. She stroked it but her fingers couldn’t go around. She kissed it a few times, then put the massive head in her mouth. It filled her mouth, choking her but she kept up with it, pulling it out only long enough to lick it and give her jaw a rest.

“Ooh… Here I go…” Said Richard as Denise was licking it.

“Cum on my tits, you like that,” she said. “Or you can cum in my mouth. You gave me a belly full the last two times,” she said.

“I want to cum all over you.”

“Oooo yes,” said Denise. She pulled the penis toward her huge chest. Richard grunted and a white pencil of liquid shot over Denise’s shoulder about four feet. She aimed it better and the next shot hit her left boob. The force of it actually moved her heavy breast. “That’s hot,” she said, as another one shot her neck, making a white necklace. Richard hit her a few more times before he pulled her hand off his organ.

“That’s enough,” Richard said.

“You’re still hard, sweetheart,” she said. Clearly he was. His dick stood straight like a baseball bat defying gravity.

“Yeah, but it’s Sheila’s turn…”

“I can’t believe you’d rather fuck my mother?”

“She lets me go almost all the way in, and… Billy’s going to be home soon. He’s my friend.”

“Does he know about us?”

“I was going to tell him but this seems to be a big secret. Julie won’t let me tell anybody because she thinks she’d get arrested. Sheila doesn’t want her husband to find out because she’s afraid he’d kill her. My teachers won’t let me talk about it.”

“You’re talking about my parents!” Denise said getting a little angry.

“Well, it’s the truth… Hey, you want to fuck some more?”

“You know I do. That big hard cock can go anywhere it wants to.”

“I need to do my workout.”

“Oh God, just the thought of it makes me horny. What do I have to do?”

“Almost nothing,” Richard said. He reached over and picked her up off the bed like she was balloon full of air. Richard’s muscle barely strained against the weight of my sister.

“How much do you weigh?” he asked her as he pulled her close to him. Her frame was balanced on the heavy leg muscles of Richard. He held her by the hips and then reached around and held her with one hand on her butt.

“About a hundred and thirty,” she said. “I’m a little heavy. But that’s mostly boobs. They weigh six pounds each.”

“That’s a little light,” said Richard. “I bench three times that.”

“No way,” said Denise. My thoughts exactly.

“I lift more than anyone at the gym,” he said. “More than four hundred pounds.”

“No way,” Denise said, even as she was being lifted up easily.

“This won’t be much of a workout,” he said. “Your Mom is heavier though. When I do this with her, it will be better.”

“Oh my God, that’s big,” Denise said. Richard had easily placed his big cock between Denise’s legs and then eased her down on it. Then he lifted her up, her entire weight as easily as he pleased. Then back down. This exhausted Denise more than Richard by far.

“God, that’s so fucking big Richard, you fuck me better than anything!” She squealed at the eighteen year old boy.

He was only as tall as any boy his age so my sister only went up and down a short distance. Her legs were spread way apart so her feet didn’t touch the floor. She never got more than two-thirds of his pole in her and that also kept her in the air.

I went into my own bedroom and masturbated about my sister and Richard. She could have anyone she wanted and she wanted a eighteen year old boy. I listened to my sister yell how much she loved Richard as she came again and again. I never had even kissed a girl and Richard was getting this much action. Finally, Denise seemed to come one last time.

“Denise,” Richard said. “Denise?”. I heard some motion in the bedroom. “Fainted again,” he whispered as I heard him place her on the bed.

I cleaned myself up as I heard Richard putting back on his pants. I tried to decide what to do. I decided to confront him, out of curiosity, find out what was going on here. I wanted to hide what I had done; I couldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing I had gotten off on watching him do my sister.

“Richard,” I said. I confronted him in the hallway as he came out of her room. I kept my eyes off his pants that were stained by his still leaking dick. I was taller than he was but it was obvious from the size of his muscles, his arms and chest, that he was still extraordinarily strong, that he could toss me about like I was full of air. I stayed nice.

“What are you doing here?” he asked me.

“I live here!” I decided to smile.

“I was uh, visiting your sister…” he said.

“More than that! I heard you from downstairs!”

“She was helping me workout…” I think he was trying to protect her honor. I couldn’t believe it.

“My Mom helps you too?”

“Look, I’m sorry! Your sister came on to me a month ago. Then your Mom caught us just like you did. Then, I had to take care of your Mom too.”

“Does my Dad know about all of this?”

