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Dirty Cop

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Detective Rocco Pounder and his partner Ash Hunter sat in the unmarked cruiser dunking plain cake donuts in their coffee. They were staking out a bachelor apartment on Speedway in Venice. The man who lived there, Shamus Little, was a small time dealer of quaaludes, darvon, and anabolic steroids. Word on the street was that he had better prices than his competitors. Rocco and Ash believed those prices meant he had a direct connection to a kingpin moving the stuff. They had no interest in arresting Shamus. They wanted information.

Captain Harry Boyle had given Rocco and Ash tremendous leeway on this case. The steroid epidemic in Venice made headlines. Perfectly healthy men were dying from combinations of steroids, alcohol and narcotics. The two detectives needed to get to the source and put him behind bars. Whoever supplied Shamus was the next rung up the ladder. They hoped he would squeal.

Rocco grew up in the Valley, but he surfed in Dogtown with the Z-Boys. He had seen Shamus as a teen when he first started going to Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, before the pier burned down and they moved to Venice. Shamus was always naturally muscular, and lifting weights had made him look great. Big ass, big thighs, v-shaped torso. That was Shamus Little in 1968. In 10 years, he had gone from an a sculpted beauty to a ‘roided out balding beast. His muscles were obscenely huge and leathery.  His face was pockmarked, and his thick russet hair had thinned and fallen out. Despite his transformation, he still had a handsome square jaw and long eyelashes that could only be described as pretty. And his legendary ass was still huge, although it was striated with muscle now. The V-shape of his torso was exaggerated by his huge latissimus dorsi. Rocco was on the fence as to whether the muscular gains were worth marring his perfect beauty.

Rocco’s partner Ash grew up in El Segundo, or, as the locals called it, “Smell Segundo” because of the sewer treatment facility there. He knew his way around Venice, having biked there a lot as a kid. He had never seen Shamus before last week, so he had no idea how much steroid use had affected him. He just knew that he had to get him to sing so they could move closer to the source.

Rocco Pounder was extremely well endowed. He didn’t like the attention, so he used a few tricks to keep his penis from showing. He wore pants two sizes too large and kept his keys and wallet in his left front pocket.  When he surfed, he tucked it under, then lodged the rest between his butt cheeks. He had to tie off his trunks high on his waist to keep the shaft tucked. If he wore his trunks low on his waist, either his cock would slide down and find its way out his leg, or the top of his tucked cock would show above the waistline behind him!  He had a rough time at Van Nuys High. His nickname was Cock-o Pounder. Boys would neigh like a horse when he walked by. Girls used to corner him and boldly ask him to stick his whopper cock into their tiny vaginas. When he refused, they called him a faggot. When he graduated, he moved to Studio City to avoid those assholes.

Rocco’s police uniform was tailored. He begged for a loose fit, but the academy gave him tight double-knit polyester pants. He couldn’t wear his cock down his left leg; it was obscene. He tucked it and wore his pants high.  When he made detective, he got big pants, but Captain Boyle said he dressed like a slob. Pounder had to buy form-fitting suit pants. He had recently discovered that a jockstrap two sizes too small would keep his cock tucked and held his cock head against his lower back. Sitting on his dick all day was uncomfortable. He always volunteered to get the donuts. He encouraged Ash to walk with him on the beat instead of driving.

Ash was oblivious to his partner’s battle of the bulge. He admired Rocco’s rugged good looks and five o’clock shadow. He imagined how his lips would burn after kissing him for hours. He had no idea how Rocco felt about him. He was just grateful to sit beside him in the car, dunking donuts.

Shamus passed by the cruiser. Rocco dumped his coffee.

“Ash, wait here.”

“Shouldn’t we go together”?

“I think Shamus will spook if there’s two of us. Watch the door and if anyone goes in, you’re my backup.”

Ash shrugged. He wanted to finish his coffee anyway. He watched Rocco’s big ass when he walked away. It was an odd looking ass, but it was sexy.

The compact, brawny homunculus opened the door and frowned.

“Shamus Little”?


“I’m Detective Pounder from the LAPD. May I ask you a few questions”?

“Whoa, dude. Rocco Pounder”?


“You’re a Z-Boy! And a cop”?

Rocco hadn’t imagined that the self-obsessed bodybuilder would have ever noticed him over the years. Surfing and bodybuilding rarely mixed.

“You been watching me lift since, like 1970, right”?

“Uh, well I noticed you on my way to the water.”

