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A Ride Home

“The football game was over. We’d won on a last second trick play where the quarterback flipped the ball to the half back who then proceeded to throw the ball fifty yards down the field to an open wide out. We beat our rivals and we beat them bad.

Needless to say, we were all in high spirits. A lot of kids were going out to a party out in a field but I had a cross country meet the next day. Boozing the night before running never even entered my mind. Running was my life. Well, that and staring at ever blonde girl who walked within ten feet of me. I’m sure I was obvious about it, but hell, when a guy’s 18 he’s at his peak, right?

I said goodbye to my friends and went out to my car. I got in and started her up. I was about ready to leave the parking lot when I noticed another guy, David, a rich kid who’s daddy owned a car dealership, was having trouble starting his car. He had a new green jeep wrangler, so it was strange that the engine wasn’t turning over. He and his girlfriend Katrina were apparently stranded. With no one else really around, I figured I should help the two of them out. I asked if they needed a ride home and they said they did.

A note about Katrina. She was the same age as me, blonde, about 5’2”, green eyed, with a slim figure, a tight butt and breasts a little too big for her figure. All in all, she was one of the elite hotties of my high school.

The drive started out uneventfully; I took David home first. He spent the car trip cracking stupid jokes about sex and bragging about how rich he was. As I pulled out of his brick driveway, however, the ride got more interesting.

Katrina almost immediately began complaining about how David was “all talk” and would never “actually do it” to her. I was a bit surprised to say the least. It became apparent within a few minutes that Katrina was more than interested in me. Apparently she had had enough of David’s bragging.

I pulled the car over a few blocks away from David’s house and parked it in the lot near a playground.

“David always talks about how big he is but I’ve never even seen it. I think he’s shy or something,” Katrina said. She actually sounded more sad and frustrated with David than angry. This girl had obviously been very horny for a very long time.

“Actually,” I said, “you’re not going to believe me, but I’m really big too.” I paused. “And I can back that claim up if you don’t believe me.”

We stared at each other across the fake leather interior of my yacht of an automobile. My dick was starting to stretch out down the interior of my thigh, straining the blue denim that held it at bay.

“I know you’d back it up Xxxxx,” she said. She slid her hand over across the center console and patted caressed my growing bulge.

“Damn,” I said, and kissed her. A sloppy, horny, teenage kiss.

I had her shirt off in seconds; her bra took a little longer. Soon I was sucking on her large pink nipples as she rubbed my hard on faster and faster, all the while moaning about how much she wanted me. Her skin was soft and perfect.

We moved to the back seat, tumbling over the front seat as if we were drunk. Once there, Katrina shoved me to the seat and opened up my fly. I couldn’t help but smile at the reaction on her face.

She didn’t say a word, but looked at me with eyes like dinner plates. I was incredibly turned on by the fact that she couldn’t get her hand around my girth. I looked at Katrina’s right wrist and noticed her forearm was about the same size as my cock.

Her stroking had slowed now to a crawl as she stared, mesmerized by the obscene girth of my member. I reached out at pinched her nipple to bring her back to earth.

“Keep rubbing it baby,” I told her, and she did. She got really excited now, stroking it with both hands, end over end, squeezing it as hard as she could and still not getting her grip completely around it.

“God, you’re big,” she finally murmured.

“I told you. You should have believed me,” I said, grinning ear to ear.

She dropped her head down and soon all I saw was blonde hair with brown roots bobbing slowly up and down. Her tongue felt like wet silk on my penis’ straining head.

Her head popped back up. “I can’t suck it,” she said. “It’s too big for my mouth.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I said. “Let me see if I can help you out instead. With that I leaned forward and kissed her again, and started sucking on her neck while unbuttoning her tight jeans and roughly pulling them off. The aquamarine panties went next and soon I had my right hand around one butt cheek.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she said. “I can’t believe it.”

“I going to make sure your remember this night for a long time,” I said and then I turned her around, repositioned her and stuck my head between her legs.

Rubbing my tongue along her clitoris had the exact effect I had wanted. She began to moan and squirm. She began to stop thinking about what we were doing and just enjoy it.

I had always had a very good understanding of sex, even from a very young age. I was probably way ahead of many guys my age when it came to giving oral pleasure. Needless to say, I sucked on that pussy until she had screamed her way through an orgasm.

Then it was down to business. I looked in her eyes and knew that she was thinking the same thing. My dick was even bigger than before I had gone down on her; even I was a bit surprised at it’s size now.

Katrina laid down on the back seat and spread her legs. Her neatly trimmed bush pointed like an arrow down to her pink vagina. I pushed one finger in, and then another as my other hand gently rubbed her clit.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” she moaned.

I pushed down on the base of my cock, pushing it out it’s to full, impressive length. “You still want this little guy?” I asked.

“You know I want it,” she said. “I want it all. Your dick looks amazing.”

It turned out she couldn’t take it all, but she gave it her best shot.

