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A Break In The Day

A Break In The Day An Original Story by David Flint Copyright by David Flint


She was in her home,leaning over a table. The room was lit but only slightly. The sun had only recently risen so the room was bathed in shadows. As she was home,she was dressed MOST comfortably,wearing a sheer cover-up that barely concealed any of her assets. She wore panties. She was not aware of him entering the room. He was dressed only in boxers and spied his passion. The reason his heart warmed and his blood stirred. Her ass. Barely covered in the sheer material and sticking out slightly since she was leaned over a table examining something laying there. Her dark hair cascaded over her face obscuring her. Her body ,like the room,was bathed in shadows. Being barefoot on their floor,he made no noise as he approached ,his eyes on his prize. Her amazing ass. He silently knelt down behind her and gently lowered the panties covering his passion.
She was barely aware of his lips on her ass cheeks,grazing her flesh . Putting gentle tender kisses all over each cheek. The time to be more forceful will be later. She smiled as she felt his lips on her flesh. But between the low light and her hair,her smile could only be partially seen. His kisses turned to licks,the licks turned to gentle nibbles. She knew of his passion for her ass.She was familiar with his interests,knew where he would go,what would come next. His hands were on her cheeks. Her eyes closed from the sensation,the anticipation for what would come next but the shadows hid them. He took her cheeks in his hands and spread them apart. There it was! The object of his desire. The part of her he hungered for . Her tight little asshole. The part of her,some experts say,is the most sensitive of her body. Yes,when his tongue explored her pussy ,her mouth, there was sensitivity she enjoyed. Enjoyment to the point that she usually came in his mouth .It was what he expected. It was his reward for her pleasure. He had his own pleasure he enjoyed and she knew them. She would sometimes get on top of him so he could feel her softness,her warmth as she rode his cock to her satisfaction sometimes biting ,chewing where he enjoyed having it done. She particularly enjoyed when she reciprocated his passion for giving her pleasure resulted in his cumming a fountain inside her pussy. But that is not was happening at present. He was worshipping the part of her that brought his blood to a boil.
He spread her cheeks and moved his face closer to asshole. He could smell her musk,her womanness that he lived for. Her ass smelled sweet ,fruity. His tongue met her hole. Her eyes squinted from the sensation. She expected she would be enjoying this but it was never the same level twice. Sometimes better,sometimes not so ,but always enjoyable from beginning to end. He licked her crack,covering every inch both sides continuously making her think he was about to descend to his passion but dancing around repeatedly. Once her crack was dampened on both sides,he centered on her ass muscle. He licked across. He licked around the rim of the muscle. She moaned in anticipation of his eating her. Her head moved side to side slowly as he licked around her hole. She knew he was enjoying himself as well but he was a bit of a trickster,not always following the same pattern. He pushed gently on her muscle with his tongue and penetrated her ever so slightly. She groaned at the thought of his tongue being completely inside her. But he did not do that. He licked her hole some more,driving her a little insane with being ready to be eaten. Then to her surprise,he backed away.
“WTF Are you going to eat me or what?” She thought to her self. But ‘daddy’ had other ideas. He leaned back just slightly and licked his middle finger of one hand slightly and with her other hand keeping her cheek pulled away,he penetrated her ass ever so slightly. Her ass of course was VERY tight even with the attention he was giving it so his finger met resistance. He removed his finger and licking to remove the little bit of her on his tip,he gave it more saliva for lubrication. The finger at her hole again being more slick penetrated a bit further but still met resistance. He removed it again and licked all of her from his skin,savoring every drop of nectar from her ass and applied even more saliva then with resolve this time,placed his finger at her muscle and penetrated,all the way this time. She gasped as she felt her muscle give way to his finger. True it wasn’t his cock but it was relatively early in the day so anything felt big to her ass. He pulled his finger out to the first joint and reinserted it. It was hard to tell who enjoyed it more. With his free hand,he lowered his boxers and began stroking his erect cock. He finger fucked her ass and stroked his cock preparing for the next phase. She moved her ass around with each insertion of his finger. Her eyes ,shrouded in shadows ,remained closed while she got into the finger fucking.She could barely tell he was jerking off with all her attention being focused on her pleasurable sensations. She was SO entertained by the thought that he was receiving pleasure by giving her pleasure.
