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My Best Friend Fucks My Wife – 5

The stories are true but I’ve simplified the narrative and changed the names of the people and some of the places involved.

This is the story of the first visit by my best friend, Paul, to our new house in the South East. We had been living in this house of about a year he came to stay for a week. When he left, our love life, and my wife’s sexual appetites, where quite never the same again.

I’ve known Paul almost all of my life. We grew up together. Our Dad’s worked for the same company and when my Dad got a promotion and we moved up to a small village in Yorkshire, it was really helpful that Paul’s Dad has also transferred to the same factory a couple of months earlier and he was living in the same village.

Although Paul is 2 years younger than me, he acted as my guide and helped me settle into my new surroundings and school and to make new friends. Paul is slightly taller than I am at 6’ 3”, but we were both slim built with brown hair – people said we looked so alike, we were often mistaken for brothers, a joke that both sets of parents seemed happy to perpetuate.

During our youth, we’d dated girls and learned about sex together. Sometimes it was a competition, to see who could get further with a certain girl. Other times, it was teamwork. We dated several pairs of sisters in the Yorkshire village where we grew up. Occasionally, if the girls were willing, we’d swap partners. One time, when I was stuck at home revising for my exams, Paul bedded both girls together, the lucky dog!

When it came to sex, we enjoyed sharing stories of our experiences. Indeed, when Paul came to visit, he already knew most of the stuff that Jane and I had been up to since we’d moved down south (see the previous story).

I guess that’s why he gave his my wife such a knowing look when Jane told us, on the second night of his stay, that she’d been invited out for a few drinks with the girls. Paul and I stayed in with a pizza and some beer and watched the match on TV, while we caught up on news and talked about old times.

It was just after 11 pm when there was a knock at the front door. I opened the door to find one of my neighbors, Wendy, standing in the porch light, wearing a fur coat high heals and fishnet stockings. Wendy was tall and slim with long blonde hair. She and her husband, Patrick, were regulars at the wife swapping parties we attended (see previous story).

“Hello! This is your friendly neighborhood kissogram service” she said as she shrugged off the fur coat to reveal a black lacy Basque, with her tits almost popping out of the top, and a tiny black g-string! She immediately stepped into the house, grabbed me in a passionate embrace and gave me a big, soppy kiss. At this moment, Paul, came into the hallway to see what was going on! On realizing that I wasn’t alone, Wendy, squealed with embarrassment and rushed out of the house and off down the street, pursued by Jane and friends, all roaring with laughter!

Jane returned about 15 minute later, still laughing, to explain that she and Wendy and their other friends had been going around to various husbands who were home alone and “enlivening” their evenings! This consisted of Wendy doing the kissogram girl and snogging the lucky guy and, if he was very lucky, Jane and the others might join in! “All just a bit of harmless fun,” Jane assured me. However, it seems Wendy hadn’t listened, or had forgotten, when Jane told her that I wasn’t alone that evening. Shocked at being discovered by a stranger, Wendy had run home to her husband in embarrassment and there the party had ended.

Jane and I laughed at this story and were happy to call it a night, but Paul, put on a mock sulk and started complaining that he’d not had a kiss. This continued as we went up to our bedroom, where Jane suddenly decided that she was going to do something about it. “I’ll show him,” she said as she pulled off her dress, revealing a sexy pale blue, silky strapless bra, suspenders and knickers set, together with matching stockings!

The thought of my wife and my best friend getting it on, really got me going. I got horny immediately and began to kiss and grope Jane, before she could get out of the bedroom. I pushed her back onto the bed and began kissing and caressing her, while I pulled my own cloths off. I really wanted Jane, at that moment and it took her some effort to push me off and readjust her underwear.

Jane was a petite 5’ 2”, size 8, with honey blonde hair, and sparkling eyes that lit up my world. By the time Jane was ready, her nipples were obviously erect and showing through her silky bra. “Look what you’ve done to me” she said with a smile as she opened the door and ran to the guest bedroom.

Wearing only my underwear, I eagerly followed to see the action! Paul was just pulling on his boxer shorts, ready for bed when Jane ran into the room and flung her arms around his neck in a passionate embrace and knocking them both back onto the bed. Paul recovered very quickly from the shock and was soon snogging Jane for all he was worth and running his hands over her body.

To Jane’s gasps of delight Paul undid her bra, and began to run his hands up and down her bare back, ending up groping Jane’s bum and running his hand down between her legs. I was so turned on, I wanted to wank myself as I watched. However, a better idea occurred to me.

I reached down and gently pulled the unfastened strapless bra out from between Jane and Paul. This got a muffled squeal of delight from Jane, her tongue still stuck down my best friend’s throat. This had obviously turned Jane on because she soon hand her hand down the front of Paul’s boxers and he was bucking away under her. Eager to help things along further, I now pulled Jane’s knickers down, leaving her naked apart from the stockings and suspenders.

