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Township Route 1306

This is the first tale from a sleepy little town called Millwater. It’s an innocuous name and such an attractive little town. You’d never expect anything out of the ordinary to happen in such an idyllic setting. But sometimes there’s places where history and the land have joined to create some strange currents that move deep underground. They can come to the surface where you least expect them.

Welcome to <Address Unknown>, Township Route 1306

Dori and her husband Ethan had been married for eight years. Eight really good years too, they were still best friends and always looked forward to the next adventure together. After an extended business trip, Dori was planning a vacation away from the city they lived in. She’d heard of the town of Millwood from a couple of friends who loved the place. She found what little information there was online, just a wiki page and a couple of different B&B site. And the canoe rental place. They’d met in college during a rafting trip, this was perfect.

“Ethan, look at this river! It’s perfect and we haven’t gone on a float in forever. And there’s a B&B that has good reviews right downtown. What do you think?”

He looked at the screen over her shoulder and kissed the top of her head. “It sounds perfect. Let’s go.”

A week later they were paddling down the river. They’d signed up for the all day trip, just twelve miles, so neither of them was particularly in a hurry. Until they saw the sky. It was sunny when they’d started, a few massive towers of brilliant white cloud were scattered here and there but nothing to worry about. They were forty minutes past the halfway point when they heard the first rumbles of thunder.

Dori looked back at Ethan. “Should we stop?”

“I don’t think there’s anywhere to stop. If we were closer to town, or even a road, we could pull out and hitch a ride, but there wasn’t much but national forest after that halfway bridge and that was a while ago.  If it gets bad, we’ll pull out and hide under the canoe til it passes. At least we’re pretty safe from lightning down here at the bottom of the valley.”

Dori didn’t want to have to sit in the mud under the canoe. “Okay. It may go around anyway.”

They kept floating along the river and despite their hopes, the thunder got louder and the sky grew darker. A light rain started but steadily grew heavier. They didn’t really mind. It had been ridiculously hot before and the rain felt nice. Dori had stashed their shirts into a dry bag and was paddling in her bikini top while Ethan wore just a pair of shorts. They’d have dry shirts and towels later at least. The rain got heavier and then lighter, then heavier again, never really stopping.  As they passed a small stream, Ethan noticed that it was already swollen with water coming down off the ridge.

He frowned. The water in the river was going to be rising soon, especially with those black clouds behind them. He started looking for a spot they could get off the river for a while but tangled tree and briar came down to the steep river bank on one side and the slope of the ridge was on the other. Even in the dim tunnel of trees along this stretch, the rain has getting harder and harder. Leaves and the occasional twig fell from above them, littering the surface of the water. Ethan peered up, it looked like there was a lot of wind up there. The thunder was getting closer and was almost continuous. It got difficult to see more than a hundred feet in front of them through the driving rain.

“Start looking for a place to pull out,” Ethan yelled to her over the roar of wind in the trees and heavy hiss of rain. He was looking for the slightest break in the river bank; getting cut up with thorns was preferable to staying out here.

Dori gave him a thumbs up rather than trying to yell back. She had been about to say the same thing. There was a break in the tunnel of trees ahead, or it looked lighter at least. Dori pointed at it and looked over her shoulder at Ethan to see if he had noticed. He nodded, looking determined, even a little grim.

Rawr, mister, Dori thought to herself, looking back ahead. His hair was slicked back in the rain and she could see his muscles rippling under his tan skin as he had been digging his paddle in harder. She reminded herself to keep an eye out for rocks as she started paddling.

Maybe it was the danger, she thought, but he looked really good. Even after eight years, Dori felt butterflies in her stomach. Now she kind of hoped they were forced to lie under the canoe for a while. She smiled to herself, thinking of a few ways they could pass the time.

The trees began to thin out as they were carried along and Ethan saw Dori point at a break in the trees ahead. It was a small clearing with a cabin. She turned and leaned back to grab her life jacket and he saw her hard nipples pressing against her bikini top. There was something about it that really turned him on and he couldn’t wait to get back to the B&B. If they made it that far, a spot in the grass didn’t sound bad at the moment. He pulled his own vest out and pulled it on. She looked back to made sure he’d followed her example and he nodded. The rain, wind, and deafening thunder made it impossible to hear each other. She began paddling hard and he was a little distracted watching her rear end as she planted her feet against the hull and leaned into the strokes. He wanted to laugh, he’d always admired her looks but soaked to the skin and feeling the first tendrils of fear, he couldn’t stop watching her.