At first I couldn’t get the head in. I wriggled my cock back and forth with my left hand while holding on to her shoulder with the other. She was moaning louder. Finally I managed to get a foothold and got the head in. Then it was just a matter of squeezing it in to Katrina’s tight pussy and thrusting my hips.

“Holy shit, it’s too big!” She gasped “You’ve gotta go easy. I’ve never even seen a dick like yours before.”

I went slow, but now how she wanted. I started teasing her pussy, just letting her get the head of my dick over and over again and then jamming as much of my dick as I could into her in a sudden burst. She would gasp in pleasure and pain each time I got my dick back in her. Her cervix was getting the best workout of it’s life.

I looked down at my dick as I fucked her and saw the lips of her dilated vagina sticking to my dick as I pulled it all the way out, stretching her pussy in obscene ways.

“Quit teasing me,” she moaned with a grin.

“Teasing?” I said and jammed it back in as I looked her in the eyes. “You love it. You know you do.”

She gasped. I pumped again. She gasped again.

She was getting hotter and hotter. “Fuck me. Come on, fuck me!” she screamed.

So I obliged. I put her knees up to her temples and fucked her as hard as I could, no mercy, with a hand on each ass cheek. I could hear my balls slapping against her asshole.

After a minute of me pumping and grunting and her screaming I slowed down (my control wasn’t as good back then, I didn’t want to blow my load so soon) and buried my cock as deep as I could into her pussy, pushing hard, and just kept it there. I moved her knees down some and slid her hand down to grab what was left of my cock, three inches of dry penis.

“Feel how much is left, baby? We’ve still got some work to do.” She gasped.

“My pussy’s never going to be the same.” She was smiling.

“I’m not even close to being done with fucking you, either.” I warned.

She rubbed her hand up around my straining shaft and rubbed my balls. “How long is your dick anyway?”

I started slowly fucking her again. “Around eleven inches,” I said softly as I began to speed up my tempo. “And eight around.”

She nodded. “It feels like every bit of it. I’m so glad you gave me a ride home.” Her emphasis on the word ride was obvious.

I pushed her knees back up to her head and began fucking her like crazy again. I slid my right index finger slyly up her ass as we reached a fever pitch. She got wilder with each thrust

“Fuck me, fuck me!” she screamed.

Finally I tugged my dick back out of her, aimed it at her perfect tits, and spat streams of cum onto her, covering her right breast, her shoulder and her neck.

“Sorry,” I said sheepishly. “You’re too hot not to come all over, though.”

She didn’t really seem to understand my logic, but eventually calmed down when I cleaned her off and got her dressed.

When I dropped her off at her place we kissed each other. Her hand went back down to my cock.

“I had a great time,” she said shyly. “I… already want you again.” She looked down at my zipper.

“Me too,” I nodded.

“Why don’t you call me tomorrow afternoon,” I said. “I’m not doing anything.”

“Alright,” she said. “Next time maybe we’ll get a bit kinkier. I bet I can squeeze more of you in with some practice.”

“Hell yeah,” I said, dreaming of bending her over and fucking her like an animal.

“What about David, though?” I asked.

“David… screw David. I don’t nee all that ego. Besides, he’ll never measure up to you, I’m sure. You know what you’ve got.”

I nodded. I kissed her again and drove off. I had to run in the morning.

Whereupon our protagonist doubles his pleasure and expands a few fellow students physical consciousnesses.

Next day came. No call. What the fuck, right? Well, I was a bit pissed off, but I didn’t really feel like calling Katrina myself yet, so I just hung around the house. We’d see what we’d see on Monday at school.

Of course, you can probably guess where this is going. Katrina was a “social” girl and had lots of friends around the school. She didn’t seem to be a member of any activity at school, but seemed to know everybody. So, needless to say, I had girls from the cross-country team, the volleyball team, the newspaper staff, and, thank you God, the dance squad, smirking and grinning at me in the halls.

It was the little subtle stuff throughout the day, as well. The hot brunette, Kacy, with the ass that wouldn’t quit, in my Spanish class noticed me when I glanced over at her and seemed to uncross her mini-skirt and legs directly in front of me. Garden-variety white cotton undies.

This tale of the tape measure really seemed to separate the women from the girls. Some girls I figured would have been dying to get down with me merely blushed and looked the other way. Though, this was high school. It was nearly impossible to tell whether the reactions I was seeing were based on my little romp over the last weekend in my car, or because of regular teenage hormones.

At lunch my day got better. I always ate away from school for lunch and I noticed Katrina was doing the same. She noticed me, I waved and she came over. We made some small talk but it eventually hit a wall — we had had very little in common before the incident and only had one new conversation piece to speak of.

Eventually the forced talk stopped.

“Listen,” she said. “I don’t want to sound like a whore, but are you doing anything after school?

I promptly decided to skip cross-country practice. Season be damned, this girl was smoking. “No,” I said as suavely as I could. “No I don’t have anything going. You?”

She explained that her parents worked in the city (we lived in a suburb) and wouldn’t be home until around 7 p.m. “We’ll have it all to ourselves. Didn’t we have some unfinished business?” she licked her lips and bit her top lip after she spoke. My dick bulged out embarrassingly against my khaki shorts. I moved up next to a car in the parking lot to cover up my endowment. “I don’t want to sound like a whore,” she said, “but I had a really good time Friday night. Really.”