“Hell no!” If he finds out, I’m totally done for. Can you please not tell him?”

“I don’t know what he’d do… Why shouldn’t I?”

“I think he’ll act like Mr. Stone when he caught me with Mrs. Stone…”

Mr. and Mrs. Stone were a newlywed couple in the neighborhood. Lived right across the street from me. They didn’t have kids but I learned from talking to them (it’s a tight knit community) that they were going to try.

Mrs. Stone was a bosomy red-head that used to harden all of us boys when she watered her lawn. She wore these low cut blouses, teasing all the boys with her huge tits. Mr. Stone looked like one of those older frat boys, but it seemed like he had a good paying job.

Now, I had to imagine her, on all fours like my sister just was, Richard kneeling behind her, filling her with the biggest cock she’d ever seen. What can you do? The 18 year old stretched out your wife and probably would never be able to please her again.

Now that I’m thinking about it, Mr. Stone disappeared a few weeks ago. I thought it was a business trip. Mrs. Stone never watered her lawn anymore. Last time I saw her she came up to pick up her newspaper but she was walking funny and sweating. Richard seemed to read my mind.

“Yeah… I’m fucking her too…”

“You have three girlfriends?!” I asked Richard, astonished.

He shook his head, smiling.

“More, but I really only have one girlfriend that I really like though.”

“How many more girls are you seeing?”

“A lot…”

Just then, the door opened downstairs.

“Look, your Mom is going to come straight up here… You can watch if you want.”

“I don’t want you to fuck my mother!” I whispered in a disgusted harsh tone.

“You don’t have a say in the matter… Even your Dad doesn’t have a say in it… I’m going to fuck her because she wants me to.”

“Richard honey?” My Mom called out. “Is that you?”

“Hide,” Richard said, with more authority than a eighteen year-old boy should have. He then grabbed me by my belt and lifted me off the ground. Before I could protest, he tossed me into the third bedroom, across from my parents. “You can watch if you want,” he said.

My Mom was already half dressed when she got up the stairs. Recently, she had a rigorous work-out and weight loss program. She was quite trimmed but her boobs were still huge, even bigger than Denise’s. Coming up the stairs, her boobs were held in by the biggest bra May Company sells. Her waist was tapered from all the workouts and diet. She wore white panties where I could see though to the dark patch between her legs.

“Where’s Denise?” she asked Richard when she got to the top of the stairs. My Mom towered over Richard. She stood before him, half-naked. I couldn’t believe where this was going. My Mom was going to cheat on my dad with someone younger than me!

“She’s in her room,” he said, pointing at the open door. My Mom looked in the bedroom at her eighteen year old daughter, naked but covered in Richard’s goo. “She fainted again.”

“She can’t handle that cock,” said my Mom. “No one can,” she added. “That’s why I let you fuck us both. I hate it but it’s really the only way to handle…” My Mom started to swoon a little because she started feeling through Richard’s pants.

“Oh baby,” she breathed. My Mom fell to her knees and started pulling down Richard’s pants. His cock was soft, hanging straight down almost to his knees. Greedily, my Mom shoved the boy’s massive dick into her mouth.

“I want to fuck you in here,” Richard said, pointing to the room I was in. He was trying to give me a front row seat. I wasn’t sure whether to thank him or hate him. I moved into the closet though as quietly as I could. It was a few seconds later that they joined me.

Richard carried my Mom in his arms. She was completely secure, her rump supported by one of his hands, the other under legs. His huge bloated cock led the way, growing like a tree out of Richard’s lap. His head leaned back, looking to the side, trying to find my hiding spot. His eyes locked on the closet door. I wasn’t sure if he would give me away.

“Put me down, Richard,” said my mom.

Richard dropped her on the bed. My mom, by now, was completely naked. He didn’t waste any time. She was on her back. Her big floppy breasts lay like pancakes on her chest. Her nipples were the size of my thumb and I couldn’t help but think about how I must have once suckled on those things. She spread her legs, invitingly at Richard. He pushed his cock slowly into her as my Mom struggled for air.

“Careful baby,” she said as she grasped the back of his neck to kiss him. It may seem strange but the most disturbing part of this whole thing was watching my Mom kiss a boy, pushing her tongue into his mouth. I think that, more than anything else, was the point of no return. My Mom acted like she was in love.

Richard, for his part, started pushing his dick in deeper. He would pull it out slowly, then go back in again.

“Damn baby. I can feel that all the way in my gut,” my Mom said to Richard. “Be really careful.”