Dori glanced back to see Ethan checking her out and felt warm butterflies in the pit of her stomach. She didn’t realize this is what danger did to her, but she was going to jump him as soon as they were out of this thing.

She looked forward again just in time to see the curling ripples around a rock slide under the boat. There was a thrill of horror, it was way too late to call it out and it was too close to the surface to hope they could bump their way over it.

Dori grabbed her seat, feeling the canoe pushed up and to the side as they hung up on the rock. She glanced back just in time to see the edge of the canoe next to Ethan dip beneath the surface. The water rushing past immediately pulled the canoe over and there was a jarring thud. Dori jumped out into the rushing water, a little panicked about how deep the water might be. She found her feet and stood up, it was only 4 feet deep or so, but the current was really pulling on her. She saw the canoe being bent around a large rock with Ethan holding tightly to one end, trying to push it off. She grabbed the cooler and dry bag as they floated past. Ethan was trying to pull the canoe off, but it was hopeless. It was full of water and the pressure of the current was relentlessly bending it in half.

“Leave it!” she yelled.

He let go and tried to get to his feet but floated past her. She struggled toward the shore, relieved to find a hidden sandbank with her feet. She climbed on top of it and ran to the shore in ankle deep water and looked for Ethan.

He was half swimming, half walking to the bank a little way down and Dori jumped to the grassy bank, dropping their stuff as she ran down to help him. He was just pulling himself out and she gave him her hand and helped him up. He immediately wrapped his arms around her and squeezed tightly. Dori pressed herself into him, feeling equal amounts of arousal and relief. He must have been feeling it as well; she could feel him getting hard against her stomach. They looked at each other and laughed, a little shakily. There was the sound of something cracking behind them and they turned to see the fiberglass hull splintering as the canoe was bent double around the rock. The current pulled it to one side and they saw it turn under the surface once as it rolled by, and then it was gone.

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking and missed it,” she said.

“No way, this was my fault, I shouldn’t have kept going after the storm started. You’re okay?”

He let her go to make sure for himself but she grabbed him and pulled him down into a kiss, pushing her tongue into his mouth. Ethan responded enthusiastically, grabbing her ass and pulling her into him. She broke the kiss long enough to pull her life jacket off. She didn’t care about the storm or rain, she might not have cared about snow at that point. All she knew was that she wanted him. Right here and now. From the way he pulled off his own, Ethan felt the same way.

They heard a sound above the noise of the river and looked around. There was a couple coming down the stairs of the cabin, waving them over. They looked at each other and laughed.

“Raincheck?” she said.

“As soon as possible. Go ahead, I’ll grab our stuff.”

She waved back to the couple and he walked up the bank to collect what was left of their gear while she walked to the house. She hadn’t noticed any details, but now she could see it was a snug little log cabin set on the edge of the clearing, the porch toward the water and its back pushed against the forest.

“Are you OK?” the man asked as they met. He had long black hair, pulled back into a short ponytail and bright blue eyes. The woman had very dark eyes and curly hair to her shoulders.

“We’re fine, I missed a rock and we dumped it.” Dori said as they met her.

“Let’s get out of this rain,” the woman said, taking her hand and leading her onto the porch. Dori was shivering a little harder and the hair on her arms was standing up. Everything that could have gone wrong just was washing over here. She shuddered a little, watching the man and Ethan walk up the stairs.

“Let me get you a towel,” the woman said. “You must be freezing.”

She went in as Ethan and the man came up the stairs. Dori laughed a little shakily when she saw their dry bag had a huge tear along one side.

“Everything soaked?”

Ethan nodded. “I think it’s all here but it was full of water when I picked it up.”

Dori hugged him again. This time it was just relief that they had made it out. Ethan even looked a little pale as he looked back at the river. The water level was rising noticeably, their view of it began to fuzz and turn gray as the rain began to come down even heavier than before. They both jumped when thunder exploded nearby.

“Hey guys, I’m Will,” the man said to them, shaking their hands. “You’re okay?”

“I’m Ethan and my wife Dori. Man, that could have ended so badly.”

“I can’t believe how fast that bent,” Dori said.

Her teeth chattered a little and both men looked at her, concerned. The woman came back out with an armful of towels. Dori gratefully accepted a large one, wrapping it over her shoulders. Now that she was standing still she was getting chilled.

“I’m Sophie,” the woman said and Ethan introduced them again as she handed him a towel. Dori noticed that she gave Ethan’s body a long look as he toweled his hair dry. Dori liked it, liked that her man was hot enough to make women look twice.