He continued finger fucking her,her ass kept moving with each inward thrust of his finger. She moaned slightly with each motion,inward and outward. He kissed her cheek,kept up the stroking of his cock,savoring each pleasurable sound she was making. Then when he felt his orgasm nearing,he removed his finger from her ass and stuck it in his mouth. He LOVED the nectar she made when she was aroused. And this time was no different. He licked his chops as he sucked every semblance of her off his finger,then when he was about to ejaculate,he put his ass fucking finger to the tip of his cock. He captured every drop of his cum on his hand and raised it to her ass. He smeared his cum all around her muscle and stuck some slightly inside. She opened her eyes ,not expecting this cooling sensation at this time. Then he put his face back to her ass and using his own cum for lubrication,forced his tongue fully into her ass resulting in her throwing her head back,her hair flying back with the sudden movement. Still though,the shadows subdued her reaction. She still couldn’t be seen in the shrouds but her loud moans as her ass was penetrated by cum covered tongue penetrated every corner of the room. Good thing they weren’t in an apartment with paper thin walls. Everyone would know she was being eaten.
She clinched her cheeks together with the ecstasy of her ass being tongue fucked .She bucked with each thrust of his eager tongue. She marveled in the pleasure she was affording her. And every moan,every buck,every swish of her head one way to the other with her beautiful hair being whipped around almost violently just intensified his passion for eating her ass. She supported herself with one hand on the table and reached back with the other to press his face deeper into her ass crack. GOD she was enjoying every inward thrust,her pussy was getting hotter and wetter with each probe of his tongue.
“Oh,I hope this NEVER ends! I hope I die with his tongue in my ass! Oh I have never felt this MAGNIFICENT!!!” she thought as she wriggled with again each probe of his tongue. He had tongue fucked her before but there was something SPECIAL about this one. She didn’t know what it was,she only knew it felt magnificently. She was feeling euphoria and grateful that he had a thing for her ass. Now each time he thrust his tongue deeper and deeper inside her,she felt her arousal juices starting to dribble down her leg. Her pussy was on fire now,but she needed one hand to support herself as she had long since lost the feeling in her knees. They were incapable of supporting her. She would just have to clean herself up when he got done with his morning meal. With him moving his tongue around inside her ass as well as in and out fucking her,she felt her own euphoria growing higher and higher, Her eyes turned up in her sockets but no one could see it in the shadows shrouding her. The only part of her fully visible was her ass being fucked with a passion she hadn’t experienced before. He was good at fucking her but SHIT,what got into him this morning. She didn’t know what but whatever it was ,she would have to expose home to it more. She was starting to arch her back with each lick of his tongue inside her. Her moans were turning to groans. She was nearing orgasm and she wasn’t sure she would be able to stand when it came on. He had his eyes closed and was concentrating on her taste. She was his favorite flavor. MUSK with a large portion of LUST on the side. She was sweating profusely now so his hands were slipping off her sides. He wasn’t worried about that. He had what he wanted. Her ass juices coating his tongue and washing down his throat with his own spit . Her bucking with each move he made. This was his absolute favorite kind of meal.
She had almost nearly laid her stomach down on the table as he felt her movements changing. She was coming up on an uncommon anal orgasm. Not unheard of but not an everyday thing. When her orgasm rocked her body and streamed down her leg ,she screamed with a tightening of her ass to the point that for a moment,his tongue was stuck in her ass. He didn’t mind since he loved her taste. Then to let her cool down after her orgasm,he pulled out,feeling her muscle tighten again pushing his tongue out. He worked on getting all her taste off his tongue enjoying every speck of her nectar. He could tell she was weak so he lifted her legs up onto the table. They had a strong wooden table so there was no fear of it collapsing under neath her. He went to the next room and got a pillow for her head and a blanket to cover her. Once she was laying there,her face still invislble from the shadows caused by the sun on slightly higher in the sky than before ,she smiled and enjoyed the tingling in her ass and the orgasm which rocked her world as it exited her.

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