Richard didn’t go in as deep as he could. He always had at least, about five inches out. It was the thickness that was scaring her more than anything. That was the part she had to deal with right now. My mom’s breathing got more regular and Richard was able to get in deeper and deeper. Slowly, he picked up the pace, just like I’d seem him do with Denise.

“Oh God baby. That’s so good. Keep fucking me like that.”

Richard maintained his rhythm, never tiring. Though my Mom was lying on her back the whole time, she was sweating, clearly exhausting herself. Richard’s muscles were tensed and his ass was moving back and forth in a smooth motion.

“I’m cumming now baby,” she said to Richard. “I love you…oh God…this is going to be a good one,” she yelled. “oh man, fuck me harder baby…fuck me harder.” Richard started moving in and out faster. “I’m cumming baby… I’m cumming really hard…fuck me…hard…I love you baby…fuck me.”

I also could see what he meant when he talked about how much deeper he could go into my mom. His strokes were a lot longer. I didn’t know how much of his dick was going into my Mom with each thrust but I guessed it to be about eight inches. The remaining inches that could never get inside had my mom’s hand wrapped around them to make sure he didn’t puncture her gut.

When my Mom came off her orgasm, Richard was still fucking her hard. He hadn’t come yet and he might be a while considering he’d only just come about a half hour before, all over my sister. My Mom was starting to relax a little, smiling at Richard, and kissing him some more, even as he gave her more dick in her than most women see in a lifetime. “I love you baby,” she said. “That was really great.”

That was when I came out of the closet.

That was when I came out of the closet. I didn’t even know I was doing it. I just stepped out, trying to be nonchalant as my Mom was getting pounded by a kid. At first, they didn’t see me. My Mom was kissing Richard, still telling him she loved him. Her body was being pushed up on the bed and she was almost to the edge. Richard seemed distracted by my mom’s breasts as they flopped and waved with each thrust. It may have been that he was ready to come, himself.

My Mom saw me first. She stared at me but didn’t say anything. She didn’t stop or move except with the rhythm of Richard’s thrusts. Her legs were still wide apart for Richard. Her hands moved quickly to Richard’s ass to push him in deeper. Her mouth opened because she seemed unsure what to say or what I would do.

When Richard saw me, he stopped fucking right away. He tried to pull out but when he did, he dragged my Mom almost off the bed because she wouldn’t let go of his ass.

“Don’t stop, baby,” she told Richard.

“We have to stop, Sheila” said Richard. “I don’t want Bill watching this.” Since he set this up, I think he meant he didn’t want to do it while he could see me watching this.

“He’s not going to watch, baby,” said my mom, with a pleading in her voice. Then to me she said angrily, “what are you doing in the closet?”

“Gee mom,” I said. “What are you doing on my bed with Richard?”

Her anger subsided a little. Mixed with guilt maybe, she said, “Honey, I’ll be downstairs in a minute and I’ll explain everything.”

Richard’s dick was almost all the way out. My mom’s fingers were adjusting her grip on Richard’s ass cheeks to better pull Richard in. Richard seemed intent on stopping right then. I walked out of the room, expecting them to get dressed then and follow me.

I got to the foot of the stairs and then I heard the pounding of the headboard resume and the squeaking of the bedsprings. By the time I got down the stairs, I could still hear the noise. I sat in the living room and listened for them to stop. The pounding got real fierce and I could hear my Mom squealing. Then, the noise stopped suddenly. I heard them shuffling and I presumed Richard had come. I expected they were done but in a few minutes, the noise resumed again.

I couldn’t concentrate and I went into the kitchen where the noise of their lovemaking was barely audible. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just looked in the refrigerator for something to eat. When I closed the refrigerator, my sister Denise was standing in the kitchen wearing a bath robe.

“Whatcha doing, Squirt?” she asked.

“I’m waiting for mom,” I said.

She smiled and shook her head. “Mom’s not going to be down for awhile,” she said. “That boy sure can fuck.”

“You would know,” I said, not hiding my anger at everyone.

“Yeah,” she said. “I know.” There was silence for a few seconds like she was trying to weigh my anger. “Look, I love him,” she said. “In a few years, I hope to marry him.”

“You’re crazy,” I said. “He’s a kid.”

“I had two boyfriends,” she explained. “I was trying to decide which one I would commit to. Once things started with Richard though, I dumped them both.”

“He’s just a kid, he’s 1 year younger than me” I said. Trying not to repeat myself but wondering if I was getting through to her.

