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The Special Birthday – 7

The stories are true but I’ve simplified the narrative and changed the names of the people and some of the places involved. 

A statistically significant birthday, as somebody once called it, is always a cause for celebration. When Jane reached that age, I wanted to do something very special for her. Originally I thought about a weekend in Paris or Rome, with Alice of course. We’d been seeing Alice regularly for a couple of years now and she and Jane had become firm friends, as well as lovers.

It was while I was trying to make arrangements, that Alice suggested an alternative idea. She told me that Jane had always fancied the idea of being a pole dancer or perhaps a stripper. Well, in truth, this was news to me but perhaps these are the sort fantasies that only girls share in bed. A few subtle questions, however, confirmed Jane’s interest, so Alice and I made plans.

I told Jane that we’d spend a couple of nights with Alice in a nice hotel. She was delighted with the idea and didn’t suspect anything more than a couple of nights of lust and loving with her two favorite bed partners.

Alice arrived at our hotel room, bang on time, as usual. We had a wonderful meal, during which the girls gossiped endlessly and I was able to sit back and admire the sight of two gorgeous women sitting across the table from me. We took a bottle of wine back up to our room and made love with Alice into the early hours of the morning. The following morning, the day of Jane’s birthday, we both kissed Jane and gave her presents. Alice’s present was a very sexy underwear set in white silk and lace with little blue bows. “I think you look fabulous in those”, Alice commented, when Jane put them on. “It’s almost a shame to cover them up with that dress. I want to rip your clothes off right now, but I’ll just have to wait until later!” This last sentence peaked Jane’s interest and she began to wonder what might be happening later.

Alice also produced another, smaller, present but said Jane couldn’t open it until later – further increasing Jane’s excitement about the coming day.

After a late breakfast we strolled around the city centre, seeing the sights. We found a nice pub where a few glasses of wine washed down a pleasant lunch. We then continued our wanderings until Alice led us down a quiet side street. It was half day closing and the streets were generally quiet. This side street was deserted and the tall, rather seedy looking, buildings completely shut out the background noise of the city. We went down some steps between two of the buildings and in an alleyway found the entrance to a night club. The sign on the door read “Closed for a private party.” Jane looked intrigued as Alice led us in.

Inside, it was dark and there was that slightly musty smell of old cigarette smoke. Alice introduced us to Andy, the manager, who led us down to a cellar room with a bar at one end, and a few tables and chairs and several sofas. At the other end of the room there was a stage with lights and a music system and with a shiny lap dancing pole. A banner over the stage read “Happy Birthday Jane.”

Alice explained to the slightly apprehensive Jane that she sometimes danced here and that Andy had sometimes escorted with her. Alice now also introduced Tanya who came out from behind the bar carrying some glasses of champagne. “We’ve danced here together” Alice said, “and also we work as a duo when a customer wants two girls together”. Andy reassured Jane that the whole place was closed for the afternoon and that we were the only people here. Alice kissed Jane and explained that all of this was her special birthday surprise. Jane said she was delighted, but she also looked rather apprehensive until she looked at me.

“So these two are also part of my birthday surprise?”
“Yes, they are all for you!”
“You wonderful man!”

She was so excited, it was adorable. She didn’t know what else to do but grab my face and start kissing me full on the mouth.

Andy was a tall guy with short brown hair and broad shoulders and very muscular arms and chest. He looked like he could double as both manager and bouncer. Tanya was roughly the same height as Alice, about 5′ 6″, with a very pretty face framed by shoulder length dark brown hair, brown eyes and a curvaceous figure. We all kissed Jane, toasted her with the champagne and sang Happy Birthday.

After a while Andy turned up the music volume as Tanya went up onto the stage to dance. She slowly stripped to her underwear, which was exactly the same as Jane’s. We sat on one of the sofas right in front of the stage. Jane sat between Alice and I, while Andy controlled the music and the stage lighting. All during Tanya’s dance, Alice kept up a steady stream of complimentary comments about how good Tanya looked and how well she was dancing. Alice’s hands kept wandering all over Jane, stroking her legs, playing with her hair and fondling her boobs. Jane was enjoying the attention from Alice and when I looked, she was also sharing lustful looks with Andy too.

After a few tunes, Alice also got up to dance and led a nervous and slightly reluctant Jane, with her. Andy and I applauded, wolf-whistled and called encouragement.

To the tune of “Sexy Thing”, by Hot Chocolate, Tanya and Alice got Jane dancing and then helped her out of her dress. With Tanya holding Jane’s, still nervous, hand Alice also stripped to reveal that she too had identical underwear. The three girls then took turns dancing with the pole, each time encouraging Jane to try more adventurous moves. I stood right in front of the pole and encouraged Jane whenever she danced there.

When one girl was dancing with the pole, the other two would dance together, sometimes groping Jane, sometimes kissing her. Alice wasn’t the only one interested in Jane, because shortly after taking her own bra off, Tanya also undid Jane’s bra and fondled her boobs – much to Jane’s delight. They also removed Alice’s bra and continued to dance topless.

When the music finished, Andy and I cheered and applauded loudly as the girls came down for a rest and more champagne. I hugged and kissed Jane and quietly asked if she was enjoying herself. The look of wide eyed excitement was all the reply I needed.