Jane now straddled Paul, who’s boxers were half way down his thighs, and impaled herself on Paul’s erect cock. I couldn’t stand and watch them going at it like rabbits! I tore my pants off and climbed onto the bed beside Jane and began to kiss her back and caress her tits. The effect was electric. Jane almost screamed with pleasure and lust and, pulling back from Paul’s kiss, she clamped her mouth to mine while riding Paul’s cock for all she was worth!

As a result of these, efforts, Jane came a couple of minutes later. Paul wanted to keep going. So did Jane! She still wanted more and now jumped on my cock and began to fuck me for all I was worth. Paul wasn’t going to be left out again that evening. He climbed up behind Jane and began to nibble her neck and play with her tits. Suddenly Jane froze in mid-stroke and, still inside her, I felt the pressure on my cock as Paul pushed his cock into Jane’s bum!

“Wait, wait, wait,” Jane gasped, as she waited for her sphincter muscles to relax. Paul and I kept quite still until Jane gave us the OK, then we had the very great pleasure of double penetrating Jane! The feeling of fucking Jane, while feeling Paul fucking her too, was amazing! Paul obviously thought so too, because he came only seconds after I did. Jane was shouting with delight and squirming around between us, seemingly completely out of control.

When Paul pulled out and went to the, I was left with an exhausted and sweat soaked Jane still lying on top of me, gasping for breath and telling me she’d never been so turned on in her life! Certainly, I’d never seen Jane so excited before. Normally quite vocal in sex, Jane had been reduced to a screaming, roaring animal. My chest was scratched and cut where her nails had dug into me and her voice was horse and throaty, making her sound even sexier than normal!

Paul returned a few minutes later and immediately began to play with Jane again. He too had clearly enjoyed himself and wanted more. As I, now, got up to go to the bathroom, Jane began to give Paul a blowjob. By the time I returned, Jane had lost her stockings and Paul was fucking her doggy style, holding onto her suspender belt, as if it were reigns.

The sight of Jane being fucked and, again, so obviously enjoying it was too much for me to resist. I gently maneuvered Jane around so that her head faced me. She greedily accepted my hardening cock into her mouth. I gasped with delight and screwed up my eyes as I felt Jane’s tongue working its way around my bell end and over the tip of my cock.

I felt Paul’s rhythmic thrusting increase in frequency as he pushed Jane onto my cock. So much so, that I had to be careful not to make her choke! Suddenly, Paul came again and pumped his second load into Jane. Jane would have been happy to suck me off, but I had another idea. I quickly rolled her over and plunged my cock into the creamy mess left by Paul.

Jane wasn’t so ecstatic this time because she was beginning to get a bit sore, but the thought of filling Jane with my cum was, somehow, important to me right them. I wanted my seed to be in her as well as Paul’s. That thought seemed to inspire me, because I came very quickly for a second time and Paul and I watched Jane lying on the bed with her legs apart, dribbling cum out of her pussy.

The bed linen was soaked, so while Jane went to the bathroom, Paul and I, still naked, stripped the spare bed and put the linen into wash. The three of us then climbed into our bed where we fell asleep quiet quickly.

The following morning I was awoken to the sound of rhythmic grunting coming from next to me. What a sight, first thing in the morning! Jane was lying on her back her ankles over Paul’s shoulders as he vigorously fucked her again. Naturally, this instantly turned me on and I was soon joining in the action again. We spent the rest of that Sunday in bed, fucking and sleeping. The rest of the week’s planned itinerary of sightseeing and shopping trips was pretty much curtailed.

By the end of the week, Jane had had more sex in more holes and she’d ever had. Paul seemed particularly fond of anal sex while I have always preferred the vaginal kind. Thus Jane got double penetrated regularly, something she really enjoyed and came to expect, whenever Paul visited us subsequently. In return Jane tried giving us a double blow job. We stood naked, side by side, while she took a cock in each hand and stuffed them both in her mouth. Not very successful!

We also tried pushing both of our cocks into her vagina, again without much success. After Paul went home, Jane was a changed woman in bed. She’d always been highly sexed, but now she became like an animal, demanding more and more from me! Frankly, I struggled to keep up!

Paul came to stay with us regularly after that. Jane’s libido would rise significantly in the days before his arrival and would remain extra high for days after he left. Whenever I mentioned that Paul had called and suggested a visit, Jane would buy new sexy underwear or sex toys or start suggesting new things she’d like us to try.

All this went on for about six months, until Paul found a new girlfriend. She’s a lovely lady, but it became clear on their first visit that she preferred to keep Paul for herself. She and Paul slept in the spare room that night, at Paul’s suggestion.

I think he suspected what was going to happen and the following morning when we went down to breakfast, all we could hear were the spare bed springs creaking rhythmically. It became clear after that, that Paul was no longer to be shared.

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