She glanced at Will to see if he had noticed and caught him looking her over. She glanced down to see her hard nipples outlined against the thin bikini top and her soaked khaki shorts clinging to her hips. She smiled as she accepted another towel and rubbed it over her short brown hair, not caring if he had a look. Her and Ethan were both still rocking it evidently. Her arousal came roaring back and she couldn’t wait to get Ethan alone and fuck his doors off. Hopefully it wasn’t a long trip to town from here, she didn’t know how long she could wait.

Ethan pulled their soaked stuff out of the bag, looking for his phone. He laughed as he held it up, water drained from the case. “Good thing you left yours in the car, sweetie,” he said.

“I’m happy you’re off the river,” Sophie said. “This storm is something else, there were all kinds of warnings on the radio before our power went out a little while ago.”

“Thank you so much for letting us dry off,” Dori said. “We don’t want to intrude though. If I could borrow a phone or maybe just point us toward the best way to get back to Millwater?”

“Don’t be silly,” Will said. “You’re not walking anywhere in this. We can try the phone but the signal is never strong here at the best of times. We’ll get you and your clothes dry and I’ll drive you into town. How does that sound?”

Before Dori or Ethan could answer, Sophie was taking the drybag from Ethan. “I’ll get these in the dryer for you.”

Will ushered them into the house behind her. There were several lanterns lit against the gloom and as Sophie walked to the back of the house, there was another loud crack of thunder. Will picked up a phone and then shook his head. “Nothing, if lightning hit the tower it wouldn’t be the first time. Can I get you anything to drink? Are you hungry?”

“Maybe something warm?” Dori asked.

“Sure, I’ll get water on for tea. You as well Ethan?”

“Thank you. That would be great.”

Will disappeared into the kitchen as Sophie walked back in. “If you’d like to take a warm shower, we have one upstairs and another down here. I put guest robes in the bathrooms, if you want to wear those for a little bit I can dry the clothes you’re wearing as well.”

Dori really wanted to just share a shower with Ethan, she thought they could probably warm each other up pretty quickly but they were guests and it would be a little weird.

“Thank you, I’m freezing for some reason and a hot shower would be great.” Dori said. She saw that Ethan had goosebumps as well. “Husband, you do the same. I can see you trying not to shiver over there.”

“Yes ma’am,” Ethan said, smiling.

Sophie gave her directions to the upstairs bathroom and pointed Ethan at the downstairs one. Dori was so happy they’d found nice people. This really could have been a bigger disaster then it already was.

The bathroom was lit with several candles as well and she was just stepping out of her shorts when there was a tap at the door.

“Tea’s here.” Will called and she pulled her shorts back on and opened the door. He was standing there with a steaming mug that smelled wonderful. “I was going to add a little cognac but I thought I should ask first.”

“Oh, that sounds wonderful. I’d love some.”

“Be back up in a minute then,”

She pushed the door closed and shimmied out of the cold wet shorts and bikini bottom. They were uncomfortable and a robe sounded so much nicer. She untied the bikini top and dropped it on top of the wet shorts and went to turn the water on. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and smiled. She had liked it when she caught Will checking her out. Her short hair was messy but it looked good. In fact, she looked good. Sexually frustrated with her husband not here to appreciate her skin maybe.

“Calm yourself,” she told her reflection. “You’re a guest in someone’s house.”

It didn’t help, all of the horny feelings were still there. She grinned at herself and cupped her breasts, flicking the sensitive nipples with her fingers. She liked her little B cups and Ethan agreed. She’d noticed Sophie’s were bigger, the woman had an incredible hour glass shape. Dori looked at her reflection and nodded after a second. Hers were perfect on her.

She looked around for the robe but didn’t see it. The thought of being naked in a stranger’s house was exciting, a heady mix of the feeling exposed and the doing something forbidden. She was going to have to do something about this. She’d have to get off quietly in the shower, manners be damned. If she didn’t get some relief, she wasn’t going to be able to form complete sentences!

There was a tap on the door again. She looked again for the robe but didn’t see it. She grabbed the towel but it really didn’t fit around her.

“Are you okay?” Will asked from outside.

“Yep! Just a second.” She looked at sodden pile of clothes. She wasn’t putting those on again, she’d just hide behind the door.

She opened it slightly, keeping her body behind it. “Sorry, I didn’t see a robe in here.”

“No? Maybe she left it in the guest room. I’ll check. Meanwhile, here’s your drink. Would you like to give me your wet things?”

