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A Present For Callie

An original story by David Flint-copyright by David Flint

A man is bound in a basement with a number of torture devices present. He is naked and accompanied by two mistresses dressed in latex corsets. Their large tits are exposed as well as their pussies, their asses. They are moving about the man, smiling and running their fingers across his chest, his abdomen, his ass. They smile at each other in anticipation of what they intend to do with the man. Things they intend to do with his consent. He has a burning interest ,a passion if you will for the things the mistresses are going to do. He wants it. He CRAVES it. He has had a taste for pain stemming from sex enjoyed in the past where things were experimented with and found enjoyable. The mistresses enjoy inflicting pain. And the man intends to enjoy receiving the pain. As he has enjoyed the experimental pain before, he expects that the pleasure will be amped up by the professional mistresses. The two beautiful women were VERY experienced in dispensing pain, and they derived GREAT pleasure in such dispensation. Deliberately inflicting pain made their pussies warm and wet. And the man expected to have an INTENSE orgasm, perhaps several from their ability to deliver said erotica. The two women carried crops each. A thin rod about 2-3 feet long, slightly flexible and equipped with a small square surface at the end. Capable of delivering sharp succinct pain, it was an invaluable tool for the two mistresses. They also had in their arsenal of tools, clamps to be affixed to the mans nipples, clamps with ugly wicked teeth designed to hold on to the sensitive flesh with searing erotic painful pleasure. The teeth were designed to be gentle, quite the opposite in fact. As the two mistresses pinched the mans nipples so they stuck out about an inch, they applied the wicked looking clamps to his nipples bringing a groan immediately from his throat. He shrunk away from the clamps but came back. The mistresses smacked him time and again with their crops. One reached down and cupped his balls and squeezed. He again shrunk away but came back. The mistress smiled as she applied pressure to his balls without mercy. GOD, she loved to inflict this torture. And she had no shortage of subjects in which to practice her pleasure. Releasing the balls, the mistress reached up and took hold of a nipple clamp and twisted it bringing on a cry of anguish while the other mistress continued smacking him with the crop. They laughed at each other with the sight of the mans apparent anguish. They pinched him and when he opened his mouth, they spit in it. He kept thanking them for the spit. He swallowed and smiled as it slid down his throat. Then one of the mistresses said to the other-“You know his girlfriend is watching?” The second mistress smiled and nodded. A bit off to the side, was a laptop with a camera. The mistresses were streaming the action live to the mans girlfriend. She had a front row seat to see her naked man receive intense pain from the two women. This was not a tug of war between the women and the man. He had asked for this. As stated before, having experimented during sex in the past, the man had enjoyed pain and he expected to have the pleasure amped up to euphoric levels by these two professionals. And the idea that his girlfriend was watching made him all the more excited. The mistresses would ask her what to do and she would advise on what she wanted them to do with her man. The girlfriend was in the drivers seat to an extent and she was looking forward to it. She had her own personal interest in the event. She wanted to experience erotic pain herself but was very nervous about actually having it done. The laptop showed her picture to the mistresses, the girlfriends laptop showed the man bound,naked.
One of the mistresses asked the girlfriend-“You are there?” The girlfriend clearly visible on the screen, nodded. The mistress asked again-“Do you like what you see?” Again the girlfriend nodded. She was feeling her own excitement. She sat at a table in her home, her legs slightly apart. As yet, she was not touching herself, not even having her hands on her legs but she was feeling some heat between her legs. This was her man and he was getting what he wanted from two women who didn’t know him from Adam. They knew only that they would cum from making him suffer and they wanted to cum.
The mistress asked the girlfriend-“What do you want us to do with your man?” Within a moment. a blinking cursor at the bottom of the screen started moving. “I want him to lick a strapon.” The mistress smiled and spoke to the other one. “His girlfriend wants him to suck a strapon.” The other mistress smiled and they wriggled into their harnesses complete with large plastic cocks. They unfastened the mans wrists from the chains above and put him in a chair and chained his hands to his side. He looked at the strapons and wondered. He couldn’t see what his girlfriend had typed. He hadn’t heard the conversation between the mistresses. They kept slapping his face and kept spitting in his mouth. One spoke to him-“Slave, I want you to suck my cock. And you’d better do it RIGHT!” The mistress pulled his jaw down and inserted her cock. She thrust it and pulled it out. The other mistress was dividing her attention between the mouth fucking and the laptop. The blinking cursor started moving again. “I want him to gag.” The mistress with the cock was informed of the girlfriends request and she shoved the cock deeper into the man’s mouth. As the cock hit his tonsils, he gagged and received a slap, and a warning informing him to accept the cock without protest. The man nodded as the mistress fucked his mouth brutally, not caring about his comfort level. That wasn’t quite true. The mistress DID care about the mans comfort level.The less comfort, the better where she was concerning. The blinking cursor moved again. The second mistress informs the fucking mistress-“The girlfriend wants to see him cry. She wants to see tears.” The fucking mistress was only too happy to oblige. She grabbed the mans head in her hands and