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The Roommate Affair – Pictureless

The Roommate Affair

Lisa was ashamed of herself, she did not know how it had come to this… She was 42 years old and felt like she had nothing to show for it. Nothing that is except a failed marriage and a job she hated, despite the fact that it paid very well. This was just not what she had pictured as a kid. She had wanted kids, a husband, a family. The last thing she had expected was to get divorced in her 40’s and have to live with a roommate who was almost half her age…

Though, if she were being honest with herself, she did like Tori. The young woman had a lot of spunk and was so persistently upbeat that it was hard to stay blue around her. That being said Lisa really missed having a romantic life. While her ex-husband had not been anything special in the sack at least she had been getting fucked on a regular basis…

Oh sure, she had gone out on a few dates since the divorce, mostly collage age b

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