I nodded. “So when should I come over? Right after school?”

“Yes, but…well, there’s one thing,” she said. “I hope you won’t mind too much…”

Oh what the fuck now, I thought, but nodded for her to continue.

“Well, you know how David was always saying he had “a big one’?”

I nodded again.

“Well, I set up a deal with a friend of mine,” she started. “If David was really huge then she could come and watch us and maybe… join in. Well, I figured since you’ve got such a,” she leaned in and spread her hand over my crotch and whispered in my ear, “big fucking cock,” she moved away with an innocent grin on her face, “maybe you wouldn’t mind helping me out with this deal.

She rubbed her hand over my half erect dick tantalizingly and then moved it away before anyone in the parking lot would know what had happened.

“Who is it?” I asked bluntly. “If she’s hot I’ll think about it.”

I figured the answer would piss Katrina off, but instead she just smiled. “Alyssa Hendrickson,” she said sweetly.

FYI, Alyssa was HOT. I’m not into gratuitous capitalization. She was an inch or two shorter than Katrina, so about 5 foot even, and a natural blonde. Every guy in school pretty much agreed that her body was the most rock solid of anyone from being on the dance squad. She was one of those girls that had an insane devotion to cheer leading.

But what really put Alyssa on a pedestal for me was her ass.

Once in a high school career to you see an ass like Alyssa’s, and you remember it for the rest of your life. Shaped like some over-ripe fruit, Alyssa’s butt was solid muscle — to the point where it almost looked like it must be fat instead. Her butt was a bit big, but right before the cutoff point before “gangsta booty.” In other words, guys just followed her down the halls, staring and shaking their heads.

“Yes,” I panted. “Yes, that sounds good.” I couldn’t come up with a decent response quickly enough to override my obvious lust.

“She didn’t believe me, either,” Katrina said. “How big was it again?”

I shook my head. “Shit. Just tell her it’s way more than she can handle,” I said.

Let’s flash forward through the rest of what became a difficult school day. Suffice to say, I had a lot on my mind and it was hard to keep a low profile so to say.

School got out at 3:30. I made it to Katrina’s house 10 minutes later. She was pulling in the drive and there was a green Ford Explorer parked in front of her house. Alyssa got out of the driver’s side door of the Explorer and waved to me while Katrina’s car slid up the driveway. She waved to me and smiled as I got out of the car and walked up to her. As I got within a few feet she looked me up and down. She then looked me in the eye and grinned mischievously.

“Hey,” I said. “What’s up?”

As I looked her over I got a semi. She was wearing her workout clothes. “ Oh, nothing. I decided not to go to practice at the last minute. Kat said you guys were going to hang out and I thought I might just chill with you two,” she said. She stretched a bit, inflating her healthy breasts. “I’m sore from so much hard work at practice, anyway. Our coach works us nonstop.” Her tits were near bursting out of her light blue sports bra and the nipples poked through clear as day. It was now obvious what I was packing, as a thick bulge stretched halfway down my right thigh; the outline of my cock’s head was visible a few inches beneath bottoms of my khakis.

“I bet,” I said. “You girls are awesome. You definitely know how to work it.” Sweat ran down my forehead.

She noticed me looking at her tits and opened her mouth to say something. Then she looked down and her smile split her face. “Um, lets get you inside… um, immediately, okay, Xxxxx?”

I nodded dumbly and let her lead the way, not even embarrassed anymore.

We met Katrina at the front door. Alyssa pointed down. “Okay, bitch, so you weren’t lying.” She latched onto my cock with her right hand.

Katrina laughed. “I told you, slut. Wait until you see it. I’m excited too. I never really saw it in the car.” She grabbed my dick above where Alyssa had. With two of the hottest looking girls in my high school hanging on to my cock for dear life we entered Katrina’s home.

“Nice place,” I said, aiming for the couch in the front room. I really didn’t pay attention at all to her middle class home. I do remember it had a big TV…or something.

“Not so fast!” Alyssa cried, grabbing my arm and tugging me back. “I want to see…” she paused and then smiled. “Screw it; we all know why we’re here. Whip out that dick!”

“Yeah,” Katrina said. “Whip that thing out.”

And that was that. All pretense was officially thrown out the window.

“You know,” I said, “I’m kinda lazy and that zipper’s all the way down there…” I yawned. “Wait… What did you want to see again?” From inside my pants I flexed my dick.

In unison the girls chimed back: “Show us your dick!”

“Oh, okay,” I said, and obliged them.

I slid down my pants and kicked them away across the carpet. The top half of my dick was still covered by my boxer shorts, but now the bottom half was free. It bulged up at an odd angle, still trapped as it was by the boxers.

“Holy shit, Xxxxx, that isn’t real,” Alyssa gasped.

I ran my hand beneath my underwear and down to the base of the shaft, puffing my cock out to ridiculous dimensions.