“Sure, one second.” She took the cup and put it on the sink and picked up her stuff. But which wet things were you referring to?  

She smiled at the dirty thought and happened to glance in the mirror as she turned around. She could see Will perfectly, the door was open just enough and the mirror was in the perfect spot to show him everything and he was watching with a little smile. She already had felt herself getting wet and she got wetter when he didn’t look away as she went to the door. Dori thought he must not be aware of mirrors working both ways.

“Here you go,” she said, staying behind the door.

“Great, I’ll get them in the dryer,” Will said, walking back down the stairs.

Dori was breathing hard, that had been so scary and so hot at the same time. She was almost a little disappointed he wasn’t still watching. She took a long sip of the tea and the bite of alcohol began to warm her immediately. She went and turned on the shower, taking more sips of the tea as she waited for it to warm up.

When it was hot, Dori set the mug on the sink and saw that the door hadn’t stayed shut. Something moved in the shadows and she thought she could see Will out there standing in the darkness, watching her. The lustful feelings roared in her mind, her mouth was dry and her nipples felt like pebbles they were so hard. She suddenly wanted him to watch. It wouldn’t hurt anything and if he wanted to see what she looked like without clothes, well, it was the least she could do, Will and Sophie had both been so kind to both of them.

She stopped a moment as she thought of Ethan. Would he be upset? She wasn’t showering with the guy and if she was sure to tell Ethan later she couldn’t see the harm in it. He’d probably think someone peeping on his wife was hot.

Dori smiled and finished the mug of tea. She opened the curtain and stepped into the stream of hot water. It felt even better than she had imagined. She leaned her head under the water, letting the warmth run down over her head, neck and back in the flickering light. She hoped the candles were bright enough that he could still see here in the mirror.

Facing the showerhead, she moved her face through the water and then stood back slightly, letting the spray play across her nipples. That was even more amazing and she bit her lip. She was a noisy fuck, even masturbating would get her talking dirty. She’d have to watch herself this time, Sophie might not be aware of Will’s peeping and she didn’t want to get him in trouble.

Dori eased the curtain open, making sure not to soak the floor. She took a deep breath, almost a gasp, when she saw a shadow move and stand just outside the door. She stepped back under the hot water, moving her nipples through the hard little streams of water again. She was so fucking horny she couldn’t stand it. He was watching her and it made a fluttery liquid feeling between her thighs.

She turned in a circle so he could see all of her, caressing her sides as the water ran down her back. She reached back and cupped her ass, squeezing the cheeks. Between the hot water, the cognac, and the relief that they hadn’t been injured, she felt utterly amazing. She knew she wasn’t going to last long, not feeling like this. She stepped to the other end of the tub and leaned against the wall. She teased a nipple with one hand while she reached between her legs with the other and began to stroke her clit. She was so excited that she knew she could cum almost instantly but she wanted to give him a little show first.

She gasped as she pinched her nipple, the feelings from the sensitive nub spreading through her. She had to bite her lip to keep from moaning as she used her other hand to push a couple fingers inside of herself. She saw herself in the mirror and wasn’t able to stop herself from cumming. She loved the way she looked, leaning back, her hips pushing against her finger, letting a man she’d just met see exactly what she was doing. Dori watched herself in the mirror, her body shaking as she orgasmed again, even harder. She liked showing off like this. Her body twitched through several aftershocks and she caressed her stomach and sides until she had caught her breath.

When she looked back toward the door she didn’t see anyone there and there was a vague sense of disappointment when she turned off the water and took a towel from the bar beside the shower. She padded around the bathroom as she toweled off her hair, looking for something to wear. There wasn’t anything, Will had probably forgotten to look for the robe. She smiled as she brushed her hair. It was kind of her fault, she’d probably distracted the man.

She didn’t know how long to wait and finally wrapped the towel around herself. At least it fit around her. Sort of. She opened the door wider and looked down the hall. There was some light coming through a partially opened door and she was about to tap on the door and ask about the robe but froze when she saw inside.

Will was changing, sliding his shorts down. His shirt was off and she saw the muscles in his back ripple as he bent over. His ass flexed, the cheeks pulling apart slightly, enough to let her see his big balls hanging down. He stepped over to the dresser and she saw his penis, hanging low. As she watched, it twitched. It looked as if he was slightly hard and Dori wondered if that was because of her little show. Will paused and she looked up. He was looking right at her and he smiled slightly as he opened a drawer and pulled something out.

