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The Nanny Pt: 03 – Our BDSM Experience – Pictureless

The Nanny: Our BDSM Experience

Things between the nanny and I started escalating after the threesome as these things usually do. We spent almost every waking second together, every second we could without arousing suspicion, thankfully my mother was as deliberately obtuse as ever, ignoring our comings and goings so long as we did not bother her, or interrupt her precious schedule. Of course we were more than happy to oblige her in this respect…

Our favorite pass time was.. of course… sex. She would try on different outfits, modeling expensive underwear until I could resist my baser impulses no more and would rip them off of her. We would spend the rest of the time entangled in each other, our bodies merging into one glorious being.

But after awhile I wanted more. Sex, regular sex that is, simply was not enough for me anymore, I wanted it to get more kinky, more dirty, more degrading. I discovered a love of power and control of the darkest kind. Tha

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My Daughter’s Best Friend – Pictureless

It was wrong! Utterly and completely wrong… and yet, that was partly what made it so good…

The girls have been friends since the second grade. I had literally watched them grow up together. Now don’t get me wrong, I am no pedophile, I am not into underage girls. But man did puberty hit her like a ton of bricks.

One day she is a skinny little 12 year old, the next day she is an 19 year old with a set of double D’s. I tried not to notice at first. Averting my eyes whenever they strayed to her chest or her exposed cleavage. But damn she made it tough.

She seemed to relish my discomfort, wearing hardly anything at all, as if she was daring me to look. The worst was the summer we had the pool put in, I swear she was over almost every day, and that swimsuit might as well have been made out of dental floss for all that it covered. My daughter, bless her heart, never really seemed to notice my discomfort. Something for which I am eternally gratef

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