“How did I fuck that?” Katrina whispered.

Like magic the girls dropped to their knees and wrestled my underwear off me. They proceeded to take turns trying to suck me off, each trying to go a little deeper. At one point Alyssa playfully shoved Katrina’s head deeper. It didn’t make a difference, though. Katrina’s mouth was too small for her to deep throat me, or even for her to reach her gag reflex.

As Katrina worshiped my cock, I pulled Alyssa up to me, bent over and French kissed her, grabbing her over-sized tits in the process. I had her sports bra off in a second and was sucking on her tits like a man possessed. Katrina stood up, took her top and bra off as well and suddenly it was a feeding frenzy. I went crazy on four large C-cup tits, sucking and biting like a newborn while two hands went to work on my dick. Katrina pushed one of her hands down her pants and started fingering herself immediately.

“Xxxx, you’ve got to fuck me,” Katrina said.

“No, me!” Alyssa growled possessively. “I want his dick in me!”

“Ladies, ladies,” I said. “There’s enough to go around.”

We met half way. I laid down on the ground while Katrina straddled my dick, having to plant one foot on the ground to act as a kickstand, and aiming it into her pussy and then pushing up to her lips. Slowly she slid down the first few inches, gasping up at the ceiling fan with a silent moan. She moved her foot out from under herself and sank a few more inches immediately. A brief wrenching pain changed into an amazing, wet pussy. Her fingers dug into the carpet, clenching and unclenching.

Meanwhile Alyssa put her knees to the carpet and positioned her perfectly bald-shaved pussy right over my head. I grabbed her ass and pulled her down onto me. I licked and nibbled on her pussy like a pro, flicking my tongue at her clit while occasionally pushing it in deeper (I can touch my nose with my tongue, FYI) and tasting her. After a while I slid my tongue up and licked at her amazing ass. Sure, it was a little gross, but you’d do the same thing in a heartbeat. Alyssa giggled, and to my astonishment, gasped all porn-star-like, and pushed her pinky up her own ass. She started bunny hopping on my face from that point on. Right then and there I decided that someway, somehow, my dick was going in Alyssa’s ass.

For the next few minutes all one could hear were screams of near agony from Katrina (she was taking it in to her cervix again) bouncing up and down on my cock, moans of pleasure from Alyssa, and slurping noises coming from Alyssa’s vagina and ass hole.

“Awww! Awww! Awww, fuck you! Fuck you! God I love your dick! I gotta… Aww, fuuck!”

Katrina started shoving downwards in her strokes now, slowing down, too. She was grunting at the end of every stroke. I pushed Alyssa up for a second so I could watch Katrina jam down on my dick and watch it bend a bit at its base.

“Nnnnngh! Nnnnah… mrraaah!”

“That’s right baby, take all that cock.” It was pointless for her to try, but the look on her face was amazing. It was kind of like the face I imagine a girl gets when she’s trying to take a massive shit… except that Katrina’s mouth was wide open in feral ecstacy. I expected to see drool running down her face at any minute. She sounded like an animal in heat.

“Yeah, honey, go low on that big stick!” Alyssa chimed in, always the cheerleader.

Katrina kept straining away, obviously in some pain now, before rolling off my cock a few minutes later, panting, obviously worn out.

Her pussy looked like a dump truck had driven through it. It gaped like something out of a surrealist painting.

Alyssa hopped up and took up where Katrina left off. Or at least she tried to. It was apparent immediately that her pussy was a tighter model than the last. I twisted her over onto her knees and began eating her pussy out from behind. I gently stretched her pussy out from side to side with two fingers and then three. Katrina was stroking my dick lovingly by the end of it.

“You know what you’re getting into, right baby?” I asked.

“No,” she said honestly. “I’ve never fucked anything like you. I don’t care if it hurts, though. I’ve never been this horny in my life!” To emphasize the point she rubbed her vagina violently, pushing three fingers into her as deep as they would go. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she wiggled her ass.

“I’m going to fuck you like this so you can feel all my dick,” I explained to her. Katrina put her mouth around my dick head, sucking off some precum. I could tell she was ready for another injection. “Otherwise your knees will be up by your head…I think you’ll like this more.” I slapped her ass firmly. She squealed.

I came up from behind Alyssa, planting my hands on her tiny hips. “Stick your ass out baby. Show me what you’ve got,” I said. She did, and I spread those perfect ass cheeks open to reveal a tight, pink asshole staring back up at me, just as hairless as her vagina had been. I edged backwards to make room for my gigantic dick and moved it down into position. On the way down I nudged it into Alyssa’s butt and pushed it just enough to make her squeal.

“Has anyone ever told you you’ve got a great ass, Alyssa?”

I couldn’t see her face but I could tell she was smiling. She slapped my cock away with her hand.

“Get that thing out of there!” she giggled nervously. I nudged that tight, pink hole again and then reluctantly pulled it away.

I moved my cock down to her waiting pussy. I could feel the heat radiating off of it.