proceeded to fuck him FORCEFULLY ramming her cock in hard and fast. The man choked and his tears started streaming, flowing down both cheeks. The blinking cursor started moving again-“FUCK! This is HOT! More, More, M O R E. FUCK HIS MOUTH HARDER!!” The mistress fucks the mans mouth without mercy and he is crying uncontrollably. She laughs at him and lets him know-“You might want a new girlfriend. She is enjoying this as much as we are. She might want to fuck your mouth when you get home.” The man is not only gagging each time the cock invades his throat, he is nearing the point of puking from the merciless pounding of his throat and with each thrust comes a struggle for breath. Then without warning, the mistress stops and gives the man a chance to breathe. The blinking cursor starts moving again-“I want to see his ass VIOLATED!! ” The second mistress smiles and tells the fucking mistress of the girlfriends request. The fucking mistress tells the girlfriend, “Oh, we’ll violate his ass all right, but we’ll do it right. “With that the fucking mistress positions the other mistress onto a nearby table. The second mistress lays on her stomach leaving her ass up in the air. The fucking mistress gets behind the other one and puts the head of her cock against the other mistress’ asshole. She pushes gently at first, gaining entrance and bringing a moan from the other one. The fucking mistress pulls out slightly and pushes in gently, deeper. This brings a longer, deeper moan. The fucking mistress getting her cock fully inside the ass of the other mistress starts fucking her with a little more deliberation. The other mistress is moaning her pleasure. The man is watching this with interest. But this is the GENTLE fucking. The man will receive no such treatment. No such gentleness. The mistresses are prepared to fuck him HARD. They wonder if the mans girlfriend will enjoy his fucking as much as they will. After a few minutes of deep methodical thrusts, the fucking mistress finally pulls out of the other one’s ass. The girlfriend can see the glistening of the ass juices on the cock. The other mistress gets the man up and moves him to a table. He is laid down on his back and strapped down. The fucking mistress goes to the laptop and with a few keystrokes changes the camera angle to give the girlfriend a spilt screen,She’ll be able to see both ends of the mans fucking. The mistress tells the girlfriend-“I hope you enjoy this as much as we’re going to.” A moment later, the blinking cursor starts moving. “Fuck him H A R D! I want him screaming! I want to see the floor wet from his crying!” The fucking mistress smiled and turns to the man. He has been positioned for their pleasure. The mistress who received the gentle ass fucking is standing prepared at the mans ass. His legs are parted and laying as far apart as can be comfortably. The fucking mistress is standing near his head. She lets him know about the girlfriends request. “Your girlfriend must be mad at you. You may have to buy her some flowers when we’re done having our way. She wants you fucked HARD! And we’re going to do it. We’re going to tear your ass and mouth up SO hard that she cums watching you.” With that, the mistress at his ass prepares to invade VIOLENTLY. The fucking mistress takes the mans head and positions it so his throat is a straight line from his mouth to his stomach. The blinking cursor starts moving with a slight beep. The fucking mistress turns around. “GO!” She nods to the other mistress and the two simultaneously assault the man. With only the slightest amount of lube, the mistress at the mans ass drives the cock in to the hilt. As he opens his mouth to scream, the ass juice coated cock invades his mouth entering his throat preventing his scream from being heard. The two mistresses fuck him as both the girlfriend requested and they had intended from the beginning. This is what they do. Men come to them to be used. Men come to them to practically be raped and the two mistresses are only too happy to oblige. The ass mistress fucks the man with a feverish tempo that makes his flesh pull out with each withdrawal of the cock and push back in with each thrust. The pain is bringing sobs that are hard and heavy from the man but he cannot cry so any can hear because he has a cock in his mouth preventing anything but a slight gargling to escape. The ass juices coating the cock gather at his lips and begin trickling down his cheeks dripping to the floor. The girlfriend sees the white froth at his mouth and types “FUCK,I JUST came! OMG, There’s a puddle below me. ” The mistresses don’t hear this due to the muffled cries from the man. They only know they are having the time of their life fucking with no regard for the fucked. They fuck without mercy laughing about their actions. After awhile, the man quits moving, he wasn’t moving much fro the beginning, being strapped down as he was. But he stops the little movement he had been capable of. His ass has turned an angry red. His mouth still accepting the intrusion down into his throat. The mouth mistress sees the movement stopped and takes hold of the nipple clamps and twists each to get the man’s eyes back open wide. He starts his muffled screaming again but doesn’t last long. The mouth mistress looks back at the laptop and laughing to the ass mistress. “Hey, she came. We did a good job fucking her man. So now once we’re tired, we can pull out. “And the key word was ‘tired. The mistresses fully intended to fuck the man until THEY were tired of it. They relentlessly fucked both his ass and his mouth until finally, pinching, slapping, they felt their own orgasms nearing. Each screamed as they soaked the floor under them with their squirting orgasms. When they finally pulled out of the man, his ass was showing signs BEYOND angry. And because he DID enjoy pain, somewhere in the process, he came, shooting the cum up onto his chest. The mouth mistress rubbed his cum into his skin as she smiled broadly. He was mostly silent as they prepared to remove their apparel and clean it. They unstrapped the man and left him to dress himself and stagger out.

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