“Dude no, no, no. You sat and watched me before and after low tide.”

Rocco blushed. He was busted. “Well, I watched the bodybuilders, yes. You were one of them.”

“Did you like what you saw”?

“How did you know my name, anyway”?

“Uh, you’re a legend. Cock-o Pounder. They say your dick is so long, you have to tuck it in your ass!”

Rocco felt his cardboard world crashing down. His charade had just made him a worse laughing stock. Some shithead from Van Nuys High must have poisoned the water. He was speechless.

Shamus was high. Rocco guessed it was ludes.

“Dude, is your dick in your ass”? He reached past the detective’s gun and felt the shaft of Rocco’s gigantic cock lodged between his ass cheeks.

“Holy fuck! You’re a goddamn freak of nature!” He moved his hand higher, until he found the head poking out of the waistband of the jock strap. “Nice”!

Rocco punched Shamus in the face and pinned him to the wall. Rocco’s arms were no match against Shamus’s gargantuan muscles. The bodybuilder pushed back, knocking Rocco onto the bed. He quickly straddled the cop and held him pinned.

“What was that for”? Shamus asked.

“I don’t like people talking about my cock.”

“Shit I didn’t know. I’m sorry.” Shamus hopped off the detective’s abdomen and stood.

“Do you know why I’m here”?

“I’m guessing it’s to discuss my part time business.”

Rocco nodded.

“Yeah, well, I’m small time. Are you going to arrest me”?

“Hopefully not. We need your cooperation.”

“Who’s we”?

“The LAPD, numbskull!”

“You need to relax, brah.” Rocco fished a quaalude off the nightstand.

“I’m not taking a lude, jackass.”

Shamus smiled. “If you want my cooperation, I need you to calm down.”

Rocco had heard that quaaludes felt really good. He was curious.

“Here.” Shamus poured ice water into a thermos cup.

Rocco was not perfect. He’d seen dirty cops do a lot worse. Ash could drive. He swallowed the lude. “Okay, now you gotta talk.”

“Not yet.” Shamus went to the bathroom. He was in there for ten minutes or more. Rocco heard water being dumped or sprayed into the toilet. What was Shamus doing?

He knocked, “Shamus, what’s going on”?

“I’m washing up.”

Shamus opened the door and bumped into Rocco. He was wearing a black posing strap.

“Sorry, Detective Pounder. I was rude. How do you feel”? Shamus rubbed the detective’s back, then lowered his hand to his wraparound cock head. Rocco jumped at the touch. It felt different.

“That’s the ludes coming on. Do you like it? Shamus polished the knob. It grew.

“Stop. You’re touching my dick.”

Shamus yanked down the detective’s pants. “Part two of my condition, you gotta let me see the legend.”

Rocco thought he should feel angry and violent, but he let the muscle imp have his way. .

Shamus pulled the tiny jockstrap down to the detective’s ankles. Like a flesh pendulum, Rocco’s magnificent dick fell from his buttcheeks and swung to the front.

Shamus jumped out of the way of the third leg before it kicked him.

“Motherfuck! That is a wonder of God. You lucky, lucky man.”

Rocco couldn’t understand why the muscleman’s compliment felt so good. He was proud of his manhood for the first time, instead of ashamed. “Thanks, man.”

Shamus reached his hand into the pouch of his posing strap and fondled himself.

“Cock-o Pounder. I never thought I would see it.”

“Does it turn you on”? Rocco never talked about his dick. It had to be the drugs.

“Yeah. It’s super long, but not too thick.”

“It’s not done yet.” Rocco jerked his cock until it stood at full attention. It gained an inch or two in circumference; the head was the size of a peach.

Shamus kneeled and took the detective’s head into his mouth.

Rocco thought, “Stop” but his mouth said, “Oh yeah.”

“Let me show you a magic trick.”  Shamus opened his mouth wider than any human mouth should open.  He pushed his head towards Rocco’s waist. The huge cockhead disappeared into his mouth, but then it kept going. The detective watched the entire length of his cock vanish down the muscleman’s mouth. He could see the cockhead stretching the throat on its way down. He got even harder. Shamus buried his nose in Rocco’s pubic hairs and sucked like a nursing baby.  He stayed sucking and swallowing for a long minute, then withdrew with watering eyes and a cough.

Rocco was a virgin. He masturbated once a month. He thought about men so he figured he might be gay. Shamus confirmed it.  After catching his breath, the muscleman went down on Rocco again, holding his face to the groin of the detective he had admired from afar.