I shook my head. “I’ll leave it alone… for now. But if we’re going to be friends like this… that ass is mine. It looks way too good not to fuck.” I slapped it again for good measure. Katrina kneaded my balls with one hand and reached back to finger her sopping mound with the other. She was on the verge of a long-overdue orgasm.

Alyssa didn’t say a word in response, she just raised her ass and pussy up another inch. I didn’t want to press my luck for now, so I put my dick up to her pussy and began to push it in.

Chapter 3: In which our lucky bastard of a protagonist continues to bang the hell out hot nubile blonde chicks; Alyssa has a ball. An evil force shows up on the scene and attempts to smite our hero.

Alyssa’s ass was definitely still tighter than Kat’s, no doubt about it. If I hadn’t been eating that pussy for the last twenty minuets there’s no way I could have squeezed in. Still, little by little, centimeter by centimeter, I conquered her vagina. She whimpered occasionally, but all in all, she took it very well. By the time my dick was half way in her she had smashed her face into the carpet and her ass was ass far up as she could force it. Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea.

“Katrina,” I said to the blonde massaging my balls. “Go lay your pussy out for Alyssa to suck on. Alyssa. The better you eat Kat’s pussy the more dick you get.” I pulled my dick almost all the way out of her pussy.

Alyssa moaned and pushed her head up from the carpet. Katrina jumped up, obviously having no qualms about my idea, and spread her pale thighs before Alyssa’s face. After only a second’s hesitation Alyssa dove right into that snatch, slurping at it with a gusto that surprised me. It dawned on my suddenly that these two had been awfully open about a lot of things sexually. Perhaps they were more than friends…

I jammed my dick back into Alyssa’s cunt as hard as I could. Her ass jumped three inches and a muffled “Oh!” sounded out from between Katrina’s sweaty thighs. Katrina was shoving Alyssa’s head down with both of her hands now. I decided it was time to officially break Alyssa in.

I slid my hands down to Alyssa’s muscular back and got onto my feet, rather than my knees. From this position I had much better leverage, and I used it to my advantage. I started jack hammering that pussy as fast and hard as I could. Alyssa kept trying to reach back to slow me down but Katrina kept bringing her arms back to the floor, a malicious grin on her face. This position was murder on my quadriceps and hamstrings, but the all out screaming from Alyssa was enough to keep my adrenaline flowing at top speed and my hips pumping.

One minute, five minutes, almost ten minutes passed before I finally knew I had to pull out or ruin the deal. I closed my eyes as I wrenched my throbbing dick out of Alyssa’s now devastated pussy and stroked it a few times, breathing deep, trying to think of baseball, Margaret Thatcher… whatever the hell you’re supposed to think of to stop cumming. After a moment, on the brink, I recovered.

As I opened my eyes back up I heard Alyssa call out in agony, “Don’t stop, don’t stop!” Her voice was a scratchy ruin from all the screaming she’d been doing. The neighborhood’s dogs were barking outside from the noise.

“Katrina,” I said, ignoring Alyssa for a moment as her head fell back to the carpet in exhaustion. “Go get some lotion for Alyssa. She’s going to need it.” I rubbed my lower back.

Katrina looked at me inquisitively for a minute and then the realization of what I was talking about broke over her and her eyes got wide. Slowly that evil grin of hers spread over her cute face again. She bounced out of the room like a little girl. She came back in a minute. I playfully slapped her ass and, since I was on my knees, put my face into her vagina again. She dropped a large bottle of hand lotion to the floor.

Her moans aroused Alyssa some who raised her head from the floor. She looked exhausted, but I was hardly through with her yet. I told the girls to assume the same position. I started gently fucking Alyssa again, giving her little tastes of dick. While fucking I picked up the bottle of Vaseline Intensive Care body lotion Katrina had brought me.

I laughed to myself. Intensive Care? That sounded about right. I squirted a large amount of the lotion into my hands, rubbed them together, and then pushed two of my fingers into Alyssa’s ass. She still didn’t seem to have figured out what I was doing. She must have been exhausted. Apparently she wasn’t doing a very good job of eating pussy anymore either, as Katrina was back to fingering herself. Now that she was watching me and what I was preparing Alyssa for, however, her face flushed with excitement and a little apprehension. After fingering more and more lotion into Alyssa’s surprisingly clean ass (again, Thank You, God) I squirted a big glob of the lotion into the slightly distended orifice straight from the bottle. She squealed out again but sill just lay there with her head absorbing the carpet. It wasn’t until the head of my dick was in her ass that I think she finally figured out what was going on.

I forestalled her complaint. “Kat, slide under her and eat her pussy while Alyssa gives me her ass.” And my god, it worked like a charm.

How a dick almost 8” around fit into her butt, I will never know. I went very slow and very easy.

Honestly, it wasn’t nearly as good feeling as her pussy, but the sheer fact that I was accomplishing a lifelong goal drove me on. By the end I had a good portion of my dick in there, maybe even a bit more of me was in there than I could have fit in her pussy.

It dawned on me that I had a dick nearly a foot long almost all the way in a girl barely five feet tall. The science behind this sex act baffled me. I was grinning ear to ear.

