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A Big Surprise at the Clinic…

I have been going for my monthly screening’s at my clinic for as long as I can remember and it always follows the same routine but today turned out to be a lot different than my previous visits!

I walked in and today was unusually quiet … Anyway I walked over to the reception to let them know I was here. I then went and sat quietly in a corner reading the provided out of date magazines when I heard a voice shout my name.

I stood up and walked round to where I heard the voice come from and there was a nurse stood in the corridor to who I approached.

She confirmed who I was and then showed me into a room and advised me to undress and put on the gown. After so many visits, I knew the drill. Quickly, I undressed and folded my clothes before crawling up on the examination table to wait.

It wasn’t long before the nurse who was an extremely attractive woman in her late twenty’s was back in the room shortly followed by the doctor who was absolutely gorgeous. Tall, short dark hair, olive complexion and the most sexiest come to bed eyes I have ever seen!

I could feel my hands getting clammy and my heart racing knowing that this creature of God was going to be touching my most intimate parts any minute and just that alone was making my pussy throb!

He reached out to shake my hand to introduce himself, holding it for several seconds before letting go.

“The Nurse and I will be performing tests on you together today. If at anytime you feel uncomfortable, please let us know immediately.”

Nodding my head, I waited for the examination to begin. The nurse stepped towards me and opened my examination gown all the way exposing my naked body to her and the doctor. She smiled down at me reassuringly before explaining that she would be performing a “different kind of breast exam”. Again, I nodded my head and waited.

Her soft hands touched my breast and I averted my eyes. Slowly she began to knead my breasts, lightly flicking my nipples with her fingertips. I tried to think of something else, but my mind kept going back to the sensation of her hands on my breasts. Gently, she started rolling both my nipples between her fingers. My eyes darted to her face, which were smiling sweetly.

“How does that feel?” she asked. “Really good…” I sighed, before realizing what that implied. “I mean… fine.”

She continued stroking and caressing my breasts, as I looked over at the doctor. His eyes seemed to be trained on my face, and he appeared somewhat flushed. The look on his face combined with the Nurse’s very attentive examination was making me hot, but I tried not to let on.

“I think she’s ready now doctor.”

The Doctor nodded and then instructed me to push myself down to the bottom of the table and put my feet up in the stirrups. I felt a moment of worry, because I knew that he’d be able to see immediately how wet I was getting. When my feet were in the stirrups he draped a sheet over my knees and took his seat between my legs, all the while the Nurse continued to pinch my nipples lightly making me breathe faster with excitement.

“Now doctor!” she said in an urgent tone.

I felt his fingers touch my clit lightly and involuntarily I shuddered. I looked at the nurse who was still smiling, although it seemed a bit strained now. When he inserted his finger inside my wet vagina I almost moaned, but bit down on my tongue instead. I loved having the Doctor’s finger inside of me, and when he stuck the second one in I wanted to beg him to give me another one and as if he could read my mind, he put a third finger inside my pussy and once again I shuddered. Slowly, he started to pull them in and out, and I questioned whether the Doctor was really fingering me, although it was starting to feel so good I didn’t know how much more I could take. With one hand, he was gently rubbing my clit and the other hand was moving inside me. It was what I had been wishing for, and I almost came there and then.

“Don’t worry if you feel anything strange, this is just a new test that we’ve devised.
I nodded my head as if I understood, but I didn’t. I was getting so close to cumming that I didn’t know how much longer I could hold off. Sweat popped out on my forehead as the doctor pulled out his fingers and continued to rub my clit.

“I need to take your temperature now,” the Doctor said from behind the sheet. I felt something rub the opening of my anus. It might have been a thermometer, but when he slid it slowly into my ass it felt like a finger. He pushed it in further, and it felt like he had buried his finger up to his knuckle in my ass-hole, but that didn’t make sense. Then he slowly started to pull it out, until I thought he was finished, but then he pushed it back in.

I didn’t mean to like it, but I did. He kept pumping it in and out of my little butt-hole, while rubbing my clit. Against my will, I started to cum. It seemed to go on for minutes while I writhed and moaned.

The Nurse laughed and clapped her hands together. “Wonderful! Now you’re ready for the next test.”

She walked around the sheet as the doctor stood up. “I’m going to help the doctor put the, uh, instrument in you now.”

Something enormous was rubbing against my pussy lips and I knew what it was immediately. It was a big cock – the doctor’s impressive specimen. It stretched my pussy as he eased it very slowly. Already it felt too deep inside me. I pulled the sheet off my legs, and he looked at me startled. He would have pulled out, but the Nurse grabbed his bare ass and pushed the monster cock even deeper.

“Fuck her, Doctor!” she hissed at him while she held his ass and helped to pump him faster and faster. Soon he was pumping his cock into me all on his own.

The Nurse pulled off her scrubs and stood before us in just her panties and bra. She pulled her large breasts out so that I could see them and pushed her panties down to her knees so that she could finger her pussy. She jammed two fingers in roughly over and over while she pinched her nipples hard. I watched her as she put in another finger, and her beautiful eyes rolled back as she started to come.

The Doctor’s big cock rammed inside my pussy as the nurse came; all the while, he kept rubbing my clit until I threw my head back and came for a second time. I quivered and thrashed as I came, and as soon as I was finished, I felt the Doctor tense up and let out a loud groan. I felt even more full, if that was impossible, as his lava hot cum gushed inside me. I could feel every squirt and throb as my pussy continued to grip it fiercely. Eventually the spurts stopped and we were both left exhausted.

Panting, he reached down to pull up his pants, before looking at me with a smile. “I think you’re done now.”

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