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This is a work of fiction. All persons are intended to be age 18 and above.


By anonymous.a


I wish I’d been around when gas stations were full-service.

I’ve heard the old-timers’ stories about how you’d pull into a gas station and a guy wearing a white uniform would rush out, pump your gas, clean your windshield, check the oil, air up the tires, and do just about everything short of giving you a blowjob. That must have been nice.

A blowjob would’ve been nice, too.

But not as nice as getting out of your car to stretch your legs, taking a piss in a clean bathroom, and browsing the aisles for snacks, sodas and lottery tickets. That’s one of the benefits of living in the 21st century. Cars are a lot more reliable, and gas stations have evolved into convenience stores, where you can buy things other than just fan belts or oil filters. Oh, and if there’s a cute guy at cash register, that’s an added bonus. If there are TWO cute guys behind the counter? You can skip the lottery ticket because you just hit the jackpot.

Something like that happened not long ago. One Saturday I decided to check out a festival in a town about an hour down the road … except everyone else had ALSO decided to check out the festival. Traffic was at a standstill. After two hours of being trapped in that claustrophobic snarl, I looked downroad to see an unmoving line of cars baking in the sun. My butt was numb, my gas pedal foot was sore and I was tired of the kid in the back seat of the car next to me making weird faces every time they pulled abreast. When I got the chance I veered into a lane cut-out, turned around and headed back. Instead of taking the same route home, which I knew would be choked with traffic, I decided to drive a little-used two-lane road that wound through the country. It led to a town about 15 miles north of my place. I could take the highway south and be home in time for dinner and a couple of beers.

It was a pleasant drive. Traffic was moving and it was nice to see a bit of nature, something I missed living in the suburbs. I drove through a couple of rain showers and used the wipers to clear the drops and scrub the bug carcasses off the windshield.

As I entered town before taking the highway south, I stopped at a gas station and convenience store. My bladder had been nagging me the past 15 minutes and it wouldn’t take no for an answer. I don’t like using convenience store bathrooms without buying something, so when I finished (the damn hand dryer didn’t work and there were no paper towels), I picked up a soft drink from the cooler and headed for the counter.

As I approached the counter from behind I spotted two asses – distinctly male asses. One was attached to a slender young man wearing khakis. The other was also a young man, a little stockier and meatier, the shorter of the two. Both would have made my list of fuckable guys and my eyes went into full lecherous middle-aged man mode.

When I came around front I saw that the stockier boy was talking to a drab woman closer to my age. One glance told me she was cougaring the young hottie, and he didn’t mind the attention. She seemed flustered and unwilling to leave, despite having wrapped up whatever story she’d been telling him. HE was a guy in his early to middle 20s, about 5-9, with close-cropped blonde hair, a pleasantly round, Englishy face, and an average build – the kind of guy you see every day and never pay a bit of attention to, unless you’re a connoisseur of men. Like me.

The other attendant jumped out at me at once. He was tall and thin, at least 6 feet but weighing not more than 145, with a trimmed helmet of brown hair, a thin, thin waist (probably not more than 28 inches), and a hint of a bulge showing in his baggy pants. Guys like him looked unremarkable until they dropped their drawers to reveal a monstrous cock. He looked like he could be packing such a weapon. But what drew me to him was his boyish, friendly expression, which was extremely … er … welcoming. I wanted to reach over the counter, pull his face into mine and give him a long, soul-full kiss, right there in front of God, his hot-looking coworker and the pudgy female admirer.

I put my Diet Pepsi down on the counter and reached for my wallet. “Hi, how’s it going?” the tall drink of water said. I could see he was not a kid. Maybe younger than the other fellow, but his teen years lay somewhere in the past. His nametag said “Austin.”

“I’m doing great, now,” I said, peeling two bucks out of my wallet and handing them to him. I managed to prolong the moment when my fingers touched the palm of his hand, as if a message, Da Vinci like, might flicker from my libido to his in a subtle bolt of desire. If he noticed, I couldn’t tell. Meanwhile, the woman to my left exhausted her trove of excuses for delaying and finally headed for the door, probably to go home, throw herself on the bed, lube up the dildo and pretend it was the guy behind the counter probing her sloppy depths. I know that’s what I planned to do if nothing came of my visit other than an empty bladder and a stomach full of Diet Pepsi.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Austin. He was just dreamy looking, and his body fit my idea of perfection. I love those tall, skinny boys. I love plundering their long, thin bodies and their oh-so-tight assholes. It’s more than sensual to watch a guy writhe under your touch, his body twisting and shaking in ecstasy as he submits to the will of another male and surrenders his steamy holes.