It was the most beautiful sight I’d seen in the world. Her tiny pink hole all blown up like a balloon now. That little ass I’d seen wiggling at every basketball and football game was on the end of my fat dick.

“Fuck yeah!” I yelled out. Fuck yeah.

I started speeding up my rhythm and Alyssa pulled her head up and moaned, “Cum in my ass, Xxxxx, cum in there now!”

Seeing as how this was the coolest thing I’d ever heard in my life, I was forced to oblige her.

I pumped on her for about another minute until I went over the edge, moaning unconsciously as the world spun around me, shooting what felt like a gallon of cum 9” inside Alyssa Hendrickson’s ass. Katrina stuck her tongue in my mouth and I tasted Alyssa’s juices. I grabbed one of Katrina’s tits and pulled on it roughly, squeezing it until she cried out.

I pulled my dick out and was surprised to see black bruises on it in a few places where Alyssa’s sphincter had cut into it. It was a small price to pay, I thought, for that ass. I laid back, grabbed a pillow from the couch and began to relax. My breathing began to slow. I watched as cum started to run out of Alyssa’s ass onto the carpet, pooling up into an impressive puddle of jizz.

Then Katrina put my flaccid, ass-drenched dick in her mouth. She didn’t give a fuck.

In a minute she sucked my dick back up to nearly full size, as Alyssa watched from across the room, still pretty much out of it.

Katrina mounted my dick, sitting on it and taking her usual 8” into her pussy. Then she lay down on top of me and snuggled me, slowly moving up and down on me while I lied back, completely content with the world. The room swam with the scent of dirty, nasty sex.

Suddenly, the front door opened. In came Katrina’s mom. She wasn’t bad looking and under different circumstances I wouldn’t have minded trying to fuck her too. I could tell immediately, though, that this encounter wouldn’t end anywhere nearly that well.

“Hey honey, I’m hoooo…ooooly SHIT!” she cried out in anger and alarm.

“Oh, fuck,” I muttered to myself, slipping out from under Katrina as she jumped up. Alyssa quickly reached over for her shorts, terror in her eyes. We’d been caught napping, almost quite literally. I thought to myself: Who the hell doesn’t remember to lock the front door when they invite their friends over to fuck in their living room!?!

Definitely a party foul.

Katrina’s mom stared daggers at me as I reached for my boxers. Then she saw my cock and cried out again. “What, are you some sort of freak? I’ll have you arrested, you fucking pervert!”

She couldn’t keep her eyes off of my swinging dick, however, so as I grabbed my pants I swung my member around a few times in my other hand. “You know you want this, bitch,” I said. “You’ve never fucked a dick half this big! I bet your wrinkled pussy wouldn’t even know what to do with this.”

She yelled back. “You fucking punk, get the fuck away from me and my daughter. I’ll call the police, I swear!” Still… those eyes were locked on my cock.

“Wierd,” I said. “your daughter sure liked all this dick…” She lunged for me. I ducked and spun away. I made a grab for my Nikes and nabbed them as she recovered and turned around to face me. “It’s been fun, girls,” I cried out and ran out the door as fast as I could. Holding onto my clothes I opened the door and ran outside wearing only my boxer shorts, my cock bouncing around comically out the bottom of them.

Behind me I could hear Katrina’s mom screaming at her daughter and Alyssa. “You whores!… and in my living room! Ew! There’s sperm all over the carpet!”

Damn! I thought remorsefully, I left a good T-shirt back there.

I dove into my car, fumbled the keys out of my pants pockets and turned the key in the ignition. I roared out of there, even peeling rubber a bit in my old P.O.S. car.

Back across the street, from Katrina’s neighbor’s house, an old gray-haired lady was standing in the yard, watering her flowers. Her concentration wasn’t on her lawn, though. She was staring at my quickly disappearing car, her mouth hanging wide open in shock.

“Shit,” I said to myself. “And this is just Monday.”

Tuesday was much like Monday, except I noticed that there were a lot of girls who were conveniently hanging out around my locker during each break between classes. This was odd because my locker was down a side hallway. I even got shit from one of my friends,


“Dude, did you get arrested or something? I heard the weirdest story about you.”

“Shut the fuck up,” I said. “You bang one chick and look what happens.”

“Woah, now you’ve gotta tell me more, man!”

I walked off, shaking my head.

Throughout the day I noticed I never saw Alyssa. Her locker was kinda close to mine and I usually saw her at least once a day. I ran into Katrina after fifth hour and asked her what was up. She said her mom was pissed off, but everything was pretty cool. Her dad didn’t even know about it, she said. Cleaning cum up off the floor sucked, though, apparently.

I smiled sheepishly and rolled my eyes. Katrina said she had no idea where Alyssa was, but that she had been limping when she left her house. “Maybe she pulled a muscle from all that…” she looked around us in the hall nervously. “You know?”

“Maybe.” I said.

“I wanna do it again with you,” Katrina said, “but we’ll have to wait awhile for things to calm down. My mom will kill me if I get caught again.”