“He’s more man than anyone I’ve been with. And I’m not just talking about big muscles and a cock either.”

“You’re not going to be able to marry him for a lot of years,” I said. “And he has other girl friends.”

“I have a plan,” she said.

“You have a plan?” I said. “What could that possibly be?”

“You’ll think it’s stupid,” she said. “It is kinda stupid but I’m pretty desperate. I would do anything for him.”

“I’m sure I’ll think it’s stupid. Tell me anyway,” I said. Until Richard, Denise and I never had secrets.

“I’m going to try to have his baby,” she said. “I’m going to try to have as many children as I can by him. He can’t ignore the mother of his children.”

I said nothing. I just watched her face as she waited for me to react to what she said. It was clear to me I’d be waiting a long time for any kind of sense to take over the women of this family.

“I’m already a little behind,” she said.

“Behind?” I asked. I was too confused by the surreal family dynamics. I wanted to talk to someone. Dad wouldn’t be home for another two hours and I wondered if telling him would be a good idea.

“Yes, behind. Some women are already having his children. The whore Rachel Stone, for one,” she added. “But I’ll catch up. I’m young and strong.”

“And fucking crazy,” I said.

“Aren’t you curious how we hooked up?”

“Richard told me. You came on to him,” I said. “A month ago.”

“It wasn’t that simple,” she said. “I mean, I always thought he was a cute boy. But then there were these rumors about him. None of them, I believed. However, he had those muscles on him.”

She giggled a little but I didn’t join in. “So, for my sex-ed class, we had to do a paper on one of several subjects. I chose precocious puberty. Do you know what that is?”

I shook my head.

“It’s where a boy or girl goes through puberty very early.”

“That’s Richard?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” Denise said. “Puberty in spades.” She sat down at the kitchen table. “Kids like Richard have all kinds of problems dealing with it. Richard clearly has the condition,” she said. “But no problem with it.”

“No, not much of a problem for him,” I said. The sound of thumping of the headboard against the wall got more furious.

“I made him my interview subject. I really was only interested in getting a good grade on the paper,” she insisted. “So I interviewed him here at the house.”

“At the house?” I said. “Where in the house?”

“On the couch. Mom had taken you to soccer practice. Dad was at work. And, I swear, I wasn’t going to do anything with him.”

“Then why did you?”

“I don’t know,” said Denise. “Believe me, I wasn’t horny. I was getting fucked daily or twice daily. I had two boyfriends in two different colleges. Believe me, I didn’t need him. And the rumor was he had a girlfriend. Some mystery girlfriend.”

Richard mentioned that he had a girlfriend he really liked just before he started fucking my mom. “I really only have one girl friend I really like though,” he had said.

“This girl has some kind of hold on him,” Denise said. “I don’t know who it is.”

“Why did you do this then?” I asked her. “Why did mom?”

Denise explained what happened. When she was done, I learned things about Richard and my sister and my mom. I learned how badly Denise wanted to know who Richard’s girlfriend is, and how desperately jealous she was.

Denise told the story like this:

Denise wore her very short yellow hot pants and a halter top. Though she wore what might have been her sexiest outfit, she still insisted she wasn’t trying to seduce him. Still, when she saw him pull up on his bicycle, she admitted she was as nervous as she’d ever been. She debated whether to open the door then or wait for the doorbell. She wanted to see him as soon as possible but she didn’t want to seem anxious.

“Hi Richard,” she said, opening the door before he even made it to the porch.

“Denise, yo,” Richard replied. “Damn you look fine.” Richard was no doubt referring to Denise’s double endowments.

Another debate went on Denise’s compromised brain, whether to slap him down for the remark or encourage more. She settled it quickly. “Thanks Richard,” she said. “You look nice yourself.”

Richard was wearing jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt. His muscles were on display and Denise couldn’t take her eyes off them. She found herself wanting to measure his biceps and, for the first time, wondered about the size of other body parts. She pushed it out of her mind until she realized, for the first time, that the query could be part of her school assignment.

“Thanks for coming over and helping me with my sex-ed assignment,” she told him. “When I got the topic, I immediately thought of you.”

“Premature puberty,” Richard said. “Yeah, I know a little about it.” He said it in a way that suggested he wished he didn’t.

Denise had her books laid out and her notebook powered up on the coffee table. She bid Richard to sit down on the couch and asked him if he wanted anything. “Juice, water, anything?”