He noticed my stare and said, “What?” in a half jocular, half puzzled tone of voice. “What are you looking at? Do I need a nose check?”

In my old age I’ve discovered luck favors the bold. In my youth I would never have been so forward, but now that I was 39 and running out of time in the gay world (which worships youthful skin, good looks and muscle tone), I had learned it was better to be up front and direct in your advances. Most of time they didn’t pan out, but sometimes they did. What’s the old expression? Venture nothing and nothing is gained? That’s my personal credo.

So I said, “I was staring at you because you’re just so damn good-looking,” at which point Austin blushed so hard and so deeply I thought his body would turn wrong-side out. He grinned and looked down at the counter as I continued, “If were closer to your age I’d be asking for your phone number.”

“Whoaaaaa,” the other boy said in a loud Spicoli voice, almost laughing. “Austin, you’ve got a fan! A big fucking fan!”

Austin closed his eyes and pointed his face at the ceiling, as if seeking divine intervention. “Dammit! If only you were hot 19-year-old blonde cheerleader,” he whispered with a laugh.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” the other guy quickly volunteered, drawing a look of surprise from Austin and me, and instantly boosting my level of interest. “You never, EVER turn down a free blowjob. NEVER.”

Austin glared at him. “Are you crazy? This dude’s a DUDE.”

The other guy held up his hands in surrender. “Your dick doesn’t care who the mouth is attached to, man. And personally, it’s been my experience that gay guys give better head than chicks.”

Austin curled his lip and his co-worker interjected, “Just saying – they do. They know what feels good to a guy – because they’re guys. Of course, if you’re gonna be picky. …”

I gave him another looking over. He was a hot boy in his own way and I would have been checking him out more intently were it not for Austin’s fine distraction. I told him, “Same goes for you, dude. Either one of you want to give me your number I’ll happily take it. But be prepared because I WILL call you.”

“I don’t know,” the other boy said. His nametag said “Nick.” “You’re a lot older than the guys I’ve let polish my knob.”

“I didn’t know you were gay! Why the hell didn’t you say anything about this before?” Austin interrupted, his tone one of incredulity. “It’s not like we haven’t been working together the last six months!”

“I’m not gay, dumbass. I like blowjobs. Never, ever turn down a chance at a free blowjob.”

“Jesus. You think you know somebody. …” Austin grumbled. He wasn’t really angry. A subtle smile had crept into his expression. He might have been a little surprised his coworker had hidden this little detail from him, but if so, it didn’t seem like he was THAT bothered.

I turned back to Nick. “Yeah, I’m almost twice your age,” I said. “But that means I’ve got twice the experience. You’d be surprised what I can do with my tongue.”

Nick’s eyebrows shot up, and his mouth began to curl into something that resembled a smile except there was a second meaning to it, an unmistakable expression that proved he had sampled the wares of man-on-man sex in the past, and liked what he had done. He glanced around the store, as if looking to see if anyone had overheard our conversation. The place was empty. Then he looked at me slyly.

“How about a little taste?”

“Oh, God,” Austin moaned. “Are you two gonna go at it right here in the store? You do realize there are cameras watching every corner of the place!”

Nick gave him a wicked smile. “There aren’t any cameras in the men’s room.”

I gave him a jerk of my head, inviting him to come along with me as I made my way back to the piss hole. He quickly stepped away from the counter and followed. As we headed to the rear of the story I heard Austin mutter, “Degenerates. I can’t believe the shit I have to put up with.”

“Don’t pay any attention to him,” Nick snickered as we went into the bathroom. He closed the door and locked it. “He’s a drama queen, all bark and no bite. And I think he’s a closet bi. I’ll bet you in five minutes he’s back here knocking on the door.”