I nodded sadly. “Let me know when you can, baby. I looked deep into her eyes. She hugged me and I went to class.

After school I went to practice. I got chewed out by my coach. Big deal. So what if I skipped a practice?

I was leaving practice when the coach came up to me and told me I was supposed to go see Ms. Lewis and that a note had arrived while I was out running.

“Who’s Ms. Lewis?” I asked.

“Cheerleading/Dance coach,” my coach said, rolling his eyes. He shook his head at me as I walked off. “Lazy kid,” he mumbled.

I walked across to the gym, walked across the basketball court and into cheerleaders’ locker room. The last girl was walking out of practice, a willowy blonde named Christina, thin almost to the point of being ridiculous but with genuine D Cup tits.

“Oh! You should really knock when you come in,” she said.

“Sorry, I didn’t think anyone was in here.”

“That’s okay.” She abruptly looked down at my crotch for a split second and smiled at me nervously. “Well, maybe I’ll see you later.”

I nodded and smiled. “Definitely. Is Ms. Lewis around?”

“Yeah, she’s back in her office. See ya!”

I walked through the locker room and back to the coach’s office. I knocked. “Ms. Lewis? It’s Xxxx Xxxx.”

“Come in.”

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. I’d seen this girl before, but I’d thought she was an new student. Ms. Lewis was 5’6”, a brunette with deep brown eyes, had firm, average sized breasts and great legs. She was sitting in a tube top and khaki shorts behind her desk. She looked 20 tops but I thought she had to be at least 24.

“Ms. Lewis?” I said again, amazed at this girl’s drop-dead beauty and youth. Down below, something stirred. I hadn’t had sex in almost 24 hours.

“Sit down,” she said. I did. “I want you to tell me why Alyssa isn’t here at school today, why my star dancer, a girl who never misses a day of practice wasn’t here today, the day before the league volleyball match. And don’t lie. I hear more gossip in this locker room than you’d think. And keep in mind, I wasn’t that long ago that I was in high school.”

“No, I can tell,” I said. I was staring at her tits. Her nipples were visible through the white cotton shirt. “You really want to know the truth?”

“I already know it,” she said. “I want to hear you tell me.” Her voice changed from sweet and feminine to harsh in an instant.

“Well, I’m not sure… I mean, I can’t totally be sure why she wasn’t here, and…”

“Get to the point!” She glared at me ominously.

“I fucked her… I fucked her a lot.”

I gasped, amazed and terrified at what had just slipped out of my mouth. I kept going, babbling like an idiot.

“I did her and her friend and then I put it in her…”

“You fucked her ass, Xxxxx. Admit it. You fucked my star dancer in the God damned ass!” Her voice was loud and angry. I was suddenly very nervous. “You selfish prick. A girl that small… you probably ripped her right open. Plus, every other girl on the team knows about it. There goes her reputation.”

I thought that was unfair, as I hadn’t told anybody about my adventures.

She went on. “And you don’t give a fuck because now every girl in the school knows you’ve got a big stick in your pants. That’s all you asshole guys think about isn’t it? Just fuck a girl and move on. You guys are disgusting!”

“Listen, I didn’t mean to…”

“You didn’t mean to… what? Ruin my dance team? Fuck a girl until you injured her? Right. I’ll ask you this then, how big is your dick?”

“Excuse me?” I said.

“You heard me. Erect. How long; how fat. I know you narcissistic bastards all measure yourselves.” She stood up and leaned over the desk at me. I could see her cleavage now. Oddly enough, my dick started swelling.

“Narci… what?” I stammered. Greek mythology had never been a strong point of mine. She stared impatiently.

“Um. Eleven and a quarter inches long. Just a bit over eight around.”

She raised a plucked, thin eyebrow. “You’re lying of course. All you high school boys lie about your size. You’re like monkeys, dumb animals.”

“No, I promise. That’s how big it is.”

She paused, and then walked around her desk to stand in front of me. She eyed me up and down, her gaze lingering on my obviously growing bulge. She kept watching, obviously now. My eyes got big.

“M-Ms. Lewis?” I stammered.

“Shut up!” she went over and locked her door to her office. When she came back to me, I was desperately trying to readjust my bulge. She glared at me again.

“Pull it out.” She commanded. “Now.”

I stood up, fumbled with my belt and slid my pants and underwear down around my ankles.

She looked at my enormous dick and nodded as if satisfied.

“You make me sick,” she said, “but your dick is too big to pass up. I haven’t gotten anything near this size inside me since college.”

With that she dropped down to her knees and started jacking me off while sucking my balls. She shoved a hand down her pants to get her pussy revved up.

I stared down in utter disbelief. Was this really happening?

“After I suck you off I want you to cum in my mouth. Get it all in my mouth! If you make me a mess I’ll cut it off. You hear me? I will cut it off.” I nodded and believed her. “Then, you will /stay/ hard, turn me around and fuck me over that desk like an animal. As hard as you can until I tell you to stop. You don’t cum until I tell you to. Got it?” I nodded again and my head went in her mouth.