“Anything?” asked Richard. “Milk maybe?”

Denise checked if Richard was staring at her own E-cup milk bags. At the moment, he wasn’t, so Denise went out to the kitchen. She brought him a full half-gallon and a glass. Richard opened the carton, ignored the glass, and started guzzling down the milk from the opened lid with one hand. He drank about a fourth of it and put it down. “I really needed that,” he said. “Busy day.”

“I’m grateful for the time you can give me,” Denise said.

“No problem,” said Richard. “So, what do you want to ask me.” He was already looking at Denise’s laptop. She wasn’t sure if he was anxious to start or anxious to get it over with. He took another couple of swallow of the milk and put the carton down. When he did, she could see the carton was crushed in the middle. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll finish it.”

“It’s OK,” she said. “Um.” She looked at her laptop for the first item on her questionaire. She positioned her fingers on the keyboard. “When did you you first realize you were different?”

“I remember not wanting to play anymore with kids my age because I started looking different. I’d started working out in my dad’s garage and I started, you know, getting these.” He lifted his arms, heavy with muscles. “My friends at the time seemed intimidated so I found I wanted to hang with older boys. I shared their interests, particularly in girls.”

Denise typed his response onto the laptop. “Have you seen a doctor about your condition?”

“Yeah, my Mom took me about six months ago. I’d already started to shave and she was worried about some kind of hormonal thing.”

“What did the doctor say?”

“She was really weird. I didn’t understand it at the time. She did a physical on me. She had a nurse take a sample of my blood. I had to pee in a cup, that sort of thing. Then she had me completely undress. That was when she got weird.”

“How?” Denise stopped typing on the laptop.

“She just stared at me for a little while. She was maybe forty and I didn’t understand. She got down on her knees. I thought she was going to do the turn-and-cough thing. Instead, she grabbed my penis and started to inspect it very carefully.”

“And…” Denise wiped a small bead of sweat from her forehead.

“I asked her if it was okay. Because she was holding it for the longest time. She said it was great.”

“Great?” Denise said.

“Her exact word. Then, suddenly, she’s trying to get it into her mouth. It freaked me out so I jumped back. She even got teeth marks on it when I pulled it away. I put on my pants. The doctor just started crying.”

Denise was no longer consulting her laptop for the next question. “What was it about your penis that made the doctor do that.”

“Well…” Richard said. “I’ve been told by a number of people that I have a kinda big penis.”

“People,” said Denise. “What kind of people. How many?”

“Women,” Richard said, almost shyly. “Maybe six.”

“Six women have seen your penis,” Denise asked.

“Yeah?” Richard was getting embarrassed about it.

“Make me number seven then,” Denise said. “Part of my research.”

Richard stood up and started pulling down his pants. Denise was going to tell him he didn’t need to do that, just unzipping his pants and whipping it out would have worked. But when she saw his shapely muscular legs, she stopped herself. Richard was wearing boxer short but even then, three inches of thick penis was visible, dangling down his leg. “Dick,” she muttered.

“Uh?” asked Richard. He stood straight up.

“Um, I said Dick,” Denise said. “It’s another name for Richard.”

“Oh yeah,” Richard said. “I thought you were referring to…well, you know.”

“Oh, no,” Denise said. She waited for a few seconds. “Let me see it all,” she told him.

When his pants came off, Denise saw the biggest penis she’d ever laid eyes on. Denise was even a bit of an expert, having seen, held, sucked, and fucked at least twenty dicks in her sexual career. And she knew full grown adults didn’t have near what this kid was sporting. It hung down his thigh like two handfuls of heavy thick rubber hose. Denise felt herself almost swoon at the size of it.

“You’re a lucky boy…”

“I know,” he said. Richard hoisted his heavy log up toward Denise’s mouth. “You want to be a lucky girl?”

“I have to get this assignment done,” she said, summoning up all her self control.

“Just fucking,” Richard said. His dick was lengthening, thickening, and hardening. With each heartbeat, the skin stretched a little bit more. “We can still talk.”

Richard didn’t finish his sentence before Denise already had her hands on his heavy cock.

“Like 2 pounds of cock!” She licked the head and Richard moaned a little. “Promise we can still talk and finish the interview.”

“I promise…” started Richard before taking a second to think. “I promise to answer all you questions…”

“Good enough for me,” Denise said just before slurping down the huge cock. Her mouth opened wide to accept the rubbery intruder. In a few seconds, the rubber turned to warm lumber. She pushed her lips out, to protect his dick from her teeth but also to protect her teeth from the steely hardness of his dick head.