The door to the apartment opened and Ash walked in.

“Hey, Rocco, someone came in the building, and I -”

Rocco was high as fuck now. He didn’t care what Ash saw.

“Hey, Ash, come join the party. Have a lude or two!”

Ash stared as Shamus withdrew, revealing each inch of Rocco’s schlong. Shamus’s throat was a clown car. More and more inches of meat appeared. Ash saw the head move its way up the throat and out of the mouth, standing free at full attention. Ash had never gotten an erection so fast, not even when he was a youngster.

Ash considered himself well hung at seven-and-a-quarter inches by six. He had a long fat dick compared to most people. Rocco was in the stratosphere. His cock looked like a velvet rope at a nightclub. It defied gravity.

Rocco extended a hand holding a little pill that read Lemmon 714. A quaalude.

“Come on, Ash, it feels so fucking good.”  Shamus put his hand on Ash’s bulging hardon and rubbed it.

Five minutes later, Ash was watching in fascination as Shamus rubbed Crisco on his muscular anus. He succumbed to peer pressure and was waiting for the ludes to take effect. He spent hours in the car next to Rocco and never once caught a glimpse of the monster he was packing. He felt a tingling sensation in his extremities, sort of like an erection but in his hands and toes. It was the ludes.

Shamus wasted no time. He unzipped Ash’s fly and deep-throated his thick dick. Ash had been with a few scrawny guys who licked at the tip of his cock. He had never felt a mouth take him completely, and he had definitely never felt his cock head slip down someone’s throat. Shamus was going to make him cum if he continued. Ash lifted the muscleman’s head from his cock. Shamus pushed his lips into Ash’s and they felt each other’s tongues. Shamus whispered, “I need you to warm me up.”

He undid Ash’s belt buckle. Rocco watched, hard as a rock, slowly jerking his meat.

Ash’s pants were off, and Shamus, facing him, put the thick cock head against his greased hole. He grimaced as he bore down on the thick dick. It slipped past the sphincter, and in a smooth glide, it filled Shamus’s rectum. The head rested against the flesh at the back of the anal canal. Now Shamus started riding a horsey in Ash’s lap. He unbuttoned the shirt and put his hand on Ash’s nipple.

The quaaludes were coming on hard now. Ash experienced his entire body as one huge sensitive cockhead. Every touch drove him wild with pleasure.

Rocco came over and put his dick over his partner’s shoulder, next to his neck. The cock felt like it weighed twenty pounds. Shamus scooped up Rocco’s dick and swallowed it again. Rocco threw his head back. Having Rocco’s dick and Shamus’s square jaw rubbing on his neck and shoulder made Ash feel part of a secret club. He didn’t mind the saliva dripping on him because every sensation was a mini orgasm.

Shamus was the ringmaster. He got up off of Ash, bent over and started to blow him.  He presented his ass like an orangutan in estrus. “Your turn Rocco.”

“Shamus, it will never fit. I’ll hurt you.”

“I’m a bodybuilder; I love pain. Now fuck me”!  He returned to sucking Ash deeply.

Rocco had fantasized about putting his dick in Shamus since he first came to Muscle Beach. He put the head against the slick hole. His partner was actually  a little thicker than him, so his head went in easy. “Oh, oh god.” Shamus used his massive buttocks muscles to push Rocco in further. He stopped worrying and pushed in until he hit the rectum wall. He still had four or five inches to go. He pulled back and settled for a shallow fuck. Shamus pinched tight and pulled Rocco closer. The big guy from the Valley was losing his virginity. He didn’t want it to become a bloodbath. Then Shamus twisted to the left, and Rocco passed the rectum into a whole new place. He thrust forward, burying his cock to the hilt. Shamus suppressed screams by pressing his nose into Ash’s crotch, blocking the airway. Shamus couldn’t breathe, and he liked it.

Ash was fascinated by the amount of muscle he saw. Steroids fuck up your liver and cause deformities, but Shamus wore it all well, he was so handsome, that even with some of the less attractive side effects, he was a god. Ash tweaked his nipples. They were like pebbles, they were so hard. Shamus managed a moan. Ash massaged the lats, amazed by their smooth rigid power.

Rocco looked at the perfectly muscled ass he was fucking. It was heart-shaped, widening to accommodate  his girth. He looked at his partner, head thrown back in ecstasy. He longed to be close to him, now that they both knew their desires. They locked eyes. Ash leaned forward and Rocco met him halfway. They explored each other’s mouths. The ludes intensified their passion.