The thought of Austin’s skinny flanks within my grip, and that horse dick I suspected was hanging between his legs, got me instantly hard. I made my intentions known to Nick by dropping to my knees and reaching up to undo the button on his pants. Then I unzipped them and pulled them down, the fabric whispering over his bare flesh. He was wearing striped blue cotton tighties, which featured a prominent bulge up front. I leaned in close and inhaled deeply; his scent was meaty and a little stale, as if it had been awhile since he’d taken them off. I wondered if he wore his undies more than one day.

“We’re gonna have to make this fast,” he said in a low, hoarse voice. I could see the bulge in his underwear was growing and pulling at the flap, so I grabbed the waist of his shorts on both sides and yanked them down.

Out sprang a decent-sized dick and a wonderfully hairy set of balls. His cock was still growing but I estimated at full mast it would hit somewhere between 5½ and 6 inches. It didn’t taper to the tip; rather, the diameter was uniform all the way to the champagne cork of a cap, which was significantly wider. Already a pearlescent drop of pre-cum had gathered at the pisshole. I reached up and with my index finger, wiped it up and then stuck my finger in my mouth, running my tongue over the tip. It had a slight taste of something, some essential essence, and it coated my tongue with a gluey layer of goodness. I smacked my lips as Nick stared down at me, smiling, his cock now rock hard.

“Go ahead,” Nick said in a husky whisper. “Put it your mouth.”

I did what I was told.

His cock slid to the back of my mouth and I wrapped my lips around the shaft. I tried not to touch it with my teeth, but to be honest, when guys – especially the ones who have read too many online porn stories – talk about keeping their teeth off the dick, I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. I mean, unless you suck your lips into your mouth and wrap them over the tops of your teeth, it’s damn near impossible to keep from touching the guy with your teeth. What I TRY to do is not bite, and that’s how I handled Nick – swallowing that corn cob of a dick and letting it go down toward my throat, the little bit that did, while massaging the underside of the shaft with my tongue.

His flesh was warm and supple. When I pulled off his dick momentarily, tasting his flesh as if I had been slurping on a cock-flavored Popsicle, I detected salt and a little bit of sweat and the funk of a younger man whose glands are in an uproar. I hurriedly stuffed it back into my mouth and began working on it with a purpose, running my tongue all over the shaft, pulling back to poke at the pisshole, swallowing it back down, sucking hungrily. I reached up with my left hand and cupped his balls, which were held in that now-tight furry sack; with my other hand I reached around his butt cheek and found his ass crack. My fingers slid up and down that crevice, seeking the nexus of heat and funk I knew to be hiding there.

Nick moaned and began pumping my face. His pubic hairs ground into my nose, releasing their own odor of crotch funk that cooked off the bristly strands like a forbidden spice found only in hidden places. I stopped bobbing as he poked and prodded at my face with his crotch. Meanwhile, my questing fingers had found their target and proceeded to slowly part the entrance of his secret love button, which seemed to trigger the animal lust within.

Nick suddenly grabbed my head and began thrusting hard into my mouth as his love hole sucked my middle finger inside. “Not – gonna – last!” he grunted and then thrust a final time, holding it as a cry of ecstasy escaped his lips. A huge shot of sperm slammed into the back of my throat. As I massaged his balls and poked at his butt with my finger, a series of smaller eruptions filled up my mouth, forcing me to swallow most of his slimy secretions.

“Oh God, oh God,” he moaned as he pumped his cock into my mouth, his balls emptying themselves of their precious contents. I kept him inside me until his spasms subsided and his cock began to lose some of its rigidity, sucking at his peehole like a straw, trying to drink every lost drop of the intoxicating brew pouring from his testicles.

His cock went limp and I let it fall from my mouth. I swallowed every trace of his spunk, which covered my tongue, the walls of my mouth, even my teeth.

“Dude, that was awesome!” Nick enthused, backing up and wiping off his cock. My finger had been squeezed from his hole. I used a bit of toilet paper to clean it, although I needn’t have bothered. He was clean down there.

At that moment there came a knock on the door. Through the wood I heard a muffled, “Are you perverts through in there? I could use some help on the register.”

Nick sniggered and shook his head. “God, what a little pussy. You really do need to give him a taste of what he’s missing. In fact, just stay where you are. I got this.” And with that he buttoned himself up and yanked the door open.