As Richard’s cock continued to swell, Denise found she could only lick it, taste its manliness, like no dick she had ever tasted. “You like big tits?” she asked Richard.

Richard said, “Yeah.” He reached around Denise’s head with his hands and started to shove his cock back in Denise’s overstretched mouth. Denise found Richard’s hunk of cock meat uncomfortable in her mouth but her dampness between her legs told a different story. Instinctively, she sucked on his cock and looked up to make sure she was pleasing him. She had never before been concerned that her man was enjoying his cock getting sucked. For Richard, she wanted to make sure she had it right.

“You want more, don’t you?” he said.

Denise managed to pull her lips from his cock. She’d been working Richard’s dick for ten minutes but had barely covered it with saliva. “I don’t think I can handle it,” she said. She was nervous about taking Richard’s cock into her. She wasn’t sure it would fit. Hell, she could barely lift the thing.

Richard seemed to take that as a yes. Roughly, he tossed her onto the couch. Like she was a Barbie doll, he hoisted her legs up and pulled off her hot pants and panties. “You’re ready,” he said, as he could see the droplets of her juices on her pubes.

Denise felt more ready than she ever did. She never wanted a cock so bad in her life. As Richard worked on her lower half, she struggled to pull off her halter top. She pondered how she would reach behind to get the bra off. With that off, Richard would be getting a look at some of the finest tits ever. Since Junior High, they were a constant source of envy with every woman she met. She wondered if Richard would experience the same resentment when he first took showers in school.

“You were going to ask me more questions,” said Richard.


“You’re assignment. You didn’t forget, did you?”

“Oh, no,” she said. “I-uh, oh God.” Denise now was looking at the huge cock as it loitered between her legs, preparing to make its way inside her. “When did you first do this?” she asked, hoping to put him off.

“Babysitter,” said Richard. “My Mom was going to have her arrested.” He pushed the apple side glans up against Denise’s hungry labia.

“Careful, baby!” Denise said, almost begging.

“Always a first time,” said Richard, and pushed his hips forward. Denise never felt anything like it. If her pussy hadn’t been so lubricated, it might have really hurt. Instead, it really felt like her first time, when Bobby Gleason took her virginity in his car in front of his parent’s house.

“It went in about an inch and then he pulled it out. He pushed it in again, carefully. He held it there to let her vaginal walls stretch to accommodate the cock she would be desiring for the rest of her life. Richard pulled it back out.

“You OK?” Richard asked.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” Denise said, barely able to speak. “Best… fuck… ever.”

“That’s what the babysitter said.” Richard pushed four inches of his tremendous cock inside Denise. The force of it almost pushed her off the couch. If it wasn’t for Richard’s strength, she might have fallen. Instead, Richard grabbed her with one hand and pulled her back on the couch, even as his cock drove in another inch.

Richard started really fucking her. More cock tested the limits of her vagina, probing further than any man had ever gone before. Once his glans bumped her cervix, he no longer went for depth. Instead, he started fucking her harder and faster.

“I’m going to cum…baby! P-please… don’t… stop… oh, god! I can’t… believe… it… I’m cumming hard baby, cumming…cumming…harder… Oh fuck! Baby… fuck me… I’m… cumming… Oh… god!”

Richard certainly wasn’t going to stop. He continued the rapid fucking, even as Denise came again. For the first time in her life, Denise came twice in only a few minutes. Another first was that her man didn’t come yet, even after twenty minutes of blow job and fucking. Most men came almost at the sight of Denise naked. Richard had unusual self control or maybe he didn’t have a hair trigger like most men. There was another explanation, Denise thought.

When she came down from her orgasm and Richard settled into a slower rhythm, she asked him. She took a few deep breaths so she could get all the words out at once. “Have you fucked anyone today?”

“Hey, I can’t tell you that,” said Richard, not even exhausted.

“It’s my research,” she said. “You were supposed to answer all my questions. OH GOD, what are you doing.”

Richard had grabbed Denise at the waist and pulled her off the couch as he stood up. He sat back down on the couch and brought Denise down so she straddled his legs. His cock, through all the manipulation, never left her pussy. Now, it was Denise doing the fucking, lifting her hips and bringing them down on Richard’s thick cock.

“Yes,” said Richard. “Just before I got here, my girlfriend and I fucked a few times.”

“A few times?” Denise said.