“I want you both in me” Shamus announced.

Shamus sat with his back to Ash, impaling himself on the thick cock. Shamus leaned back against Ash. He lifted his powerful legs in the air, presenting a stuffed hole to Rocco. The virgin was really getting some now. He placed his head at the opening. It was standing room only in Shamus’s ass. But the bodybuilder picked up a brown bottle and inhaled. His rectum throbbed visibly. “Now!”

Rocco pushed in and slid along his partner’s slick greasy cock, doubling the width of flesh inside Shamus. He pushed further until he met Ash’s cockhead at the back wall. Ash gasped as he felt Rocco turn a corner and keep sliding into the perfect ass.

Rocco thrust back and forth, causing Shamus to wet his posing strap. The man had so little down there. Rocco peeled it back and exposed the tiny cock and average balls. The musclebound man’s penis was like a leaky faucet. Clear sticky liquid ran from it in droplets. Every so often, it gushed a big stream.

Shamus was on another plane of existence. His eyes showed only the whites. He moaned like a cat in heat. Rocco scooped up some Shamus juice and tasted it. It was sweet and musky. He fed more to Ash and Shamus. Both gobbled like it was gravy.

Ash felt it first. He was going to cum. He whimpered. He reached out and played with Rocco’s hairy nipples. That put Rocco over.  The two partners, joined together inside this masterpiece of muscle and ass, were going to shoot. Their breath grew shallow and matched pace. They kissed again passionately, knowing their friendship had changed forever. Rocco put a gentle hand on Ash’s cheek. The virgin cop buried his tongue in his partner’s mouth.

Shamus was a hair trigger. Seeing the two men fall in love while locked inside his ass caused him to ejaculate masses of hot white sperm onto his belly and knees. The squirting was so powerful, both men heard the cum splatter.

Simultaneously, the two men shot their load. Rocco plunged forward until he was completely buried. Ash shot so much cum it squirted out Shamus’s stretched hole. Rocco’s first orgasm inside a man lasted over a minute. His cum spattered Shamus’s colon repeatedly, until a teacup’s worth of ejaculate was shot deep inside.

Shamus quivered with excitement. He stood and turned so both men saw their dicks slip out. Shamus was open so wide, he looked like a donut. Torrents of cum spilled from his ass. Like three pilgrims at the fountain of youth, the men captured the cum in their cupped hands and drank it. Shamus was still open wide when a second batch came from his left colon. Ash and Rocco lay down and caught the spilling cum in their open mouths and all over their face, like a glazed old fashioned. The dilated anus slowly closed shut.

The orgy continued as the three men took turns kissing. Dicks hardened, weed was smoked, and Ash grew bold. “Rocco, I want you to fuck me.”

Shamus shouted. “Yes! Let me be your coach. I can get you through it.”

Rocco’s cock stood at full attention. He wanted to fuck his handsome partner, but he didn’t want to hurt him.

Ash applied Crisco to his hole. Shamus inserted two, then three fingers. Ash was an experienced bottom, but he needed additional stretches, just like a weightlifter. Rocco was enormous. “You can do this, man. I took both your fat cocks at once. It’s easy.”

Ash nodded. He lay on his back, ass at the edge of the bed, resting his head on Shamus’ bent knees.

Rocco stepped to the plate. His cock was bigger and harder than it had ever been. He wished he was normally big like Ash. He knew this might not go well. But he put the head to Ash’s hole, and drilled in.

Ash cried out in agony. “Fuck! Ow shit!”

Shamus intervened. “Rocco, stay right there, don’t move.”

Ash pounded the mattress and tore at the sheets. Rocco wanted so badly to pull away and stop hurting his partner. In a minute, Ash adjusted. He nodded. In one smooth motion, Rocco plunged deep, filling and stretching the rectum with his colossal horse cock.

“Oh. Oh. Shit. Is that it”?

Rocco nodded, but Shamus corrected him. “You need to let your big friend in all the way.”

Ash moaned. He was in pain, but it felt so good. His eyes watered and his heart began beating rapidly. Rocco didn’t hurt now. His coach held a small brown bottle under his nose. Shamus nodded at Rocco.

Rocco tore through the second sphincter and conquered the colon.

Ash cried. Tears ran down his cheeks. Rocco started to withdraw, but Shamus shook his head. “Breathe, Ash, Breathe. You’re going to need to learn to do this. Your man will never leave you. You hear me? He needs to be deep. You need to take all of your man.”