Dori swallowed, what was she doing? This was a little beyond an innocent peep show. She tapped on the door. “Will?”

“Yes?” he said, opening the door wider. He’d pulled on loose shorts and she couldn’t help but notice his tanned flat stomach and the dark trail of hair from his belly button to the edge of the low riding shorts.

“The robe?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Here,” he said, stepping into the hallway. He opened a linen closet and pulled out a fluffy bathrobe and handed it to her.

She could see the outline of his cock under the shorts and had to swallow before she could manage to thank him. She was so horny she could hardly stand it. Instead of calming her down a little, the orgasms had just made things worse.

Will smiled at her as she pulled the robe on over the towel. “You’ve got very nice legs,” he said.

“Oh, thanks,” Dori said, fighting the urge to run her hands over them. “They’re just, you know, legs.

“I liked seeing them wet as well.” He winked at her. “Maybe I could get an encore a little later.”

He wasn’t leering or trying to joke with her. He said it with such simple confidence.

Dori could feel her sex getting wetter in the face of that confidence and took a deep shaky breath. “I don’t know if that would be such a good idea, you know, with Ethan.”

Will cocked his head a moment and listened. Dori didn’t hear anything but the rain and thunder outside but Will nodded after a moment. “I think he’s giving Sophie a hand at the moment. I meant later. Maybe you’d be more comfortable if he was there too?”

Dori shivered at the image of taking off her clothes in front of the three of them.

“And thank you for the show in the shower. You knew I was watching.”

“Yeah, I was.” Dori said her voice husky. The fear was mixing with the butterflies in her stomach, making her tremble. She was so fucking horny she could hardly see straight.

“Did you like being watched?” Will asked.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“I was going to arrange a little show in return, but why keep pretending?” Will said, stepping closer. He untied the shorts, letting them fall to the ground and his cock sprang free.

Dori licked her lips as she stared at it, bouncing slightly with his pulse. “It’s big,” she whispered. She reached out and touched it with her fingertips. Will reached out and pushed the robe off her shoulders. It fell, taking the towel with it. There was a voice in the back of her mind saying something about Ethan but she could hardly hear it.

Will took her hand and gently pulled her into bedroom. It was lit with several candles as well and she could see his cock clearly. “I’ve never seen an uncircumcised one before,” she said, using both hands to stroke him lightly. She could feel him getting harder and it made her wetter, she could feel the moisture on her thighs.

“They work the same way,” he said, smiling as he caressed her shoulders. His touch made her shiver and turned the deep breaths she was taking into little whimpers.

Will pulled her closer and she kept her fingers on his cock as their lips met. Dori pushed her tongue into his mouth, the same way she’d done with Ethan on the riverbank. She had wanted him to fuck her, had needed her husband’s cock between her legs. Now she was kissing this strange man, tasting him. Different than Ethan, almost sweet and spicy. His cock was in her hands, not Ethan’s but it felt so smooth and hard. Will’s arms went around, his hands sliding down her back to her ass. He squeezed and she moaned against his lips.

“You feel very nice” he whispered and pulled her ass toward him. It was firm, almost rough and Dori gasped.

She let go of his cock and grabbed his ass in return. Maybe he was going to fuck her with her husband in the same house, but she wasn’t going to be a helpless flower here. She squeezed his ass in return, pulling him against her tighter as he kissed his way across her shoulder. The feeling of his chest rubbing against her nipples made her shudder.

Dori felt his hardness pressing against her and opened her legs slightly, letting it slide between them. Will moaned as he kissed her again and Dori’s body tensed as she had a small orgasm at the feel of his heavy cock pressed along her outer lips. They continued kissing, hardly stopping to breathe. His big hands were still squeezing and caressing her ass and she moaned out loud as his fingertips reached into the crack of her ass, pulling her cheeks apart. A fingertip pressed lightly against her asshole and she moaned louder, her hips pumping, making his cock slide back and forth between her thighs. She could feel the slipperiness, knew that she was soaking him with her wetness.

Then the little voice in the back of her mind got through and stepped away from him, gasping.

“I can’t,” she said with a shaky laugh. “I really want to but I just can’t.”

“Because of Ethan?” he asked and she nodded.

“What if I told you that Sophie thought he was exciting and had the same plans for him as I had for you?”

Dori thought about her husband being seduced by another woman, what it would be like watching that. Instead of shame or jealousy, it just made her hotter. She had to get herself under control, but the thought of it…

“She’s beautiful but I don’t know if Ethan would go for that. He’s very faithful. Unlike me, obviously.”