“Three times…” Richard was trying to watch what he said now.

“She came three times?”

“Um, I came three times. I don’t know how many times she came.”

“Who’s your girlfriend?”

“That’s not going into your paper so, I’m not answering it.”

Denise continued fucking, moving her hips up and down, milking the massive cock. She took Richard’s hands and placed them on her firm young ass cheeks. She knew men liked her ass almost as much as they liked her tits. “Can you come on my face?” she asked Richard. She had never asked that of another man. She kissed Richard on the lips as she reached around her back and unclipped herstuffed bra.

Richard started pinching her ass, unaware his strength made it hurt. He was losing control too. His breathing was becoming more shallow and the muscles on his chest and stomach started to tense. When the bra came off, her tits were revealed, fat, natural, and gorgeous. Even Denise had never seen the nipples so erect, bigger than pencil tips. “My God,” she said, almost to the sight of her own tits.

Denise picked up the pace and started fucking harder. Richard was helping, pulling her up and down by her ass, driving her pussy down onto the enormous cock. Denise was too out of control to complain of the pain of her cervix being crushed by the hard huge glans of Richard’s penis. “I’m c-cuuumming again! Baby… Oh, baby! Fuck… me… harder… harder… Oh… god!”

“Stay up,” Richard said. He was reading her state of arousal pretty good. Denise almost collapsed in exhaustion. I’m going to come on your face,” he said.

Denise thought she would have to go back down on the couch. Instead, Richard only had to lift Denise off his cock and then back down on his lap. There was a feeling of cold air inside her as her vagina was still stretched, still welcoming more of Richard’s big pussy-pleasing cock. Richard’s cock rose up out of Richard’s crotch, past his waist, up to Denise’s big tits. “I’m cumming,” Richard said.

Denise looked down at Richard’s cock tip. The slit looked as wide as a gun barrel pointed right at her. She was a good twelve inches away from it but she was hit in the face like she was point blank. Richard’s sperm splashed her between the eyes and down her nose. More of his cream went up her nose and Denise had to open her mouth to breathe. Another shot went straight into her mouth. She turned to the left and her right cheek was drenched. Her tits followed, cum dripping off them and the nipples like they’d been dipped in milk.

When Denise told me the story, I was shocked even though I could still hear my mom’s yells announcing her cumming for the fifth time from upstairs. Denise was turned on the entire time she told the story, her fingertips caressed her erect teenager nipples. After Denise told her story, things were pretty quiet upstairs and I thought my Mom and Richard might be finished. Denise looked at her watch and agreed. Dad would be home soon and Richard would have to be done by then.

“If it were up to Mom, I don’t think she’d care what Dad saw…” Denise admitted.

There was a few minutes more of silence. I started getting worried that Mom wouldn’t be downstairs in time. I got up from the kitchen chair and headed for the stairs. “I wouldn’t do that if I was you,” Denise warned, shaking her head.

I went up there anyway. The room was quiet. It was my room so I didn’t think to knock. Richard was facing me, getting dressed. He was just putting on his shirt. His pants were still down around his ankles though. Mom was still naked, on her knees, her head level with Richard’s crotch. Her one hand looked like it was wrapped, at least partially, around Richard’s cock. The other hand was waving at me to go away.

Richard said, “Bill, I’ll be done in a minute. Your Mom is just finishing me up.” He looked down at my mom, seeming a little surprised about what was going on down at cock-level. He put his hand on my mom’s head and started thrusting. In response, she grasped his swinging muscular thighs to steady herself. “I’ll hurry this up,” he assured me.

Then to mom, he said, “Yeah baby. Suck that cock. Suck me fucking good,” he said. Mom, doing as she was told, starting turning her head and rocking it back and forth over his cock. Her hands started flailing wildly over its length.

“Here I cum baby. Suck it all down!”

I couldn’t see anything. I heard a gurgling and choking sound from my mom. First, I only wanted her to stop. Now, I just hoped she would survive the ordeal. Richard was closing his eyes, his chest taking deep breaths, his leg muscles tensed. Mom kept working on him, finally collapsing backward. Richard’s cum was still shooting from his dick and my Mom’s face was unrecognizable under his goo.

Whenever I masturbate it only takes a few pieces of toilet paper to clean up. What Richard’s monster cock just unleashed on my Mom would take an entire roll. It was even crazier because he just fucked my sister where I heard he came more times before that!