Austin was standing there and when he saw me on my knees, a look of shock popped into his expression. Nick grabbed him by both shoulders and whispered, “Dude, you have GOT to let this guy do his thing. I’m telling you, he knows what the hell he’s doing. He’s the fuckin’ Leonardo Da Vinci of cocksucking, and you would be OUT of your FUCKING mind if you let an opportunity like this pass you by.” With each word emphasized he gave Austin a firm shake. “NEVER, EVER turn down a free blow job.” Austin started to say something and Nick interrupted him: “NEVER.” And then he shoved Austin inside the bathroom and pulled the door shut. Austin reached for the doorknob and I said, “No, Austin. Stay here. Live dangerously. You’ll love it.”

He looked down at me. His cheeks were glowing with red splotches and nostrils narrowed and then flared as he sucked in lungsful of air. Clearly he was nervous as hell and I tried to settle his nerves a bit.

“Look, Austin,” I began in a calm voice. “It’s a blow job. Not a marriage proposal. Not a lifetime commitment. You’re not going to go to hell. I don’t have cooties and you won’t turn gay if I suck on your cock a few minutes. In fact, what’ll happen is about a minute or two into it you’ll decide it feels pretty damn good, and five minutes into it you’ll wonder how the hell you went through life without trying it before. Now. Set your brain aside for a little while, drop your drawers, and let me make you feel good. OK?”

His expression curdled, as if he had just taken a bite of a wormy apple. He looked at the wall, and you could see the war taking place inside him, the prohibitions against homosexuality he had been taught all his life fighting against his desire. He fidgeted, and cleared his throat. And then he sighed loudly, closed his eyes and shook his head.

“I am going to fucking hate myself in the morning,” he said, but he undid the button on his khakis and let them fall to his knees. And then he pulled down his boxers.

My God, I had been right.

It wasn’t a dick that hung between his legs. It was a billy club. A nightstick. A baseball bat – whatever the hell you want to call it. Soft, it was at least 8 inches long, a thick cock, uncircumsized, that tapered to a narrow wrinkle of foreskin, as pink as his cheeks and traced with blood vessels. I felt my face sagging into shock. It was hardening, and growing longer. Even that married man, the hulk I had sucked off on my way to the park for a walk one morning, hadn’t been this well endowed. Austin was gifted with a horse dick. Whoever he married would be one lucky bitch.

It hung from a sparse patch of brown pubes, and behind lay a pair of low-hanging testicles, huge in their own right. A guy like me could get lost in this crotch. It was like the Disney World of guy junk. I planted my face against that massive package and breathed deeply. My God, it was pungent, serving up all the flavorings of a young man who hadn’t showered yet today. Heat radiated from that massive missile and carried with it even more delicious aromas that were undetectable unless you got real close. It was almost a smell of meat cooking in a crockpot. My mouth began to water.

I gripped Austin’s hips. I felt his muscles tremble. He was still nervous, and I decided to move quickly before he changed his mind. I took his dick in my hand, peeled back the foreskin and started swallowing it.

I say “started” because obviously, a dick this size did not simply go into one’s mouth. It would take effort, and pretty good control over the gag reflex, to do a proper job of sucking it off. Never one to pass up a challenge, I set to work going up and down on the shaft, trying to open the back of my mouth so it would fit down my throat. I wanted it buried in my completely so that a curious bystander would see only Austin’s pubes grinding into my nose and his balls draped over my chin.

I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him more deeply into me, and I heard him gasp. His cock was now growing stiffer and longer. I could feel it lengthening as it went down my throat, the air hissing through my nose as it was no longer possible for me to breath through my mouth. I took his balls into my hand and rubbed them against the underside of my chin, then pulled back off his dick, letting it out momentarily so I could swallow. I felt his hand cup the back of my head as he thrust his cock back down the tight channel of my throat, and his ass muscles clenching and unclenching. They were now slick with sweat.