Ash nodded. His head throbbed again as the brown bottle passed under his nose.

“Okay, Rocco. That second sphincter needs to come loose. Fuck it hard with your dickhead.”

Rocco pistoned in and out of the colon. Ash screamed at first. In a minute, he was purring like a kitten.

“Go for it, Rocco. My work is done.”

With Shamus’s blessing, Rocco pounded in and out of his partner with abandon. Ash wailed and moaned, but not from pain. He sniffed the brown bottle a few times.

“Rocco, oh Rocco. I never knew you were so big. You’re so goddamn sexy.”

Rocco humped his partner and grunted.

“I have wanted you since the day we met in Academy.”

Rocco managed a word. “Really”? The pace of his fucking was furious. He felt rage and sadness and a dozen other shameful feelings dissolve as he penetrated Ash.

“Did you feel the same”?

Rocco nodded. It wasn’t a lie, just easier than explaining his hang ups because of his monster cock.

“I feel you inside me.” Ash put a hand on his flat belly, where Rocco’s cockhead protruded. Ash placed Rocco’s hand on the spot. “It’s like a baby kicking.”

The image of Ash pregnant with his baby was shamefully exciting. He risked it. “I’m gonna make you pregnant tonight.”

Ash loved it. “We’re making babies. It’s going to be quadruplets, your cock is so big.”

Rocco smiled. “You want me to shoot my baby gravy up in your hole”?

“God yes, fuck me until I conceive. Pour it all over my insides.”

It was exciting to talk dirty. So exciting, Rocco became aware of a need to unload. He felt a tongue on his asshole. Shamus had kneeled behind him and was eating his ass. Having a tongue in his hole while he completely filled another felt right. He pretended that Ash was feeling the same, easy feeling in his ass.

Ash felt like he was going to tear open. The constant pain was nothing compared to the satisfaction of being filled by his crush Rocco, and giving him pleasure. He played with his own long fat cock. The more he thought about pleasing Rocco, the hornier he got. As he imagined what his insides might look like stretched and pounded, he bridged a gap. He started leaking. Rocco saw this, and quickened his pace, slamming his hips into Ash with each powerful thrust.

Ash blew a huge load on himself, and in Rocco’s face.  It was squirting in time with Rocco’s thrusts. Rocco threw his head back and hollered. “Fuck! Fuck yeah! I’m cumming”!

Globs of semen shot into Ash’s behind. Ash put his hand on the pulsating head where it poked up from his belly. He rubbed it,which caused Rocco to cum a second time.

“Ash, fuck! Fuck! You’re going to have my butt babies!”

Ash jacked himself hard until he shot his third load of the day. Rocco collapsed on top of him, still firmly wedged inside.  They kissed.

As the minutes ticked by, Rocco couldn’t go soft. He had to stop kissing Ash and think about work. That did it.  His cock shortened and withdrew from the colon, at which point Ash involuntarily pushed out the huge soft dong. He dripped with semen. Shamus poked his head in and lapped up the semen, cleaning Ash’s hole.

Ash felt stretched apart.

Shamus said, “I know you came here to find out my supplier.”

Rocco was stoned and high, but he managed to sit up and take note.

“I don’t have one. I go to Tijuana and buy the stuff. It’s not illegal to bring it back. That’s why my prices are low. No middleman.”

“So you’re responsible for the crisis”?

“No, I am small potatoes. As dealers go, I’m about as big as my dick. You guys are looking for Rocco’s dick.”

“Yeah, any leads”?

“Talk to Danny Dong in Chinatown. Please don’t say I told you.”

“You’re a confidential informant now, Shamus. We may need to visit you often.”

“I’ll keep a can of Crisco ready for your call.”

“We like it when you squeal.”

Back in the car, the two partners were reviewing the night’s events. Ash leaned a head on his partner’s shoulder. Rocco proudly displayed his snake-like appendage down the left leg of his tight polyester pants. Ash traced circles on the incredible bulge while they talked.

“When you said you were gonna make me pregnant, I almost died of pleasure.”

“I shared that muscleman’s fuckhole with you. It was crazy.”

“I know, we stretched him wide open.” Ash remarked.

“Did you see His asshole? It looked like the sign at Randy’s Donuts.”

“Hey, do we have any donuts left”?

“Nope. And we both need a coffee.”

“I’m buying this time.”



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