He smiled down at her. “You’re both deeply devoted to each other, that’s obvious. But we’re very persuasive, can’t you tell? Especially Sophie when there’s something she wants.”

“Yeah? How does she do that?” Dori had a remarkably clear picture of Sophie watching Ethan the same way Will had watched her. Her knees were shaking and her nipples ached from being hard so long. She reached up and caressed them without thinking about it. If he was having fun too, then she wouldn’t have to feel guilty at all. They’d have a secret, just the two of them…

Dori slowly knelt down in front of Will. “Would she get on her knees like this?” she said, looking up at him. “Would she suck my husband’s hard cock?”

Will ran his fingers through her hair and held her head while he took his cock in the other. He looked down at her as he rubbed the head against her lips. Dori wanted to open them, to feel his hot smooth skin sliding over her tongue. But she kept her mouth closed, she wanted to play this game a little bit.

Will was holding her hair, not quite pulling it but she was unable to turn her head. She kept her lips tight but Will pressed his cock harder. Finally, she gave in, letting him into her mouth and he slowly pushed into her wet mouth, inch by inch.

“Tell me you want to suck it,” Will whispered, almost harshly. “Even with Ethan downstairs, how much you want to suck me.”

She thought of Ethan watching this and it made her cunt clench as she had another small orgasm. “Yes, I want to suck you,” she said breathlessly. “Fuck my mouth with that big cock. I want to taste you, feel your cum slide down my throat.”

He pushed forward again and she moaned around him. One of her hands was stroking and jacking what she couldn’t get into her mouth as her other was busy between her legs. She took his cock deeper in her mouth, trying to get it all but she stopped when she heard voices downstairs.

“There’s nothing to worry about,” Will said quietly. She was surprised when he helped her to her feet. “Let’s go see.”

She followed him to the stairs. They could hear a soft repetitive “oh, oh, oh” coming from below. Will moved her in front of him, his hands urging her down the stairs. Dori stopped on the landing. Will’s hands were on her ass again, caressing and teasing. The few candles gave the room a dim glow, occasionally punctuated by a sudden flash of lightning. Ethan was sprawled out on the couch with Sophie kneeling across his hips, thrusting against Ethan as he fucked her with long slow strokes. Sophie made a little moaning “Oh” noise every time he pushed all of the way into her.

Dori felt her wetness begin to slide down her thighs. She reached back and rubbed Will’s cock as they watched.

“Where do you think she is?” Sophie said in a teasing voice. “It’s been quiet up there for a long time. Do you think she’s done with her shower? Maybe Will is entertaining her.”

“Doing what?” Ethan gasped. Dori felt the lust building even more. He liked this too!

“How did I get your attention? And you should see his cock, he’s hung like a bear. He wanted to show it to her, he told me. Do you think she’d look?”

“Yes!” Ethan moaned. Dori could tell how excited he was and leaned back against Will.

“Do you think she’d want to touch it?”

Ethan nodded, grabbing Sophie’s ass and thrusting harder.

“Would she want to suck it?” Sophie gasped. “Do you think he’s shoved it in her mouth yet?”

“Yes, she loves to suck cock,” Ethan gasped.

“Mmm, is she as good as me? You seemed to enjoy my mouth in the shower,” Sophie said, bending over to twist Ethan’s nipple, making him gasp. Will reached around and twisted hers as well, making Dori squirm back against him.

“Ooh, I think you like this game,” Sophie said, “I can feel your cock swelling. Can you imagine her on her knees, sucking his cock?

“Is that all he’s going to do?”

It better not be!  Dori thought. I want to feel this thing inside me!

“Oh no, Will is quite a sex machine.” Sophie ground her hips on  him, making Ethan groan loudly. “He’s going to do more than just fuck her mouth. Will loves anal, has she ever let you put it in her ass?”

“Have you?” Will whispered against her ear, his breath tickled her ear and she shivered again.

She shook her head. “Just his finger sometimes.”

Will’s fingers traced between her butt cheeks and touched her hole there again. She liked the feeling, pushing her ass back to give him better access. He slipped a finger into her pussy again and moved it in and out in wetness. It felt so good, she let her head fall back and exhaled slowly. He circled her asshole again, pressing on it as it slowly yielded and worked his finger into her. Her eyes went wide as his thick finger slid up into her. She took his other hand from her tits and began to suck his fingers, like she’d been sucking his cock.

“You want to watch that, don’t you?” Sophie said. She put Ethan’s hands on her breasts and he began playing with her nipples. “You want to see him put it it up her tight little hole, you want to watch her cum, feeling that big pole stretching her out.”