We did that for several minutes, his movements becoming more confident and my efforts accommodating his escalating urgency. Just as I had done with Nick, I used my fingers to explore his ass crack. It was very sweaty back there and I could feel wisps of hair between his cheeks. A part of me wanted to turn him around and plunge my face into that exotic canyon of flesh and muscle, but I really didn’t think he’d go for that. Getting him to put his cock in my mouth had been like climbing Mount Everest. My finger eventually did manage to brush against his fun hole,  and when that happened he squeezed his buttocks shut and thrust his crotch forward, as if trying to protect his anus from intrusion. But I continued worming my finger into that spot and as I rubbed his hole, he began to let up and respond to the pleasure I knew he must be feeling.

He was powering his cock into me then. His balls were swinging back and forth, banging into my chin, and he was grunting with each thrust. He had stopped clenching his ass cheeks and my finger continued its subtle assault on his rectum, coaxing it to dilate so I could get it in. I wanted desperately to be inside this straight boy, to have my finger buried past the second knuckle so that it too had vanished within his body, just as his cock and vanished into mine.

Suddenly the tip of my finger popped inside his steamy hole. He gasped with unexpected delight and I wasted no time easing it in further, using his sweat as lube. Again, he grabbed my head with both hands and started fucking my face hard, that massive cock pushing down my throat like an anaconda seeking to devour its prey from the inside out. My finger bottomed out in his rectum and I began fucking him with it as he pillaged my mouth, and together we struck up a rhythm that in less than a minute, produced the desired result.

“I’m gonna cum!” he whispered fiercely and then he froze, the muscles in ass thrumming as his cock injected massive spurts of cum directly into my stomach. His asshole clamped down on my finger and pulsed with the waves of his orgasm as he held me firmly in place and filled me up with his spew. I wiggled my finger, which produced another spasm of jism, and I held that position for as long as I could, allowing him to enjoy every last moment of his climax.

Eventually his grip began to relax and I pulled his cock out of my throat. Keeping the foreskin peeled back, I licked and sucked the remaining dregs of his brew, tasting for the first time the flavor of his ball juice. How to describe it? A kind of earthy musk, in ways very similar to every other guy I had sucked and in other ways uniquely different. I pulled off and smacked my lips, enjoying the feel of it in my mouth.

Austin was breathing heavily, his chest working like a bellows. Rivulets of sweat trickled down his thighs. I thought I saw a hint of a smile on his face, but it might well have been relief – that it was over, or that his sexual tension had been drained away. No matter. We both had performed.

I eased my finger from his ass. It had a smear of shit on it, which I wiped off with toilet paper. Clearly my boy Austin had not prepared himself for an anal intrusion this day.

I got up and washed my hands. I would need to get home quickly, before the heat of our encounter completely subsided, Like that frumpy woman before, I planned to flop down on my bed with a bottle of lube and my favorite dildo and relive these moments as I fucked myself.

Austin had pulled up his boxers and khakis and was buttoning the button.

“Well?” I asked.

He grinned sheepishly, the reddish blotches on his cheeks glowing as if they were radioactive. He pulled his shirt down over his pants.

“That was damn good,” he whispered breathlessly. “I don’t know that I’m going to let the next guy blow me, but that was damn good. Thanks.”

“No, man. Thank you. I loved sucking off you guys.”

He turned and opened the door a crack, peeking to see if anyone was outside. When he saw the coast was clear he stepped outside of the bathroom and turned, held up his hand and asked me to wait a minute before I came out. Then he hustled for the registers.

I checked myself in the mirror. Hair, totally messed up. But no cum was running down my chin. Maybe a little drool, but no cum. It was all in my stomach. I patted myself there with a satisfied grin, then left the bathroom and went to the cooler, where I found another Diet Pepsi. The one I had taken out earlier had gotten hot.

As I went to the counter, Nick smiled broadly and said, “Hey man, it’s on me. I mean, it’s the least I can do, right?” And then he gave Austin a knowing wink. Austin blushed and stared at the counter. I knew the minute I left Nick would be ribbing him, but who knows? If he enjoyed that much maybe HE would be the one on his knees in the bathroom, with Austin’s fearsome weapon jammed down his throat. I would pay money to see that!

I turned to leave the store. As I reached the door I looked back. They were both watching me. Austin smiled sheepishly.

“You know, gas is cheaper up here,” I said, speaking to the both of them. “I think from now on I’ll be coming to this store … you know … for a fill-up.”

And then I walked out to my car.

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