The girls then went back onto the stage and continued to dance. Now Alice, Tanya and, with surprisingly little encouragement, Jane all removed their knickers and danced in just the suspenders and stockings. I stood up and watched open mouthed as Jane squatted down and rubbed her shaved pussy on the pole, her hips gyrating to the music. While I was busy watching, applauding and generally encouraging Jane’s debut as an exotic dancer, neither of us noticed that Alice has left the stage. But we all noticed when she came back. She was carrying a chair and wearing nothing but a black strapon cock!

The music changed tempo to the sultry “Je t’aime”. Alice began to kiss Jane and play with her tits, while the strapon rubbed across Jane’s thighs and stomach. Tanya, initially kept a reassuring arm round Jane but now also kissed Jane and played with her breasts while easing Jane down into the chair. Alice knelt down between Jane’s legs and applied lubricant to both Jane and the strap-on before plunging the plastic cock into my wife.

With a great gasp as the massive member slid into her, Jane rocked back and forth as Alice began to pump away between her legs. Tanya stood behind the chair, cupping her hands around Jane’s breasts and kissing her whenever she got the chance. Alice pumped away in time with the music, until Jane wrapped her arms and legs around Alice and kissed her passionately as she came. When her climax was finally over, Tanya brought more champagne onto the stage for Jane and Alice, who were still kissing and cuddling in the spotlight, totally engrossed in each others company.

Tanya now took over the music controls where, I now noticed, Andy has disappeared. After a couple of moments he reappeared on stage wearing a dress shirt, bow tie and black trousers, rather the T-shirt and jeans he’d had on before. To the sound of Tom Jones’ “Keep your hat on,” Andy did a striptease, removing first the tie, unbuttoning his shirt and then removing his trousers in a single movement. Jane remained sitting on the chair with her legs apart and still covered in sweat as she watched with mounting excitement as Andy proceeded to dance ever closer to her.

Jane helped him take off the shirt and his thong, revealing his already hardening cock. What a monster! This was possibly the largest cock I’d ever seen. I’d always thought that a tool of that size was just a porn film trick, but this was for real. Being completely shaven only seemed to make it look bigger! Jane couldn’t take her eyes off it!

Jane was soon up on her feet and was rubbing lube into Andy’s chest, legs, bum and his cock. He picked her up and snogged her before putting her back in the chair. He quickly found a condom from his discarded clothes and then proceeded to fuck Jane. Sometimes slowly, sometimes urgently, the two of them rocked back and forth together, Jane’s legs wrapped around Andy, as she had been with Alice. With great attentiveness, Andy kept whispering to Jane in between kissing her passionately on the lips and neck until finally, they came together. They both collapsed back into the chair and remained there for some time just kissing and cuddling.

Throughout the show, I’d been bent double with a massive hard on. When Andy started his show, Alice came and sat with me. I was so turned on I could have cum there and then. But Alice, still wearing only the strap-on, now played with me and helped me out of my cloths, but refused to let me fuck her or bring myself off. When Andy finally got up and went off stage, Alice went back up to Jane and helped her down to where I was sitting. Jane was a wreck! She was covered in sweat and lube. It was in her hair and all over the suspenders and stockings, she was still wearing, but I loved her and the look of mixed exhaustion and elation was one of the most wonderful sights I’ve ever seen.

Andy, now wrapped in a towel, rejoined us and sat beside Jane who was sitting on my lap playing with my cock. Tanya brought over another tray of drinks and we all chatted together. Neither Jane nor I could believe the size of Andy’s cock. I’ve never been hung up with the size of my manhood–it’s big enough for Jane and I’d never seen anyone who was noticeably bigger. However, as Jane and Tanya got Andy hard again with their mouths it was clear that he was a couple of inches longer and significantly thicker than I was. Tanya who, like me, had been left out of the action now grabbed Andy’s attention and was soon sitting astride the monster member and was noisily riding it for all she was worth.

Alice now produced the present that she’d teased Jane with that morning. It turned out to be another strap-on, the same as the one Alice was still wearing.

Jane, with Alice’s help, took off her soaked stockings and wriggled into the strap-on. “Now, who do you want to fuck?” Alice asked. “Come on, it’s your birthday. Who are you going to christen your present on?” Jane didn’t need asking twice. She grabbed Alice and dragged her across to one of the sofas where she proceeded to make Alice suck the strap-on before she vigorously, and rather roughly, fucked a very vocal Alice.

I left the distracted Andy and Tanya and went over to watch. The sight of Jane lying on top of Alice and fucking her in the missionary position was more than I could stand. I started kissing Jane’s back while I stroked her and fondled her tits. I then climbed onto the sofa behind Jane and, pushing the strap-on straps aside, plunged by hard cock into Jane. I then proceeded to fuck Jane doggy fashion while she continued to fuck Alice.

We started slowly, with Jane doing most of the work between Alice and I, but soon I pushed Jane down into Alice and fucked her hard. My thrusts also pushing the strap-on into Alice. The sound of both girls gasping in unison as I fucked them was too much for me and I came almost as quickly as they both did.

Our time was now nearly up. Andy needed to get the club ready for the evening and, frankly, I wanted to get the girls back to our hotel room. We kissed Tanya and Andy goodbye and with Jane and Alice still wearing their strap-ons under just their dresses, we took a taxi back to the hotel. Although very tired, both girls were still massively turned-on and that night we made love again, with Jane perfecting her strap-on technique with Alice and me enjoying both girls.

Jane used the strap-on with other girls and eventually on me! She took my anal virginity, just as I had taken hers years before. But that, as they say is another story.

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