“Yes,” Ethan groaned. “I want to see Will fuck her. I want to hear her, see his cum dripping out of her.”

“Look up there, Ethan,” Sophie said.

Ethan turned his head and his eyes met hers as she shuddered from Will’s fingers in her ass and her own hand between her legs. She pulled Will’s fingers from her mouth to smile at him and went back to sucking as she watched them.

“He wants to see you in her mouth,” gasped Sophie as Ethan began to thrust faster. “Show him!”

Dori was immediately on her knees, she wanted to show Ethan, give him what he wanted. Her hand was back between her legs as she put him in her mouth, licking and sucking. She started to orgasm when Ethan moaned, moving her mouth faster on Will’s cock.

“Mm, not quite yet, little one,” Will said and stepped back, helping her to her feet. “There were other things he wanted to see.”

Dori smiled at Ethan as they came down the stairs. “Tell me what you want, baby.” She couldn’t believe how good he looked, covered in sweat and another woman’s cum.

“I want to see you on Will’s cock,” he said as Will led her to the couch. Dori couldn’t take her eyes off them. She wanted a cock inside of her so badly.

“And what about that tight little ass of hers? Should he fuck her ass too?”

Dori’s head went back and her eyes closed as Will pushed his finger back inside of her. She’d never tried it, never known it could feel like this. Dori grunted as he added a finger, twisting them, stretching her and she moaned, bending forward to lean on the arm of the couch, pushing her ass back toward Will.

“I think she wants that,” Sophie said, her eyes on Dori.

“I want him in my ass baby,” Dori said. She leaned over further, kissing Ethan and tasting a faint spice on his tongue. Sophie must have had his mouth between her legs.

“Do it, show me,” Ethan whispered.

“You look so hot fucking her,” she whispered back. “But save something for me.”

“She just walked in and started taking off her clothes,” Ethan said. “I didn’t want to stop her for some reason.”

“I know baby,” she said. “Me too.”  She put her head down and moaned. Will was spreading something cool and slippery over her ass. “He’s about to fuck my ass, Ethan. He’s…oh, wait, it’s too big! Oh, he’s pushing it in!” She grabbed the cushions as Will’s cock slowly slid inside of her. “Oh my god, this feels so good. I can’t wait to do this with you!”

Dori grabbed Ethan’s face and kissed him wildly. The feeling from her ass was driving her crazy and then fingers pushed into her pussy, she didn’t know whose they were but it made her cum over and over.

After that moment, Dori began to lose track of things. It was just an endless wave of pleasure, one happy lustful moment after another. She was vaguely aware of lying on top of her husband, writhing and moaning as they both filled her. Another moment she was between Sophie’s legs, learning to pleasure the other woman with her mouth. The most intense was lying beneath her husband, legs wrapped around his waist, lifting her hips into his thrusts. She knew that was where they were supposed to be. It was all a beautiful game, but this is where she always wanted to be.


Ethan squinted and tried to turn over as the sun began to shine fully on his face. He couldn’t seem to move and his eyes suddenly opened as the memories of the last few hours ran through his head. He sat up and looked around. He was in the backseat of an SUV and he wasn’t tied up. Hadn’t Dori…or someone…tied him up? The car was moving and his seatbelt was fastened. He could see the back of the driver’s head, but couldn’t really remember his name. Bill? Something like that. And the woman, she had an old fashioned kind of name. She glanced back and smiled at him.

“Good morning sleepyhead,” she said cheerfully.

Dori was in the back seat with him and was just starting to stir. She slowly opened her eyes and looked as confused as he felt.

“Uhm, good morning,” Ethan managed. “Sorry, I drifted off.”

“Paddling that storm probably wore you out pretty good,” the man said. “I think you should stick around and get some sleep before you try driving anywhere.”

“What,” Dori croaked and cleared her throat. “What happened?”

Sophie looked back with a concerned look. “You had some trouble with the river. Are you feeling okay?”

“Great, actually,” Dori said, looking at Ethan. “Sorry, I’m a pretty sound sleeper.”

Well, that wasn’t true,  Ethan thought. She knew something was strange too, Dori hardly ever slept through the night.

“We’re just about back to the canoe rental,” the man said. “You’re both okay?”

“Yeah, thank you,” Ethan said as they pulled to a stop. “And thank you for rescuing us, we’re sorry to have been a bother.”