She had a wide mouth and got more of my dick in it than I thought was possible, the first three inches. She made the girls I’d been fucking look like amateurs. In less than five minutes I was shooting loads of cum into her mouth. I was terrified that she wouldn’t be able to swallow it, but she gulped and gulped and gulped, getting it all down like a pro. She gargled the last of it down and licked her lips in satisfaction.

Then she turned around, tugging her shorts down in the process, and kicking them to the side of the room. She wore no underwear.

She spread her ass cheeks wide revealing her pussy and asshole. I noticed both seemed to have seen quite a bit more use than Alyssa or Katrina’s.

I wouldn’t say my dick just fell into her, but it was night and day compared with Alyssa’s pussy. She grunted and moaned softly as I filled her. Seven, eight, nine, nine and a half. Damn! Nearly ten inches fit into this little package.

“Jam it in there deeper, you fucker!” She reached over her desk and pulled something out of her purse. In a minute it began to whirr mechanically. She handed me back a jumbo-sized dildo, slick with some sweet-smelling substance. “Put this in my other hole,” she said in the same commanding tone. “And start /really/ fucking me. Quit wasting my time!”

I pushed the dildo — it must have been eight inches long and six around — into her ass. It slid in surprisingly easy. I kept shoving it in and to my horror it disappeared within her ass. I gasped. She didn’t seem to care. “Don’t worry about it. Push it as far in as you can and then fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” My finger slid up her ass, moving the vibrating dildo deeper into her butt hole and then I moved my hand back to her hips. She arched her back and I started fucking her like she asked — as hard and fast as I possibly could.

“Yeah, that’s better!” she moaned. “It’s so tight now.” I had to agree, and the fact that the vibrator was separated from my cock by a thin wall of flesh made it even better. Fucking her was amazing. Almost too amazing. My balls began to tighten up and hug my shaft.

She was a mind reader. “If you cum right now I’ll cut your dick off. Remember… oh, fuck… oh, fuck… remember that.” And that was enough, my balls rolled back down to their normal position, in fact, I almost lost the erection completely.

The fucking went on interminably. I was riding a thin line between losing an erection and losing all my jizz nearly ten inches inside of this crazy whore.

Suddenly she started bucking like a horse at a rodeo. Her pussy got tighter and I could feel the vibrator being pushed out of her ass. Her vocal intensity changed, too.

“Uhh, Uhh, Uhh. Keep fucking me!” And then a pause as her pussy relaxed and then tightened again before: “Uhh, Uhh, fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck!” And again and again. Was she coming all these times? If so, it was amazing to behold, like something off of the National Geographic Channel.

Finally she stopped shaking and pulled away from me. She turned around and bent over. She grunted and pulled the vibrator out of her ass.

“That was pretty good,” she said. “It would have been better with two or three other guys, but that wasn’t bad at all for just one guy with a little dick like yours.” I almost smiled, but then thought better of it. She was obviously exaggerating… or was she? The bitch was crazy.

She grabbed my dick with both of her hands and pumped like crazy. After a few frenzied seconds she started chanting at me: “Cum! Cum! Cum! Cum! Fucking Cum! Cum! Cum!” while she pumped away.

“Cum!” Her long brown hair was flying all over the place and her tits were bouncing and jiggling.

“Cum!” The look in her eyes was terrifyingly sexy. This woman oozed sex.

“Cum!” Her voice was ragged with emotion.

I lost it. “I’m gonna shoot!” I moaned. She dove on my dick like a bird of prey, latching her lips around my target like a suction cup, her tongue flipping back and forth against my head at an insane pace.

I lost control of my bodily functions, farting loudly as I shot my load and moaning like the animal she had accused me of being. For the second time in a half hour I loosed a torrent of semen in her mouth; again she got it all down without the slightest gag, sucking it down like a fine wine.

“You cum tastes good,” she said and burped.

I just shook my head, trying to clear it of the haze that had settled in.

“Now put on your clothes and get out of here.” Her voice changed from the domineering sex-crazed nymphomaniac I had just witnessed to that of the calm, sweet dance instructor.

She handed me a card as I slid my boxers on. It had a phone number and her name on it. “That’s my home phone,” she said sweetly. “I’m going to tutor you this Sunday. That’s what you say if anyone asks. If you tell them what really happened or that you’re really coming over to fuck me all night…” her voice changed back, “I’ll tell the cops you raped me.”

Oh shit, I thought. This bitch is psycho. I kept getting dressed. She slipped her shorts back on, wiping her dripping wet pussy up with with a Kleenex. I put her card in my wallet.

I turned to leave.

“Oh, and Xxxxx,” she called out.

“Yeah?” I answered nervously.

“Keep that big dick of yours out of my girls’ asses. If you need to stick that thing in a girl’s ass so badly you can put it in mine this weekend as much as you want. Are we clear?” Such a sweet, innocent voice…

I nodded and got the hell out of there as fast as I could, rubbing my sore, over-worked dick through my shorts.

“Crazy bitch.”

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