When he finished, he squeezed his dick one time and a thin stream shot from his cock. After he finished pumping the massive shaft dry he started to get dress. Richard walked past me to the closet, got a towel, and went to the bathroom to wet it for my Mom.

“Frank shouldn’t see you like this…” Frank was my Dad.

I followed Richard downstairs. Denise was already at the foot of the stairs. “Hey Lover,” she said to him. “Miss me?”

“Tomorrow,” he said to her. As soon as Richard got to the bottom of the stairs, Denise drove her mouth onto his. Richard picked her up and put her aside. He opened her robe and kissed Denise’s stomach. “See ya, Junior,” he said to her stomach. He left the house, climbed on his bicycle and rode away just as my dad came driving up the driveway. Mom would still be trying to wipe her boy lover’s come from her face.

When my dad came through the door, Denise stalled him as long as she could, asking him how his day had gone. When she heard her mother come out of the bathroom, she took that to believe that all copious traces of Richard had been washed down the drain. Dad went upstairs to see Mom, leaving me alone with Denise. Denise dragged me back into the kitchen.

“You’ve got to help me, Squirt,” she said to me.

“What can I do?” I asked her.

“You’ve got to tell me who his girlfriend is.”

“I don’t know that,” I said. How could I know that? I’d only just found that this kid was fucking all the women in my family, let alone God-knows who else in the neighborhood.

“You have to find out,” she said. “Try asking him. If that doesn’t work, follow him around.”#I agreed to do it. I wanted Richard out of my family, or at least away from my mom. Denise promised she could make Richard fall in love with her if she could find who his girlfriend is. “I can’t make Richard faithful to me,” she said. “He’s got too much semen in those testicles not to need to share it. But I promise I will try to get him away from mom.”

The next day, I got to Richard’s school just before it let out. The school bell caused the school to erupt, disgorging students like a water hose on an ant colony. I waited by the bike racks for Richard to show up.

Students were anxious to leave and those that rode bicycles were, one by one, unlocking them and taking theirs home. Kids were filing out of the school in groups of all numbers. Crossing guards were earning their hourly pay with their ten minutes of work.

When it was over, cars had picked up some of the kids. The rest bicycled or walked. Only Richard’s bike remained. His was the only bike not chained but no one touched it. I thought the other kids feared his powerful prematurely post-pubescent physique. Maybe they just instinctively respected a boy they would have to respect even more when they became men themselves.

I walked through the school, past the rows of classroom. All of the doors were shut. Most were locked, I presumed. Occasionally, a teacher would walk through the hallway but they found me easy to ignore. I looked younger than my age, I could be a student just getting out of detention or something like that. I walked on.

I got toward the back of the school and I heard noise from one of the bungalow classrooms. It wasn’t much, maybe a book fell. It was enough to get my attention though and I turned toward the noise. I couldn’t recognize the sound exactly, papers or something being shuffled. But there was a familiar rhythm to the noise that put an image in my head. I thought of my headboard being pushed to the wall, my mom’s body being pushed forward on my head, Richard’s pistoning cock going into my mom.

I opened the door slowly. I recognized the long thick coal-dark hair of Mrs. Fremont. She had been my eleventh-grade teacher, beautiful to look at but a reputation for ruthless grading. Despite my best effort, she gave me a C- in English and another in Math, two subjects I thought I was strong in. I recalled her as tough as nails. Charm, sad looks, and crying didn’t turn back her red pen.

I was used to seeing her flowing hair going down her shoulders, a few strands alway having to work their way around her huge bosom. Now it looked like ponds of crude oil pooled about her desk or spilling over the sides. Her head was down on the desk turned away from me. Her body was bent over as far forward as she could be. Her legs were spread wide and straight, her panties were wrapped around one of them. Her skirt was pulled up over ass and Richard was behind her. His pants and underwear were down around his ankle.

He pushed his cock forward into her, then back. His hands were firmly on her hips. Mrs. Fremont was being fucked out of her mind. In case I couldn’t tell that, she was whispering, just barely audible to me, “You’re fucking me out of my mind, Richard.”

Mrs. Fremont’s body was surrendered to Richard’s desire. It moved to Richard’s pleasure and it was easy to see her body being pushed and pulled on Richard’s cock as easily as it was to see Richard pushing and pulling inside her. At least half his cock was outside at all times and I guessed no woman could take all of him. “I thought my husband was big,” Mrs. Fremont said like a confession. “But, damn Baby. Where does a kid like you get a giant fuck tool like that?”

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