Had that all been some bizarre dream? He clearly remembered Dori in her bikini turning him on, and then it had been raining. What had happened next?

“You weren’t any trouble at all,” the woman smiled back at him. “You poor ducks fell asleep on the couch so quickly. I’m so glad you weren’t hurt.” What the hell was her name?

“Yes, thank you.” Dori said, taking off her seatbelt. She didn’t seem as baffled, making Ethan wonder if she was on autopilot or if he’d had some bizarre erotic dream.

“Can I give you anything for gas, or the couch?” he said and both people in the front seat chuckled.

“That’s very kind,” the man said. (Stan? No. Something shorter) “And I appreciate your offer but the first rescue is always free. Ah, there’s Shaky now. Better not keep him waiting, he’s a grouch.”

Ethan and Dori climbed out of the Jeep.

“Wonder what that canoe is going to cost?” Dori said as the old guy ambled over.

“Ugh, I don’t even want to imagine.” Ethan said. “Plus the paddles, lifejackets, being out all night. We were somewhere overnight, weren’t we?”

“Howdy!” the man said before Ethan could answer. “You look a little…discombobulated. Heh, yeah. That’s the word. Little discombobulated.”

“Howdy, are you Shaky?” Ethan said. “We ran into some trouble I’m afraid.”

“Shaky? There’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. No, I’m Carl Janks, I bought the business from old Shaky back in ’82.” The man’s smile disappeared and his eyes narrowed. “He’s been dead for years, where did you even hear the name?”

“Just some friends,” Dori said. “They must have been confused.”

“I guess so. You said you had some problems? I don’t give refunds, like the sign says. I can’t hardly guarantee you have a good time.”

“No, we tipped over in the storm,” Dori began and saw the man was peering around her.

“Yup, that was a bad ‘un alright. Afternoon storms like that, they usually are. At least it was short. Anything happen to the boat?”

Dori looked over her shoulder. “Uhm, no. I guess not.”

Ethan turned around to see what they were looking at. The canoe sat on the ground behind them, paddles and everything else beside it. There was no sign of the Jeep, how did they not hear it drive away?

“You didn’t have to carry it all the way up here though,” the man said. “Usually just leave ’em at the river bank. Appreciate it though, I’m about to close up.”

“Close up?” Ethan asked.

“Yup, no point staying open after the last people make it in. That’d be you two.”

Dori bent over to pick up their bag and cooler. “We had a great time actually, sorry to take so long getting back,” she said. “We’ll get out of your way.”

She grabbed their bag and walked over to the car. Ethan could barely put one foot in front of the other. What had happened? Did he have a concussion? It felt like they’d been gone for days.

“Keep walking before he wonders how we got back here,” Dori said, taking his arm.

“Dori,” he started to say but she held a finger to her lips. She took the keys out of the dry bag and got behind the wheel. Ethan climbed into the passenger seat. Nothing was making any sense. He couldn’t follow a thought for some reason and his face was tingly. The car was starting to spin and he gripped the seat tightly.

“Ethan, you’re hyperventilating. Take deep, slow breaths. Look at me, lover.”

Ethan’s face was pale, almost gray and his eyes looked panicked. Dori put her hand on his cheek. “Shh. Deep breaths. Here, kiss me.”

Ethan was a little surprised but kissed Dori as she pulled him toward her. The firm pressure of her lips against his forced him to breathe through his nose and he began to feel better. God, he loved this woman. He should tell her that more often.

She leaned back and smiled at him. “Better?”

“You’re amazing. Did I hit my head at all when we tipped? I think I had a dream or…”

“No, you didn’t hit your head and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a dream. I can’t really remember anything about them though. But you should take a look at the dry bag.”

Ethan examined the blue vinyl bag, running his fingers over a patch.  “That’s new.  I can’t even remember their names,” Ethan said. “What happened to us?”

Dori started the car. “I don’t know. I doubt whatever they told us were their real names anyway. think we brushed against something that decided to give us a hand.”

Ethan laughed a little. “A lot more than just a hand.”

“We were together and we had fun, and I love you. Nothing else matters. But I am not capable of driving very far and I think I really need a drink. There’s a B&B is right up the street, I vote we stay there.”

“The website said there was a pub next door. ‘The Shaker’ I think.”

“Perfect,” she said, backing the car out. “And either before or after a couple of drinks, I’m dragging you to a bed and having my way with you.”

“Why not both?”

“Interesting. Are you boasting, sir?”

“Would you like to find out?”

“I’ll race you up the stairs,” she said, turning toward the B&B.

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